#2. Set a reading goal for yourself.

lesson plans for students all reading different books

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Yesterday in class, we talked about setting a reading goal. Including today, there are 34 days left in this quarter, approximately. You’ve got to finish your book BEFORE the end of this quarter. So set a goal for yourself. But don’t add it as a comment here. Go back to Friday’s journal, “What made you chose the book you’re reading?” Add your goal there instead. That way I can tell you’ve read my comment. I made a comment on everyone’s post for Friday. Did you read what I had to say? Set a goal like this:

I’m reading Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. It’s 200 pages long, so I’ll be reading at least 6 pages a day. Since we have to finish the book before the end of 3rd quarter though, maybe I’ll try to do 10 pages a day. That would be awesome.

If you’ve changed your mind about which book to read, then PLEASE ADD A COMMENT TO THIS POST. Remember, you’ve got until Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, to make up your mind. After that, your choice is set. You’ve got to follow through. There will be no more changing books.

BTW: If you DO change your mind about which book you’ve chosen, then you need to go back and re-do the first journal, explaining why you’ve chosen that book. That way, all of the journals you do will match the book you’ll be tested over at the end of 3rd quarter.


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  1. I’m reading “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe and the book is about /297 pages long so ill be reading about 8 pages a day to finish the book in about 34 days…..=]

  2. Call of The Wild by Jack London

    Opps i accidentally put this journal as part of #1
    I have to read 5 pages a day but ill read 10 pages so ill be ahead

  3. I’m reading Around The World In 80 Days and it has 205 pgs. and i have to read 5 pgs a day but i might end up reading for so that i can be ahead of schedule

  4. Cannery Row by John Steinbeck
    I thought I did this one but apparently I put it in the wrong spot or something.
    If I read 3-6 pages per day then I will finish in time so that is what I will do.

  5. Im reading Tarzan of the apes so since it has 276 pages ill try to read at least 15 a day but i hate reading books that look boring so i might forget and have to raed double the next day this sucks i wish it was a smaller book

  6. I am reading The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. My book is 493 pages long. To finish before the end of this school quarter I’m going to need to read 15-17 pages a day.

  7. Im reading Jane Eyre like autumn but im going to read 12 pages a night cause theres like 501 pages so if my caculations are right i shud be done by the end of this quater.

  8. I’m reading “The Hiding Place” By Corrie Ten Boom. It’s 241 pages long so I’ll be reading about eight pages per day.

      • Not at all. I’m kinda glad I picked this book. Earlier, I got my answer and it said 6 pages. I put sticky notes in my book for every 8 pages, and it didn’t come out good, so I just went down to 6!(:
        BTW: I posted this for journal #6!

  9. I am reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. So I can finish this book before the end of this quarter I am going to have to read 13 pages but I am going to read 15 because it is much easier to keep track of what page I am on and where my little sticky notes are going to be.

  10. I’m reading Roots by Alex Haley. there is 730 pages that i need to read. luckily though i had already started the book. I am On page 400 so that leaves 330 pages left to read. so i divided 330 divided by 34 and got 9.70588 etc. So i will have t read about 10 pages a day.

    • I’m reading Roots by Alex Haley.
      There is 730 pages that I need to read. Luckily though I had already started the book. I am On page 400 so that leaves 330 pages left to read. So I divided 330 divided by 34 and got 9.70588 etc. So I will have to read about 10 pages a day.

  11. It will be easier to finish if I get credit for this. Mrs. Sparhawk, would you email my teacher, Mrs. Nikula, and tell her she HAS TO let me do this blog for extra credit or something? That would be MADE OF AWESOME.

    Gawd. I wish my teacher did a blog for English. How cool is that?

    • Yes Emma, I can email your teacher. If you go to this link: [https://englishemporium.wordpress.com/about/] it will give you my home email. Don’t post your teacher’s real email here on wordpress. Instead, email me with her e-address and I’ll put in a good word for you.

      We’d love to have you join our class. We’ll be doing online journals about the classic novels we’re reading. Your input is welcome.

  12. Crap. I only get 34 days to finish reading this book? You’re kidding, right?

    Okay. It’s, like 400 pages long or something. I got out my little computer desktop calculator thingy and divided 400 by 34. It came out with 11.1111111111111111 etc. so I guess I need to read about 12 pages per day, maybe 13. Unlucky 13. Will I finish on time? M A Y B E

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