#1. What made you choose the book you’re reading?

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You’ve fumbled through a stack of books in the library and decided on a classic. Good for you. But why that book? What made you decide to choose it? Was there an image on the front cover that drew your eye? If so, what image? Did something on the back cover make you curious? What do you hope to discover as you read this book? What do you hope the plot contains? Hypothesize about what makes this book worth reading, what makes it good, what makes it a classic.

With your comment, tell which novel you’re reading. Give the author’s name too. You may also include a link to amazon.com, so blog readers can see its cover. Here’s an example of a comment for this post:

I’m reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I chose this book because I’ve heard a lot about it, but I’ve never seen the movie and I don’t really know how the story goes. I wanted to read something I wasn’t very familiar with, and this book fits the bill. The image on the front cover isn’t what tempted me, because the girl on the front looks sort of sad, and I hate sad books. But overall, I’m hoping it will contain a little romance and an unpredictable ending, even if it does turn out to be sad. I’m sure it’s a classic because it’s written by Hawthorne. I’ve read his novel, The House of Seven Gables, and it was a classic; but since I haven’t even started this book yet, I don’t have the foggiest idea why it’s a classic, other than the author connection.

Here’s the link to my book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Scarlet-Letter-Nathaniel-Hawthorne/dp/B000J1B4EQ/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296190726&sr=1-9


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  1. I chose Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. The librarian said its almost like surviver the tv show. Where they are out in the wilderness without food and water. They would have to find all of their supplies. And I thought it sounded realy cool. The cover had a golden leaf on it which i think was different looking.

  2. I chose Tarzan of the apes because Tarzan the cartoon is awsome and i like gorillas also living in the wild with these awsome animals would be awsome also the rest of the books sucked.

    • well its not that they suck i miswored it its just the titles didn’t seem so fasinating and i just didn’t get interested in the book and ive only read four books when i didnt have to and so ive always done other things than read like draw.

    • Contrary to your misconceptions, A.J., books do not suck. If it weren’t for books—and the fantasyland into which they placed me—I never would’ve survived my pathetic, impoverished, and neglected childhood.

      For me, childhood sucked. Books were my salvation.

  3. I chose the book “The Call of The Wild” because I like sled dog books and becuase they often have alot of action. I have to read 5 pages a day but ill read about 10 or more pages a day so ill be ahead.

  4. I chose the book The Red Pony. I chose this book because it looked interesting to me. Also because it wasn’t a huge book with gigantic words I don’t understand!

  5. I am reading around the world in 80 days and it is 205 pages long and i have to read 5 pages a day but i might end up reading 10 a day to be ahead of schedual

  6. I chose the book THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND by Jules Verne because I have read 20,000 LEAGES UNDER THE SEA by the same author. I enjoyed the latter and decided to read the first one.

  7. I am reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. I chose this book because I always enjoy the television shows based upon the books, and they are interesting and filled with suspense. I thought that if I enjoyed the shows as much as I did, then perhaps I would like the books as well.

  8. i chose a christmas carol because i liked the movie i thought it was cute so i thought that the book would be a good book to read.

  9. Im reading Island Of The Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell.I chose this book because the title sounded good and the book is short.I didn’t really know what it was about but it sounded interesting.

  10. I choose the book “The Hiding Place” because my mother, grandmother, and greatgrandmother have all read the book and said it was amazing. The authors of this book were John Sherrill and Elizabeth Sherrill. They both knew Corrie ten Boom, and they decided to write a book about her life in the Holocaust. The book is based on a true story, with Corrie ten Boom actually living the horrible life described in the book. She’s in her mid twenties and helps jews escape the Natzis. She is finally caught and sent to a concentration camp. The book goes on to tell how he sister is raped and killed, he father killed by a gas chamber. Before he family dies, she commits crimes in the concenration camp like praying, and holding bible studies in her room. This book really shows how god is watching you. On way is that when she was holding the bible studies, the gaurds were going to go into her room, but the fleas that had infested their room ad stopped the gaurds from catching them. A girl that was staying with them was sick, and Corrie had only a few drops of medicine left and every morning, Corrie woke up to a few more drops in her bottle every time. One more thing. When she was going into the camp, she had a bible hidden in her bag. When they scanned her bag, something made it invisblke to the screens that checked their bag… pretty amazing huh. This is all true, and she wrote more books like “A Tramp for the Lord”, and other great books.
    Here’s the link to my book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hiding-Place-John-Sherrill/dp/0800794052/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1296242391&sr=8-1

  11. I chose this book because it tells in a very descriptive way what really happened when there were slaves. it is very sad about what events that were described in the book.

    this is why i chose this book. My book is also called Roots.

