#16. Are you going to make it to the finish line?


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For today’s blog topic, let’s check our progress. Submit a comment that does the following:

  1. State the title and author.
  2. Summarize the plot of the story so far.
  3. Tell (honestly) what page you’re on.
  4. Re-assess your time frame for completing the book.
  5. Set a new goal if you need to.

How many pages per day do you need to get through, in order to finish the book before the end of the quarter? If we start typing our final exam on March 9th, that means we have about 7 more school days left (not including weekends) before we need to finish our books.

If you’re not keeping up, step up the pace. Set a new goal for how many pages you need to read each day, in order to finish.

The plan is:

  • On March 7th, Mrs. Sparhawk hands out the final exam.
  • On March 8th we complete the last of our online journals.
  • On March 9th, we begin typing the first draft of our final exams. We get to work on these March 9th, 10th, and 11th.
  • On March 11th, we print our first draft.
  • On March 14th and 15th, we edit in the classroom.
  • On March 16th, 17th, and 18th, we type up the final draft of our final exams.
  • Mrs. Sparhawk collects our final exams on the 18th.

So as of today, we’ve got ten school days left before the test is handed out. Are you three-quarters of the way through your book yet? If not, you might want to step up the pace to make it to the finish line.


30 responses »

  1. A Christmas Carol BY: Charles Dickens
    ♫so far in my book all 3 Christmas ghousts have come to him and shown him the real life of him hating Christmasad he is changing his attitude about christmas.
    ♫i am on page 116
    ♫i need to read all 10 pages of my book in 1 night so it should not be hard

  2. Im reading Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
    Im just about half way and i still have about 200 more pages and i need to read just about 30 pages a day if i want to finish on time.

  3. 1.)Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    2.) Pride and Predjudice is a satirical story of love, relationships, life, and ideas among English 18th century upperclass. The Bennets have five daughters: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. It is all about making good marriages for their daughters. Mr. Darcy visits with Mr. Bingley, who rents a large manor by the Bennets for the summer. Mr. Darcy is very rich and proud. The story tells of the Bennet sisters and their many trials and heartaches in their search for happiness, including class standing, gossip, and scandal.
    3.) I did my journals later because I wanted to finish my book first and I am honestly done reading it.
    4&5.) I don’t need to reassess or set another goal because I am done.

  4. my book is tarzan of the apes by edgar rice burroughs

    im half way through the book which is like 115 pagesi need to read like 25 pages a day

  5. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

    Well… first Scout and Jem go to school… Had some complications, and the Boo Radley incidents. Then you could start to predict what was going to happen next. Then a small arugument with the family, and Dill runs away from home and go to Maycomb, and they start accusing an African-American of rape, and people say Atticus(protagonist’s father) was a disgrace for helping a negro. And they go to court and they keep on talking about the jury/court incident.

    I’m on page 244.

    I think I still have about 50 pages… So I’ll need to read A LOT if I want to have it completley finished.

    I’ll need to read about 50 pages a day in order to finish.

  6. 1.) I’m reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    2.) My book is broken into 12 mysteries, and I’m going to summarize the 4 that I’ve read so far.
    “A Scandal in Bohemia” is about a Bohemian king who is to be wed soon, and his old girlfriend from a loooooong time ago has records of affairs, and a photograph of the two of them, and love letters. Because he has high standards as a king, he believes that if any of this is let out to the public, then he will be shunned by his people. So Sherlock And Dr. Watson help him get them back using a clever scheme.
    “The Red-Headed League” is about a short and stout man named Jabez Wilson who saw an advertisement in the newspaper for hiring men with bright red hair(for which the book does not clearly state). Jabez goes to the sign-ups, and he is the only one hired because of his stunning red hair! This is what he told Dr. Watson and Holmes when he visited their office, because his office has been “dissolved”, or shut down. He asked his landlord about this, and he told him to talk to the league’s creator, only to be directed to a “fake knee shop”, which frankly, I don’t know what that is! But that’s what happens there.
    “A Case of Identity is about a lady named Mary Sutherland. She is to be wed soon, and suddenly runs into money that has been set aside for her personal use. However, after this happens, her fiancé goes missing, and again it’s up to Holmes and Dr. John Watson to figure it out. P.S. this is my favorite mystery in the book so far; I always liked Nancy Drew stories where people disappear for some reason, just like this one!(:
    “The Boscombe Valley Mystery” is about a man named Mr. Turner, whose wife died a while back, and he has a daughter named Alice. He lives with a man named Charles who is suspected for a murder. However, his son is blamed and goes to prison, but Alice(who loves him) tries to prove him innocent and her father and herself ask Sherlock Holmes to help them solve the mystery.

