Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL Journal Question #5

final exam literary essay question for charles dickens a christmas carol ebenezer scrooge gothic theme horror elements

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What aspects of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol fall into the literary genre of “horror“? Use a quote from the book (giving the page number where you found that quote) to help you demonstrate the novel’s horror elements.

What aspects of A Christmas Carol are gothic? Define the term “gothic” and then describe how “horror” and “gothic” are different concepts. How have the gothic and horror images from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol affected modern society? What elements of this book’s imagery remain with us today? In what modern fiction do we see similar themes?


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  1. Perhaps Gothic in the sense that it combines the horrors of Scrooge’s behavious and of the Ghost of Marleys appearance-with the romantic view of an idealized family Christmas of Ebeneezer’s younger life//and of his subsequent intentions, and for a quote, maybe Marley’s’ line, ”I wear the chains i forged in my life?” thought you might like my machinima version of A Christmas Carol Ho Ho Ho

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