Write sentences using this week’s 50 vocabulary words correctly…

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Did you finish defining all 50 vocabulary words? You can earn up to 50 points of extra credit by submitting each word, written in a sentence that demonstrates you understand its meaning. Your sentences must follow these requirements:

  • number your sentences
  • only use one vocabulary word per sentence
  • spell the vocabulary word correctly in the sentence
  • write sentences that really show how much you understand the meaning of the words
  • use a capital at the beginning of each sentence
  • use a period at the end of each sentence

By the way, this is not only worth extra credit points, but it’s good practice for Friday’s spelling test!

What am I not looking for? Sentences that don’t show meaning:

  • I like octagonal things.
  • I am antiquated.
  • I like hamlets.

What would I rather see (you may not copy/paste these, by the way–come up with your OWN sentences):

  1. A stop sign has an octagonal shape.
  2. My grandmother’s old sewing machine from the 1920s is antiquated.
  3. The villagers from the hamlet came out to greet the knight as he arrived.

10 responses »

  1. 1. The student’s speech was too brevity that it didn’t explain her topic very well.
    2. The stop sign is an octagonal shape.
    3. Buhl is a hamlet.
    4. My friends and I always disclose our secrets to each other.
    5. My mom is frugal.
    6. The lamp I found in my basement is antiquated, because it’s from the 1800s.
    7. I was not ascertain about my social studies test, since I didn’t study for that test.
    8. I brought an ample amount of cupcakes.
    9. The task my sister wanted me to do was arduous.
    10. The antagonist in “Treasure Island” is Long John Silver.
    11. I will not eat ranch, nor will I eat mustard.

  2. 1. I have guardianship of my son.
    2. I play the antagonist of the play.
    3. My brother was acting indecent at the resturaunt
    4. My cousin has an infamous reputation
    5. the knive I just found is very antiquated.
    6. The river has an ample supply of water.

  3. 1. They have legal guardianship over her, since her parents both died.
    2. I had to acertain that the dance was really tonight.
    3. Buhl and Filer are both a hamlet, therefore we don’t get to compete in sports with the bigger schools.
    4. The red stop sign is very octagonal.
    5. I learn better in school by being tangible.
    6. That food could be touched, therefore the food was palpable.
    7. I am not fast, nor am I slow.
    8. I probably will muse if our teacher gived us that boring speech again!
    9. At the basketball game, the coach will refute the referee’s bad call.
    10. The antagonist of that love story was the mom, who didn’t want them to get married.

  4. 1. Earning a black belt is arduous to some people.
    2. The lady embellished the bride on her wedding day.
    3. The façade was very beautiful with all of the stone work and detail.
    4. She mused as the teacher gave a lecture.
    5. The antagonist in “Cinderella” is her step mother.
    6. I am neither rich nor poor I in between.
    7. The attorney was proponent when she was in court.
    8. The dentist called last night ascertaining that we had an appointment.
    9. I saw many octagonal signs on the side of the road, when we were driving home.
    10. When she got a letter she disclosed it right away.

  5. 1.The antagonist of the story “Snow White” is the evil witch.
    2.I had to look at the calendar to ascertain that tomorrow was Valentine’s Day.
    3.I remembered to comprise my answers in complete sentences.
    4.That old rug was very inane.
    5.The final test may be arduous to many people.
    6.Since I am going camping this weekend, my neighbors have guardianship over my dog.
    7.That stop side is an octagonal because it consists of eight sides.
    8.My old chair is no longer obsolete to me.
    9.I think that spinach is a very infamous vegetable.
    10.I embellished the Christmas tree by adding many ornaments and lights.

  6. 1. The antagonist of the story is the bad guy.
    2. I had to ascertain the meaning of that word for him.
    3. I forget to comprise the appendix in my book.
    4. The cup was inane.
    5. I have guardianship over my cousin this weekend.
    6. My favorite people are the nice humble ones.
    7. I grew up in a hamlet in Alaska.
    8. Octagonal shapes have eight sides.
    9. Our computer room is very obsolete now.
    10. I refuted the case with some hard evidence.

  7. 1. The antagonist is the one in conflict with the main character.
    2. To be humble is to be a religious person.
    3. A stop sign is shaped like a octagonal.
    4. The nor was not connected to the cord.
    5. My grandma is very pious.
    6. My mom has the authority or guardianship of me.
    7. The play was brevity.
    8. My mom was trying to comprise my sister.
    9 My dad’s reputation was in famous.
    10 My grandpa was becoming oblivious.

  8. 1. I live in a hamlet with very little population.
    2.The door to the saloon was a facade.
    3.The leader of the church was very pious.
    4.The book in the library was diclosed.
    5. A wise person is always frugal with their money.
    6.The unrevised D.O.L. is very erroneous.
    7.The stop sign is far from octagonal.
    8.The lawer was refuted by the judge.
    9.The dictionary is almost obsolete.
    10.I was oblivious to what time it was.

  9. 1.I learned how to be ample in all the stuff i do.2. I told my dad what do the word antagonist mean and he said i dont know and i say it mean one that contend with of oppose another.
    3.my mom like antiquated stuff like from when they had those big dress.4.math is so arduous for me.5.when people need ascertain i give it to them for they could go where ever they want.6.peolpe call me brevity because my hight.7.my dog always clandestine when she see other person she dosent know.8.when we have parent confrence I comprise everthing they tell me.9.when we have to do a task or a pCOoster my freind has the same congenial as me.10.when we had a poster thing for language art we had a disclose and i was very scared that day.

  10. 1.We had an arduous spelling test last weak.
    2.My mother had no distraught when she was a teenager.
    3.There was a very indecent man at the store last night.
    4.I herd a joke the other day that made me go ludichrous.
    5.There was obsolete machinary at the junkyard.
    6.A stop sign has an octagonal shape.
    7.I have a palpable stroke whan i pet cats.
    8.Some of the presidential campaighn’s proponents are really hard to understand.
    9.There was a very reclusive man living on the road.
    10.I had a very tangible idea the other day.

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