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For today’s random extra credit writing assignment, tell a joke or riddle that’s school-appropriate. (No bad words please.)

Remember, every sentence needs to be written correctly, following grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules we’ve learned. Capitalize only words that need to be capitalized.

Here’s an example:

A panda walks into a restaurant and orders a meal. He gobbles it all up. Then he pulls out a pistol and shoots a man and woman who were sitting at a table nearby. Then the panda storms out the door.

The restaurant owner followed the panda out the door and confronted him. “Why did you do that? What on earth were you thinking?” he asked.

“I’m a panda,” he said. “Look it up.”

So the restaurant owner went back inside. He happened to have a dictionary on hand. After calling 911 to report the emergency, he looked up the word panda in his dictionary. It said, “panda–n.–large black and white Asian mammal. Eats shoots and leaves.”

Notice, students, that my joke is separated into paragraph breaks? That’s important! Every time a new speaker begins to talk, you must use a new paragraph. (Just hit the “enter” button on your keyboard a couple of times.) And remember, all jokes must be school-appropriate. If they have any bad words in them, they’ll be deleted without credit.


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  1. There were three girls and they were in the desart and they were allowed to bring one item. The brunete brang a cantean filled with water.
    The man asked ” why did you bring that?”
    She says ” Well it gets hot in the desart”
    The red head brang an umbrella the man asks her
    ” why did you bring that?”
    She says ” well it gets very hot this will give me shade”
    They went to the blond and she brang a car door.
    The man asks her ” Why did you bring that?”
    she says so when it gets to hot I can roll down the window.

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