Guess Who?

creative writing assignment for review of proper nouns

Image: iClipart

Can you describe a famous person without using any proper nouns? A proper noun is a NAME. So you can’t name the famous person. Moreover, you can’t name any movies they were in or any songs they’ve sung. You can’t name the town they live in or the country they’re from. If you can do a good job of describing your famous person, then anyone could easily guess his or her identity, even though you didn’t use any proper nouns.

Want an example?

My celebrity had jet-black hair. He was famous for wearing sequined jumpsuits. He swiveled his hips when he would sing. He had long sideburns and often wore sunglasses. He was a white guy, but he sang with a deep, blues-y sound to his voice. He died in the mid-1970’s. At the end of his concerts, girls would cry when he’d leave the building.

Can you guess who my celebrity is? Now it’s your turn! Remember, don’t use any proper nouns!


About Chelly Wood

I am a school librarian with an English degree, and I like to write books. I've also designed commercial doll clothes patterns, and I make stop-motion videos with dolls. My literary agent is Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

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  1. The celebrity is a girl. She used to have red and curly hair. She has a lot of famous albums. She got abused by her last boyfriend.

  2. Is it Elvis? Ok my celebrity is a girl. She has very crazy outfits and has good songs. She is a pop singer and a very popular artist. She has released a couple popular albums. Can you guess who my celebrity is?

  3. My celebrity Had a lot of plastic surgery on his face especially his nose. He also does the moon walk. He isn’t alive any more . He died June 25, 2009. People say his doctor killed him.
    Can you guess who my celebrity is?

  4. I saw your red shoes and I remembered that I always have a pair of red shoes but for some reason I don’t have a pair now. I am not sure what that means or if it means anything at all except forgetfulness. Today I am going to buy a pair ‘even if they don’t go with everything’. And, why should they. They go with me.

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