#23. Get your popcorn and soda… It’s movie time!


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This is our schedule for the next two weeks…

Here’s what’s due Friday, March 11:

  • Vocabulary Spiral Notebook (You need to have at least 15 vocabulary terms.)
  • Your Essay’s Outline (It must use correct outline format with Roman numerals, capital letters, quotations from your book, and parenthetical citations.)
  • Your First Draft (Base your first draft on one of the thesis statements offered on Classic Novels Final Exam. Your first draft should have at least five paragraphs, a thesis, at least three quotations from the book and/or Wikipedia, and parenthetical citation.)

Here’s what’s due on or before Friday, March 18th:

  • The Outline
  • An Edited First Draft (We’ll edit these next week in class.)
  • A Final Draft (Your score will include the scores you get for the six traits of writing, so please make corrections between the first and final drafts.)
book and movie compare/contrast literary classics

Image: iClipart

Your homework for spring break is to locate and view a copy of any of the film adaptations of your classic novel. When we return from spring break, your first few online journals will review what you learned by watching the movie.

Most classic novels have been made into several films, but please make sure your parents approve of the version you rent or borrow. To find out which film adaptations have been made, try the following:

  1. Go to Wikipedia’s page about your book.
  2. Find “Film Adaptations” in the table of contents and click it, or scroll down to the bottom of the page and find a heading like “Film and Television Adaptations” or something to that effect.
  3. Click on the links to various film versions, to get more information about who starred in the film, when it was released, etc.

You can rent the movie from a local video rental store or watch it online from Netflix or borrow it from a library. If it’s an older, out-of-print movie, our local Public Library can usually contact other libraries and have it sent to our town, but that can take as many as 10 days. So start looking into your movie right away, if you don’t have a Netflix account or can’t find it on Netflix.


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