How is obedience school different from “people” school?

academics for pets

Image: iClipart

Compare and contrast the two concepts from the point of view of a pet. Use the pet’s mental “voice” as the narrator who describes what “people” school must be like by comparison. Want an example? How about this:

Hi, the name’s Zeus, and I’m a Labrador retriever. My person takes me to obedience school every Friday night. That’s where I learn to do impressive tricks like rolling over and catching a ball in my snout. I”m guessing that’s what my person does when he goes off to “people school” too. I’ve seen him playing with that hard-to-catch brown ball in the big field out behind the school. Other kids tackle him and he rolls over, just like me!

Now what would your dog, cat, horse, goldfish or gerbil think of “people” school? Would he/she get mixed up about the kind of training that goes on at school compared to the kind of training he/she has to learn as your pet? Write a comment from your pet’s point of view, comparing and contrasting your training at school to his/her training at home or obedience school.

Remember kids, for Internet safety, don’t use your real name, your school’s real name, or the name of the town you live in.


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  1. obedience school is for pets its just for pets its probely to try to make your pets more smarter so when you throw something they could just go fetch it easily and people school is just for normal people not for animals or pets its just for normal people that study different stuff then pets its not just fetching like fetching

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