    3.) I’m on page 65……

    4/5.) I’m going to have to read… 45 pages per day, but since I’ve been behind I’ve been reading that many the past couple days anyway, so I’ll be in good shape. It’s sort of a medium-speed-read, but the words are hard to comprehend… at least I’ll have plenty of vocabulary, eh? (:

  7. JANE EYRE by: *ChArLoTtE bRoNtE*
    Je has left her school named Lowood and she has found a job as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Mr. Rochester the master of Thornfield has shown a strange interest in Jane and now Jane has grown to like him very much. She is now hearing this strange laughter in the mdle of the night but puts it in the back of her head. Mr. Rochester invites some of his friends to come over for a week and there was a strange man named Mr. Mason. After everyone has went to bed Mr. Rochester comes to her door and asks for her to help him with an emergency. He takes her to the 3rd floor and finds Mr. Mason laying in a chair with a slash on his side and shoulder. She is told not to talk to him while Mr. Rochester goes out and gets a dr. When they come back Mr. Mason tells Mr. Rochester that she has bitten him and planned on sucking the blood out of his heart. Jane doesn’t know who “she” is but Mr. Rochester tells her that it was one of the servants named Grace Poole. Even though Mr. Rochester assures Jane Grace was that problem of the strange laughter she is still unsure
    I am on page 257
    I now have to read 20 pages a day.

  8. The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom

    Corrie, her sister Betsie, and her father were sent to concentration camps for having broken the law by hiding Jews and sending them to safe places.

    I’m on page 120, which is a page on the exact center of the book.

    I’ll have to read 12 pages a day to finish the book.

    Honestly, I think we should get more time. I know this is not your fault Ms. Sparhawk (school rules: P) but I hate rushing through books.

  9. Tour du monde en 80 jours de Jules Verne

    M. Phileas Fogg et Passeportout sont sorties et sont sur le point de difficulté à faire face

    Je suis à la page 40 sur 205

    J’ai besoin de lire 8 pages par jour maintenant):

  10. 1.I’m reading Othello by Julius Lester.
    2.In the story Othello, there are three main characters. Othello is the protagonist, Iago is the antagonist and Desdemona is the deuteragonist. Othello comes back to see Desdemona, and they fall in love. Iago also loves Desdemona, but she does not love him. Another problem that gets Iago mad at Othello is when Othello promotes someone else to lieutenant and not Iago. So based on the actions, and I’m sure more that they haven’t included, makes Iago want to get revenge on Othello.
    3.I am currently on page 77
    4.I have 74 pages left in the book, to finish.
    5.I need to ready at least 11 pages a day.

  11. Roots by Alex Haley
    The story Roots is about an African named Kunta Kinte. He grows in a village named Juffure. Kunta lives there leaning life lessons and how to do the work of which his father does. When he is 14 he has to go to a school which teaches him how to become a man. He goes through pain to complete his intense manhood training. When he gets back he has learned how to become a man. He ends up getting married to a girl and they attempt to have a child. After that he decides to make a drum. Kunta walked out into the forest to find good wood to use to make his drum. He knows the dangers of being alone in the forest because many people have been taken by white people from other villages. Kunta did not take this very seriously and out of no where the (toubob) also known as the white men came out and started beating Kunta. It takes all their strength to hold Kunta down and capture him. After that he had blacked out and was taken to a slave ship. He has to ride the slave ship all the way over on little slabs where he had to sleep in his own waste. Many people didn’t make it over to the Americas. Kunta ended up being placed in Virginia on a plantation. He has no idea where he is and always is trying to escape. He gets punished for doing this. He gets whipped and beaten for his wrong doings. The third time he ran away he had his foot cut off because he threw a rock at one of the toubob. Then he got set on another plantation and became a gardener because of his foot. He used to be a cotton picker before he ran away. He meets a man that calls himself the fiddler because he plays the fiddler to make money. Kunta ended up marrying another woman named Bell. He has a kid named Kizzy with her. Then his best friend the fiddler buys his freedom from the master for 700 dollars. Kunta is happy for him but also is sad that he has to go. Then his wife starts to be a pain to Kunta. He doesn’t like it because she ignores him and irritates him. After a while he ends up settling the irritable bond between them. After that Kunta has to teach Kizzy how to become a good woman so that she can grow up and be a good wife to a husband.
    I am on page 520. That means that i will have to read 30 pages a night!!!!!!!! This book is so hard. 😦

