Jane Eyre–Literary Journal–Question #4

compare/contrast male characters in charlotte bronte's jane eyre character study roles of male characters

Image: iClipart

Saint John Rivers is a unique character in Jane Eyre. Like Mr. Rochester, he demonstrates a somewhat romantic interest in Jane, but his motives are very different, stemming from his self-denial as a clergyman. He doesn’t have the wealth that Mr. Rochester brings to the picture, yet he shares his humble family home with Jane, as does Mr. Rochester.

The preceding paragraph compares and contrasts St. John Rivers with Mr. Rochester. Now it’s your turn to do something similar. Compare and contrast St. John Rivers with any of the following male characters from this book:

  • Master John Reed
  • Mr. Brocklehurst
  • Mr. Mason

As you write your comparison, be sure to mention both characters’ role in Jane’s life. How are they associated with her? Are either of these characters concerned for Jane’s well-being? If so, how do they show their concern? What are their motives? What are their internal and external conflicts?


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