#3. What the heck is a protagonist and does my book even have one?

journal questions about antihero, protagonist, focal character and false protagonists

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Not sure what a protagonist is? Click here for a link to Wikipedia’s page about protagonists. This link also talks about focal characters, antiheroes, and false protagonists. I bet you’ve never heard of those before! (But they’d make great vocabulary words for your journal… hint-hint!)

For today’s journal entry, write a question about your book’s protagonist. You can use any of the information from the Wikipedia link that might be helpful. Remember the format from Monday’s notes:

  • Include the title of your book
  • Write a question that’s challenging
  • Write it with good spelling and grammar, so it doesn’t need to be edited before publishing as its own post
  • Answer your own question

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  1. I am reading: The Mysterious Island By Jules Verne

    Question: Who are the protagonists and how did they end up together?

    Answer: The Protagonists names are: Cyrus Harding, Gideon Spilett, Neb, Pencroft, and Herbert. They met each other in a town where they were being held as prisoners.

  2. Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe
    in the story this guy says ‘depend on it, if you do not go back, where-ever you go, you will meet nothing but disasters and disappointments till your fathers words upon you.’
    Question:I wonder what he means when he says disasters and disapointments? What will the protagonist go through?
    Answer:3 people killed, 8 were wounded, and some are prisoners in Sallee.

  3. my book is Tarzan of the Apes by edgar rice burroughs
    in Tarzan of the Apes who are the protagonists and what are their names?

    In my book there are two protagonists and they are Kala the moma gorilla and Tarzan a human boy raised by Kala after her real baby died while trying to escape from Kerchak when he was in rage.

  4. Around the world in 80 days by Jules Verne

    Q: Name the protagonist and what is his role in the story?

    A: The protagonist in this story has a role of trying to prove that you could travel around the world in 80 days.

  5. My book is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Haper Lee.
    My question-Why is Scout the protagonist? Why isn’t it her father or someone else the protagonist?

    My answer-I think it’s because she’s the oddest character and the youngest, and the youngest see things differently. They don’t understand life yet.

  6. I am reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    Question: name the protagonist and what made her hate Mr. Darcy?

    Her name is Elizabeth Bennet and she absolutely loathes a man named Mr. Darcy. He is wealthy and has a horrid attitude that disgusts people. He is such a rapacious man and very critical. He mortified Elizabeth when he compared her beauty at the ball for Mr. Bingley. No one wants him to come around anymore until…(:

  7. My book is Island Of The Blue Dolphins
    Question:My protagonists name is Karana. Why did she go back to the island when her tribe went with the white men to a better island?
    Answer:She jumped off the ship and swam back to the island because they forgot her brother.Her brother Ramo forgot his spear so thats why they left he was still on the island. She didnt want to leave him.That is where im at right now.

  8. The Red Pony

    Q. Name the protagonist and the deuteragonist and describe their rolls in the story.
    A. The protagonist is Jody Tiflin his roll in the story is he is a little boy about ten who is an only child. The deuteragonist is Billy Buck he is a worker in the Tiflins farm. He like s Jody and is a very stout man and middle-aged (or so it sounds in the book).

  9. The Call of the Wild by Jack London

    Q: Name the protagonist and what is his role in the story?
    A: The Protagonist in my book is a dog named Buck. Buck was a spoiled house dog that belonged to Judge Miller. Judge Miller was taking Buck on a walk with a rope as a leash. Buck had managed to get out of the make-shift leash and was kidnapped by two guys looking for big heavy dogs the use in a sled team. after months of training it looks like buck is on his way to become the leader of the team, but along the way he has gotten into some bad trouble with the other dogs and a pack of wolves.

  10. Around The World In 80 Days

    Question)Do you think the protagonist in a book can be the bad guy?

    Answer)No because it’s not usual but yes because some others like to change things up.

  11. Othello by Julius Lester
    Q: Name the protagonist, and explain why you think the author chose them and not a different character.

    A: The protagonist of my story is named Othello. When I first started to read this book the first character it talks about is Desdemona. Based apon the order of characters appearance I thought it was her, who was the protagonist (despite the title of the book). But since the story is told from Othello’s P.O.V., he makes the story about his experiences, thus making the story about hum, causing him to be the main character and also the stories protagonist.

  12. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
    Q: Name the protagonist and her relationship with her doll.
    A: Jane Eyre is the protagonist in this story. her relationship is very unique. Jane suspects that when she is happy the doll is also happy. The old raggy doll was the only possestion her loved while she was living wiht her mean aunt Mrs. Reed. Jane is very attacted to her she can’t sleep without the doll rapped up beside her in her nightgown. She takes great pride in caring and loving the small toy.

    • Autumn: I love your protagonist question. It’s one of the BEST submitted for this journal entry. In fact, I’m going to give you extra credit for a well-worded, well-thought-out question.

      • Thanks so much! I really took my time on this question and answer. I wanted a simple question that is easy to understand but when you start thinking about it the answer is actually very challenging and you really dig into the mind our the character. Also I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the extra credit.

