Alex Haley’s Roots: the Saga of an American Family–Journal Writing Prompt #5

examples of hyperbole hiperboley hiperbollee hyperbolee like a bull in a china shop

Image: iClipart

Here’s the journal writing prompt for Thursday. It deals with hyperbole. If you’re not sure what a hyperbole is, click on the links provided. You can read up on it. You’ll need to know the true meaning of a hyperbole, in order to complete today’s literary challenge:

  1. Find an example of a hyperbole used in Alex Haley’s Roots.
  2. Quote that example in your comment.
  3. Discuss.

I know, I know, it’s the “discuss” part that’s vague, right? So let me throw some questions at you. What is the literal meaning of the hyperbole? What is the metaphorical meaning of the hyperbole? Why did the character in your novel (or the author/narrator) use this hyperbole? How did it add weight to the tone or mood in the novel? Do people still use that hyperbole today? If not, why not? Is it only relevant to people living in Kunta Kinte’s time? Why is that?

These are just a few ways you might “discuss” the hyperbole of your choice. Remember to use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your comment.

There will be no journal writing prompt tomorrow, due to Fun Friday events.


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