#20. The fog engulfed us.


Ew. Swallowed by fog? Gross. Did you experience any nasty digestive juices? Because doesn’t “engulf” mean swallow?

This must be a form of figurative langauge. Yes, indeed, it’s personificaiton. Fog doesn’t even have a throat, so it can’t engulf anything. But when a writer gives a non-human thing people-ish characteristics (like having a throat and being able to swallow), that’s called personification.

Here’s a YouTube video to explain it even better:

For today’s journal entry, do the following:

  1. Name your book’s title and author.
  2. Find a quote from the book that demonstrates personification.
  3. Tell what page you found it on.

10 responses »

  1. 1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
    2. “Nature seemed to me benign and good; I thought she loved me, outcast as I was; and I, who from man could anticipate only mistrust, rejection, insult, clung to her with filial fondness.”
    3. (pg 371-372)

  2. A Christmas Carol BY: Charles Dickens

    As if all the chimneys in Great Britin had, by one concent, caught fire, and were blazing away to their dear hearts’ content.
    (page 64)

  3. The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
    “Like waifs clustered around a blazing fire, we gathered about it, holding out our hearts to its warmth and light. The blacker the night around us grew, the brighter and truer and more beautiful burned the Word of God.” (pg. 194)

  4. 1. I’m reading Othello by Julius Lester.
    2. “Passion is not patient and seeks fulfillment even if it consumes those who would fulfill it.” Passion is a type of emotion/felling so therefore it cannot “consume” something or someone.
    3. (P.40)

  5. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

    “As the havy ax chewed its way into the tree, it began to lean and crach.”(pg 177).
    I chose this qoute because the ax didn’t literally chew its way into the tree, that is impossible.

  6. 1. I am reading EMMA by Jane Austen.
    2. The quote I’ve chosen is “‘I have the pleasure, madam… of restoring your spectacles, healed for the present.'” Mr. Churchill says this after mending Mrs. Bates’ broken glasses. Since glasses are an inanimate object, it seems strange that he would call them “healed” instead of “fixed”.
    3. That quote was found on page 190.

  7. 1. Roots by Alex Haley
    2. “The sun was beating down on Kunta as if he wanted to inflame him alive in the cotton field.”(pg 246)

  8. The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss

    “With our new propeller on the boat, the boat flew across the surface of the water.”(pg 213)

  9. Cannery Row by John Steinbeck
    “There is a beautiful view from the carmel grade, The curving bay with the waves creaming on the sand,the dune country around seaside and right at the bottom of the hill, the warm intimacy of the town”(pg.45).

  10. 1.The Aventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

    2.• “Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. There was no one there.”


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