Can you e-mail the North Pole?

students can e-mail their letters to santa for free on an educational website blog

Image: iClipart

It’s time to write your letter to Santa! What do you want for Christmas this year? If your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, how do you want to spend your holiday vacation?

Create this journal entry in e-mail format. Start with a formal greeting. Don’t indent your paragraphs, but skip one line between them. Include the word “sincerely” in your closing, or something like that. Here’s an example:

Dear Santa,

What I really want for Christmas this year is a Barnes and Noble gift card with a pretty big chunk of change attached! Oooh, I’d love to be able to freely shop a Barnes and Noble any time I feel the urge to buy a new book. Could you please put that in my stocking this year? Thanks!

I wouldn’t mind a Wii Just Dance 3 video game as well. I need to lose about five pounds, and that’s a healthy way to take off some excess fat.


Mrs. Sparhawk

Remember boys and girls, your sentences need to be written correctly, if you want to earn some points. So take your time and do a nice job…


2 responses »

  1. Dear Santa,

    For Christmas this year I really want a pink ipod, Just Dance 2, Gir clothes, a cell phone, a Nintendo 3DS, a soda machine, and Aeropostale clothes. I mostly want to hang out with my boyfriend on Christmas day.



  2. Dear Santa,

    For Christmas I would love to get a phone or a ipad/tablet. I know it’s a little expensive so to make that up to you, you don’t have to get me anything but that. If your feeling generous I also want the Twilight movies. i hope your elves cana make these for me!!!!!


    P.S. I hope I have been good enough for these presents. I think I have been good.

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