Jane Eyre–Literary Journal–Question #5

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Image: iClipart

This final journal question has two parts. For the first part, you must write your response after you get to the part where Jane comes to the decision that she must return to Thornfield Hall. Do not attempt to write a response to the second half of the journal question until after you’ve completely finished reading Jane Eyre.

PART ONE: Predict what you think Jane will find when she returns to Thornfield Hall. Will Mr. Rochester despise her? Will he welcome Jane with open arms? Or will Bertha Mason be well/healed, running her household with Mr. Rochester at her side? Will Jane choose to live with Mr. Rochester, as his mistress?

PART TWO: Now that you’ve finished reading the novel, what surprised you about the ending? Do you find any irony in this conclusion? If so, how is it ironic? How is the actual ending different from your prediction? Are you happy with the ending? If not, how would you have ended the novel, had you been in Charlotte Bronte‘s shoes? If you liked the ending, explain what is satisfying for you.


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