  12. The Call of The Wild by Jack London

    1. This book it split into 3 stories so im going to summaries the biggest one. the story starts out with a dog named Buck and he was a spoiled house dog and one day he was kidnapped by two men looking for dogs to make a sled dog team, not just any dogs they wanted big built, strong dogs with big coats so they could be warm and live up to the hard life of a sled dog. He was put on a boat to the Canadian wilderness. the leader if the team was a dog named Spitz who he later killed, taking the lead of the team. then one night he and the team was attacked by some native reservoir dogs from the near by Indian reservation, it left the team severely wounded, 1 dead, and nearly out of food. the team was hurt and suffering from starvation and they stopped by a guys cabin, his name was John Thorton, Hal9 Bucks sled leader at the time) hit Buck repeatedly with a club and Jogn Thorton who loved dogs said “IF you strike that dog again, I’ll kill you”, Hal came after John with a knife, John had taken the axe handle he had been making and hit hall across the knuckles. John had saved buck and helped him back to good health. after living with John Thorton Buck had won him 1000 dallars in a bet and saved his life. Buck was out hunting for food and he came back to camp seeing on of John’s dogs dead, buck had thought that John was killed to, Buck had killed the 3 hunters that killed John. Then he had went and lived with a pack of wolves, never to be seen again.
    2. i am on page 179
    3. i only need to read 1 page a day at this point.

  13. 1.The Island Of The Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell
    2.My book is about this indian girl Karana who gets stuck on an island and has to try and srvive by herself.
    3.Im on page 116
    4.I should probably read 6 pages

  14. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
    Jane has left her school named Lowood and she has found a job as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Mr. Rochester the master of Thornfield has shown a strange interest in Jane and now Jane has grown to like him very much. She is now hearing this strange laughter in the middle of the night but puts it in the back of her head. Mr. Rochester invites some of his friends to come over for a week and there was a strange man named Mr. Mason. After everyone has went to bed Mr. Rochester comes to her door and asks for her to help in with an emergency. He takes her to the third floor and finds Mr. Mason lying in a chair with a gash on his side and shoulder. She is told not to talk to him while Mr. Rochester goes out and gets a doctor. When they come back Mr. Mason tells Mr. Rochester that she has bitten him and planned on sucking the blood out of his heart. Jane doesn’t know who “she” is but Mr. Rochester tells her that it was one of the servants named Grace Poole. Even though Mr. Rochester assures Jane Grace was that problem of the strange laughter she is still unsure.
    I am on page 251.
    I now have to read 30 pages a day.

  15. Les Aventures de Tom Sawyer de Mark Twain

    J’ai rencontré un nouvel ami et son nom est Huckleberry Fin Tom a toujours ses folles aventures. Il passe d’un homme de l’armée de cow-boy pirate. C’est alors que la configuration des enfants n’ont pas de TV, iPod ou de téléphones cellulaires qui ont été les imaginations. Tom et Huck ont également capturé deux gars fait quelques très méfiant … Je vais devoir continuer à lire pour le découvrir!

    Je suis au milieu. Nouvelle cible n’est pas nécessaire.

  16. 1. The Red Pony by John Steinbeck
    2. Jody got a pony and Billy Buck is teaching him how to take care of it. The pony gets sick from being out in the rain. The pony ran away. And old man has came to Jody’s house who once lived there and says that he must stay there until he dies but Jody’s father disagrees.
    3. 60
    4. 12pages

  17. 1. The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss
    2. After they landed they found a giant fig tree and built a tree house in it. They started to plant gardens from the seeds on the ship. After they took everything off of the ship they blew it up with a barrel of gun powder. After the wreck was in pieces they took all the broken wood from the ship to see if they could use it in some way. They have done a lot of exploring on the island and found a lot of new discoveries some of them are: a sap in which they made seamless boots, roots which they could make bread out of, and a plant in which if you cut it fresh water will pour out. They needed a better way to get up and down from their tree house rather than a rope latter. They eventually found that the whole inside of the trunk was hollow (the circumference of the trunk was roughly about 30 feet) they then built a spiral stair case inside of it. They then cut out windows in the trunk and put the windows from the ship in them. As they were exploring one time they captured a wild buffalo and later captured a wild ass, which they trained to pull their sledge and cart. After they trained their animals to pull their stuff they started gathering long lasting food and stuff to store up for the rainy season (or the winter as we know it).
    3. I am on page 159
    4. I need to read 16 pages a day.

