Alex Haley’s Roots: the Saga of an American Family–Journal Writing Prompt #3 (Foreshadowing)

alex haley foreshadows events in his book roots: the saga of an american family

Image: iClipart

For those of you in Mrs. Sparhawk’s advanced reading class, here’s Tuesday’s journal question:

In their early chapters, classic novels like Roots tend to foreshadow events to come. The use of literary devices like foreshadowing is a sign of a well-planned plot and sometimes, true literary genius. So as long as you know what foreshadowing means (click the link to increase your knowledge base), you’re ready to write your own question about it. Your question can predict a possible red herring,  describe a prophecy, or pinpoint obvious foreshadowing, but please make sure your answer is about foreshadowing, not predicting. There’s a difference!

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Write a question that’s challenging
  • Write it with good spelling and grammar
  • Answer your own question
  • Make sure the answer to the question indicates that you understand what foreshadowing means

Here’s an example:

QUESTION: The captain’s “seafaring man with one leg” frightens Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island, but it also foreshadows the villainous nature of what character?

ANSWER: The captain’s “seafaring man with one leg” foreshadows the fact that Long John Silver is not the honest innkeeper he appears to be. He’s actually a pirate. In fact, he’s the very same “seafaring man with one leg” that Captain Billy Bones was so worried about.


3 responses »

  1. Q:What foreshadow falls upon Kunta Kinte relating to tuobob?

    A:The foreshadow that falls upon Kunta is that he will be kidnapped by the so called tuobob.

  2. Kunta made a good picture of the way of life the people of Gambia.Lamin foreshadows Kunta and gives us an even better image of how Kunta was when he was in his first kafo.

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