    • AUTUMN!!(: your questions are amazing! They’re very well thought out and your answers really help explain some of the meanings in other journals as well.

  13. Question: Explain why Corrie Ten Boom, the protagonist in my book “The Hiding Place”, and her sister help the Jewish people get safe homes before the German’s came to take them. Do you think that the protagonist, Corrie Ten Boom sometimes thought about giving up and not helping the Jews because it was getting to hard to find homes for them?
    Answer: I think Corrie Ten Boom helped the Jews get to safety because some of her friends were Jews, and I feel that she was a kind woman who could not reject helping them find homes where they could be safe from the things that were happening. And yes, I think Corrie thought about giving up sometimes. She was putting herself into a lot of danger trying to hide them and keep them safe. She risked getting caught with keeping her radio, getting food stamps for over 1,000 Jews that she had helped, making a “hiding place” in her small home, and transporting the Jews to safe homes without loud-mouths telling on her or German officials catching her transporting them. She couldn’t trust anyone, so I definitely think that Corrie though about giving up with the incredible work she was doing.

  14. The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Davin Wyss.

    Question: Name the protagonist in the story and predict what he will do to help the characters that matter most to him.

    Answer: The protagonist in the book is the father. We don’t know his name yet, and might not ever know his name because he is the narrator. He will probably protect his family with his life and will look at the good in everything and teach his children to do the same.

  15. Q: Hypothesise why you think scrooge is such a grummpy old man.

    A: I think that he is such grummpy old man because he might have been nice but then maybe something happened that was bad like he has no family or they had pased away.

  16. Roots by Alex Haley
    What does Kunta Kinte want out of his life from the very begining? What happens to him that prevents him from doing what he wants out of life?

    Kunta Kinte wants to grow up and go on adventures with his father. He has always had a heart for exploring and building things. His heart led him to the wrong place at the wrong time though. At the age of 14 he had been captured by the white men and taken to a world unknown by his people. He didn’t know it, but he had just become a slave.

  17. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    Question)By page ten you know that Tom is a mischievous, dirty, lying kid who ditches school and goes swimming. Why do you think the author made him the protagonist? Look up what protagonist means and it will help.

    Answer)The author made him the pragonist because Tom is the main character. The author wanted to change things up a bit by making a naughty little boy the protagonist even though he could be the antagonist also.

  18. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Question: What is the name of your protagonist, and what has his role been so far in the story?

    Answer: My protagonists’ name is Sherlock Holmes, obviously. And so far in the book, Holmes seems to be interrogating some sort of person; something about wedlock (the state of being married) and a clumsy servant girl, and that’s all I particularly know so far.

  19. Q:Who is the protagonist in my book and describe him?
    A:The protagonist in my book is named Billy he is now mid-aged and lives in a town in Idaho he was raised in Oklahoma I beleive.As far as I know he lives by himself.One day he was walking down the street and saw these dogs in a fight so he saved the one dog that was being attacked and took him in and fed him. The next day he let him go and then he starts to te tell the story of when he was younger and about getting his dogs and raising them and that is where I am at right now.

    1. My novel is: Cannery Row by John Steinback.

    2. My question is: Every decision Mr. Chong has made so far has been pondered over by him, he doesn’t seem to just jump to conclusions about things. Do you think it is a good or bad thing that he spends so much of his time thinking? Explain.
    3. My answer is: I think it is a good thing because he is less likely to make a remarkable mistake if he thinks out what the outcome of each decision will be ahead of time.

  21. I’m reading EMMA by Jane Austen.

    Q: Name the protagonist and describe the characters who matter most to her in this novel.
    A: Emma Woodhouse is the protagonist. Her BFF is Miss Taylor, her former governess, who has now become Mrs. Weston, because she got married. The protagonist, Emma, also lives with her father, Mr. Woodhouse, but he’s old “without activity of mind or body” (meaning he wasn’t fun to hang out with), so Emma is bored. Her sister (I think her name is Isabella, but I’ve re-read it a couple of times and I can’t figure it out for sure) has gotten married and moved away. So Emma is feeling sort of crappy, sort of lonely.

    I’m not keeping up with my page count goal very well. I’m only on page 6. This book has a lot of hard words, so I’m a really good reader, but this is taking me a while.

    • Emma: First, it’s really weird to call you Emma, since that’s also the name of your book! 🙂

      Second, my students are keeping a log of vocabulary words that are unfamiliar to them. Every day they write down a word that’s not in their lexicon (brain vocab). They define it as well. You might want to talk to your teacher about doing something similar, so you won’t get so mixed up by the hard words in your book.

      • Thanks for the idea, but my teacher said she’ll give me credit for these journals, and really that’s enough. I’m a library aid this time of day. I just do my journal when we have extra time, and then I print them for Mrs. Nebula to see. I don’t think I’ll have extra time to do the vocabulary too. It’s just when the library is slow, I do this.

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