I Am Legend–Science Fiction Journal–Question #1

SIOP lesson plan for i am legend by mattheson rick differenciated instruction

Image: iClipart

Take a look at the artwork on the cover of I Am Legend. Based only on the cover art (not the blurb on the back), predict what you think this book will be about. Give your opinion of the artwork as well. Is it interesting? What makes it seem interesting/eye-catching or not? Do you think the artwork on the cover might be better? If you were the artist, what would you have done to improve the artwork?

If your book doesn’t have any cover art, what do you think would be a good picture for the title, I Am Legend? Why do you think that would make a good picture for this title? Anothing thing you can do, is go to the Wikipedia page on I Am Legend and look at the cover art displayed there. Comment accordingly.


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