What’s your favorite children’s story?

fractured fairy tales assignments for school

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In Mrs. Sparhawk’s language arts class, we’ll soon be reading fairy tales, fables, myths, and legends. Can you think of one you already know? Re-tell that story here, by entering it in the comment box.  You can be creative and change the story a little, but make it recognizable as a folk tale that everyone will know.

Remember, every sentence that has been written correctly will be worth one point, so put a capital at the beginning of every sentence and a period at the end. Spell words correctly too. Use comma rules you’ve been taught. All of these things count.

You might want to type your entire story in Microsoft Word first, then copy/paste it into the comment box, here on English Emporium. The more sentences you write, the more opportunities you have for points.

A lot of kids who’ve been doing this kind of extra credit on the Creative Writing Prompts page have discovered that it’s also possible to use paragraph breaks in a comment box. Just hit the enter button. Don’t bother indenting, because that doesn’t work for comments. So when you write your story in the comment box, it will look something like this:

Once upon a time, there were three bears. A momma bear, a daddy bear, and a little baby bear who liked to listen to screamo music.

One day, the bears went for a walk in the woods. The baby bear took his iPod, but he left his stereo behind, because it was too heavy to carry. 

While the bears were gone, a little girl named Goldilocks came to their door with cans of spray paint, a lock-picking kit, and a bad attitude. She rang the doorbell, but nobody answered.

Now this little girl wasn’t a friendly visitor. No, she was something of a punk kid, bent on destroying everything in the bears’ house. She busted the lock on their door, let herself in the house, and found pizza on the kitchen table. “Hmm… I want some pizza,” she said, and she took a bite out of the daddy bear’s pizza.

“Gross! I hate anchovies!” she cried…


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  1. Once upon a time there was little girl named red riding hood. The reason she was called red riding hood because she always wears a riding hood. she lived in a small village were she her mom,dad, and sister lived. One day reds mother told her to go visit her grandmother. Her granma was very ill and nedded some supplies and her mom was far to busy. red had looked in the basket of goodie and,was suprised to see that there was some medicine and there was some gooodies.Hr mother told her to not talk to strangers. So Red left a hour later and half way to her grandmothers a bunny rabit appeared and asked were she was going. Red had told him she was going. When Red had went to her grandmothers house she saw that she been shrunk, and she had huge ears. The bunny had eaten her and the grandmother. She was very lucky cause when she was screaming a wood cutter had heard her and cut him open. Red was never allowed to talk to stangers and even some her friends. Some people are not who they say they are.
    The End

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