Alex Haley’s Roots: The Saga of an American Family–Journal Writing Prompt #1

alex haley roots the saga of an american family gambia setting compare contrast question

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As you begin reading Roots: The Saga of an American Family, you may notice that Kunta Kinte is unlike other protagonists you’ve read about. How is he unique? What’s special about Kunta Kinte in terms of personality? Lifestyle? What’s unusual about the setting in which he lives?

Use quotes from the book to contrast Kunta Kinte with another famous protagonist you’ve read about, like Percy Jackson, Bella Swan, Harry Potter, or Jim Hawkins. How is Kunta Kinte unlike one of these characters (or another protagonist of your own choice)?


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  1. Kunta Kinte is unique because he does not have some supernatural powers or magic. He doesnt willingly leaves his land to go to sea, such as Jim Hawkins. He is an enthusiastic young man who does look for adventure but not past his own limits, but does hower try to reach the very edge of them. He has a very different life style partly because of the time setting and his culture. In his culture boys are taken away at age ranges from nine through fifteen for one year,(four moons),and then when they return from what his culture calls manhood training as men.(Examples)”Kunta reciting his every day morning prayers, and set off to find wood for his drum.” This shows that Kunta is also very respectful to his gods and religion.

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