Who is your favorite band, and why do you like them?

music topic for writing assignments in band class

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What music do you like to listen to when you’re all alone in your room? If nobody’s listening, but you could choose any music for background noise, what music would you choose? What bands are your favorites? Name as many as you like. Tell why you like them. Which musicians do you like best and why? Have you ever seen him or her interviewed? Did you like him or her personally, or is it just a music thing?

And this is something to think about: if you knew that band member or singer or musician, would you be friends with him or her? Why or why not?

Remember to use complete sentences, please. And try to keep song titles and band names school-appropriate. Thanks!


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  1. My favorite singer is Jason Derulo. Jason is an amazing singer. Jason is my favorite singer, because he has an amazing vocie, his songs are great, and he has the best dance moves. Overall he’s the best singer!

  2. My favorite singer is Adele. She has the best voice. My mom is in love with their music. My mom once blew a speaker because she had it up so loud. My dad and my brother don’t like Adele.

  3. I don’t have a favorite band because I like a lot of types of music. I like hip-hop, country, rap, heavy metal music, techno music, and a lot of other types of music that I don’t know what they’re called. My favorite type of music is probably heavy metal music.

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