  18. La cachette de Corrie ten Boom

    Corrie, sa soeur Betsie, et son père sont envoyés dans des camps de concentration pour avoir enfreint la loi en cachant les juifs et les envoyer à d’autres endroits.

    Je suis à la page 120, qui est une page sur le centre exact du livre.

    Je vais devoir lire 12 pages par jour pour finir le livre.

    Honnêtement, je pense que nous devrions obtenir plus de temps pour. Je sais que ce n’est pas votre faute Mme Sparhawk (règles de l’école: P) mais je déteste se précipiter à travers elle. Eh bien! Je vais devenir fou et de lire toute la nuit!!(:

  19. 1.Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

    2.So far Billy has saved up enough money to buy two pups he went to town and got them named them Little Anne and Old Dan. He trains them to be coon hunters then they hunt a while and they are the best hound dogs in the country. A couple of boys down the road bet Billy two dollars that his hounds could not tree the ghost hound so Billy bet them and that night Little Anne and Old Dan nearly killed the boys dog and the oldest boy was beating up Billy when he saw his dog getting beat and got off of Billy to save his dog and was running with an axe and tripped and the axe went into his stomach. Billy had to pull out the axe because the other boy just ran away in fright. The oldest boy ended up dying so Billy ran home and told he parents everything and his dad went and got his grandpa to get the body and talk to the boys parents. A couple of days after that happened Billy went to his grandfathers store and his grandpa had showed him an ad for a coon hunting contest and that is all I know so far.

    3.I am honestly on pg 139 of 202

    4.I now have to read about 11 pages a day but that’s okay because I usually read more then that anyway.

  20. Cannery Row by John Steinbeck
    Gay and his friends want to throw a party for the towns nicest man Doc, but they don’t have enough money. To earn money to throw the party with they decide to go on a trip to catch turtles that they can sell.
    I am on page 60 out of 123 pages.
    I need to read nine pages a day from now on:(

  21. O.M.G. Are you serious? We only have 10 days left to finish the whole book? What if I don’t finish? Are you going to keep posting questions? What if some people don’t finish? Are you going to give them more time? Does everyone else have, like shortened versions of their books or something?

    Enough whining outta me. (Shakes head.) Here’s my post comment:

    1. EMMA by Jane Austen
    2. So far, Emma Woodhouse has tried to hook up Harriet smith with Mr. Elton. Mr. Knightly has teased her about it and even gotten mad at her for interfering when the farmer, Mr. Martin proposed to Harriet. Then Mr. Elton proposed to Emma, and she was totally like, “What? Huh? No way!” And right now she’s trying to help Harriet forget about Mr. Elton, but it sounds like a new guy is going to come soon–Mr. (I don’t remember his name and I don’t have my book with me right now).
    3. Honestly? I’m only on page 129–but that’s one hundred and twenty-nine pages I hadn’t already read when we started. So it’s not like I’m a slacker, you know. Fudge muffins! How many pages have the other people read? Are they like, way ahead of me?
    4. I’ll be lucky if I finish this book before prom. Not. Gonna. Happen.
    5. I’m seriously thinking about quitting. But dang it, I’ve always wanted to read this book, because it has my name in it and stuff. But right now I still have 259 pages left, which means I’d have to read 25.9 pages per day. I HAVE OTHER HOMEWORK, YOU KNOW!

    Can’t you extend it just a little bit longer? Pleeeease?

    • Technically, you aren’t part of our class, so you don’t have to OMG about it, because… yeah. Just sayin’!! byebyeee

      • How mean of you Amy but it still kinda true……..what the fudge muffins… i mean i don’t mid other people talking on this thing cause it just for school but Emma can”t just say things like Fudge muffins! and not expect other people to say something about it but i still don’t mind that much that she is on here…….. i mean come on i bet she is on this thing more than us ha ha ☺

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