Are you a trick-or-treater?

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Will you be trick-or-treating this Halloween? Have you been invited to any Halloween parties? Do you like to dress up to meet the trick-or-treaters at your door?

Describe your best Halloween costume. Offer plenty of details. Want an example? Here’s one:

I went to a Halloween party dressed as Cleopatra one year. We dyed one of my mom’s mop heads black, and I wore that for my wig. The costume, which looked sort of like a Greek toga, was a bed sheet. We used a safety pin to hold it up on one shoulder and some bailing twine for a belt. I got to put on eye makeup like an egyptian too. Everybody said I looked hilarious, because… I’m a boy!


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  1. One year for Halloween I dressed up as a fat ladybug. I was in first grade. It sucked because I was too fat to walk. The costume was warm and cozy though. That was the only good thing about my costume, and that people thought I looked really cute. I didn’t believe that though. I least I got two big bags of candy, and won third place in a Halloween costume contest.

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