Sample essays on classic novels–check it out!

classic novel read and write an essay photo of student female with test in hand

Photo: iClipart

In our eighth grade reading class, each student read a different classic novel. Then we wrote a final essay on the classic novel that we read. Here are the three best essays of the bunch:

If you’d like your school to participate in a similar reading activity, look for the blog posts under “Classic Literature” in the side margin. These were used as online journal topics, but you’re welcome to use them for in-class journaling as well.

Furthermore, here are the essay requirements for the assignment. Feel free to use my stuff, fellow teachers! You can print out the sample essays above to use as examples in your classroom, and you can use my journal topics as your students read their own classic novels.

Twenty-two different journal questions are offered, and they’re fairly open-ended questions, so that it doesn’t matter which classic novel the student is reading, he/she should find it easy enough to answer the questions. You might want to go back through the archives and start with journal topic #1, though, just to keep things chronological.

Happy journaling!


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