Do your parents drive you crazy during the holidays?


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What are some of the things your parents do that really drive you nuts during the holiday season? Do they give your siblings better Christmas presents? Do they make you wash their car when it’s cold outside? Do they blab to their friends about what they got you for Christmas, with you standing right there? Do they sing Christmas carols with the music playing overhead in stores? (Don’t you just hate that?) Do they string Christmas lights all over their stupid yard ornaments?

Here’s a chance for you to rant about all the things your parents do that really drive you crazy during the holiday season! Add a comment, but remember to keep your language school-appropriate. And don’t forget, your parents might actually see this! It is the world wide web, you know…


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  1. My parent’s drive me crazy on the holidays! When the holidays come though their always nagging at me saing “Kyle put dacorations up!” Sometimes you want to rip your hair out of your head! My parent’s are just crazy like that though.

  2. First when it is time to wrap the presents they don’t let me into the room, they always say that I will tell my brothers what their presents are. Then when Christmas comes I will wake up really early and make them breakfast, usually pancakes and eggs, then I will wake them up and give them breakfast in bed. It takes them so much time just to eat then they have to take their sweet time just to get out of bed and come to the living room then we all sit down and my mom forgets her camera in her room when she gets back then we open presents.

  3. Yes, my parents do drive me crazy on the holidays. They have to have the house clean. I hate cleaning the house especially the rooms I didn’t make the mess in. Then if we have a party we have to go get food and then make the food. Then course we have to clean the kitchen.

  4. My parents always get my younger sister better presents than me. One year almost all the presents were my younger sister’s! They never get me what I want for Christmas. Then my mom tries singing Christmas songs but, she changes the lyrics a lot since she doesen’t know english. They don’t even decorate that much either. I always make cute Christmas stuff in art too.

  5. Yes, my parents especially my mom drives me nuts during the holidays. What drives me nuts about holiday season is that they give my siblings better presents. When I get books (Yeah!) Not. My mom sing really loud and out of tune to the Christmas carols in the stores and then she says daughter will you go get me some egg nog from the refrigerated aisle? I think in her worst singing voice that you could ever hear and then I turn beet red and I say yes stranger and speed walk off away from her as fast as I can.

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