Alex Haley’s Roots: the Saga of an American Family–Journal Writing Prompt #7

personification in roots by alex haley list of personification examples

Image: iClipart

The fog engulfed us…

Wait. Doesn’t “engulf” mean eat or swallow or something like that? This must be a form of figurative langauge. Yes, indeed, it’s personificaiton. Fog doesn’t even have a throat, so it can’t engulf anything. But when a writer gives a non-human thing people-ish characteristics (like having a throat and being able to swallow), that’s called personification.

For today’s journal entry, do the following:

  1. Name your book’s title and author.
  2. Find a quote from the book that demonstrates personification.
  3. Explain how your quote is an example of personification. (In other words, type something like, The word “engulf” is usually only used with human experiences, because it means “to swallow”, so it’s impossible for fog–an inanimate object–to swallow anything, since it doesn’t have a mouth or throat. That’s why this statement is an example of the personification of fog, making fog seem human by saying it “swallows” something just like humans can.)
  4. Tell what page you found it on (parenthetical citation).

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