  12. i chose Around the world in 80 days because i wanted to see if there was an asian guy in the book and i thought it would be fun to read and stuff.

  13. I am reading The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss. I chose this book because I had seen the movie a long time ago but I don’t remember it and the book is always better than the movie. Another reason that I chose this book is because they build a giant tree house and are self sufficient on an island. Books where the characters have to survive have always interested me. The illustration on the cover is interesting but it was not what made me choose the book.

    Here’s a link to my book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Classic-Starts-Swiss-Family-Robinson/dp/1402736940/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296242441&sr=1-3

  14. Othello by Julius Lester
    I chose this book because I don’t like really big books, and this book is REALLY short, only 150 pages! 🙂 I was also recommened this book by our librarian which also drew me closer to choosing this book.

      • Yes. I believe you have told me that before. Actually I think it wasn’t five minutes after I checked it out that you told me 🙂

        I’m reading Othello by Julius Lester. It’s 151 pages long so, i’ll be reading at least 5-6 pages a day. Since we have to finish our books by the end of 3rd quarter, maybe I’ll try to read 10-12 pages a day. That would be epic!

  15. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
    I chose this book because I enjoy reading and when I read the back of the book and it sounded very interesting and I thought I would enjoy it.

    • When you see the movie, be sure to rent the one that stars Toby Stephens and Lorraine Ashbourne. It’s the BEST. The one with William Hurt STUNK. In real life, Toby Stephens’ mom plays Prof. MacGonnigal (SP?) in the Harry Potter movies. She’s so awesome!

      • Thanks for the tip when I am done reding this I am going to have to see the movie!

  16. Well im reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen. I chose this book because one day i walked into the library and Our wonderful librarian Mrs. Vancicle gave me her oponion about which classic i should read. She gave me three books that she thought were magnificent and i asked you which one i should read and you chose Pride and Prejudice. Also im really into sad love stories for some reason and i heard that its one. The cover didnt really catch my eye so i cant say that. Its hard to understand because they dont talk like us but im following the story line pretty well.

    • There are two really good versions of this movie. One stars Colin Firth. The other stars Kiera Knightly. I own the one with Kiera Knightly and Mrs. Silvester is a big–BIG–fan of Colin Firth. But my all-time favorite version is a wicked, rude, and not-appropriate-for-school version called “Lost in Austen” and it stars Jemima Rooper. I. Love. That. Movie!

      • ha ha… i will have to ask Mrs. Silvester to clue me on these movies. I remember you telling me about that and i will have to watch it AFTER i finish this book. i hate spoiling the ending! ruins the whole thing(: But thanks for the tips!(:

  17. I am reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. I only chose it because my fourth grade teacher loved that book. And it was kinda short compared to some other books. It seems good, and I’ve read 2 or 3 pages a few weeks ago… and it seems pleasing. I hope this is good.

      • Really? Sweet… At least I know I can read at highschool level. My goal is to read at least 7 pages a day of “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, but I’m probably going to read 10-15 pages a day because the book is better than I thought.

  18. I chose “Where the Red Fern Grows” written by Wilson Rawls. I chose this book because I have never read it and people have told me that it is a great book. It has great voice because the poeple I have talked to about it says that it has made them cry. My parents told me they have read it and they are old so it should be a classic by now. I can not wait to read this book because I want to see if I will cry or not I am curious.

    • I did my caculations, as Mrs. Sparhawk has told me, and came up with a number that rounded up to seven. Seven pages a day isnt bad. I think i will read about twenty pages or so (a chapter) a night. This will back me up if one of those nights i forget to read, i will not be behind.☻This is my strategie for this boring, but suspenseful classic.i am reading The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton. This story has a romantic twist in it, begging me to read more, too bad the word are so long and boring and make me udder the despare and put the novel down. This concludes my journal for today, hoping it made up for the one on friday, that was not to desciptive, or even answering the journals question at that. My slacking in this calss is KILIING ME SLOWLY!!!! For now i will get off of this site and read my romanticly, boring, non-understandable, lovely book, PEECE OUT CRAIG!!

    • I would like to change the words in this journal wehter it will count as credit or not. I am reading The Age of Innocence, by EdiTh Wharton. I chose this book because the picture on the front of the novel. It had a romantic setting in the background, pulling me in for more. As i have opened this book up and started reading, the picture has not yet deceived me. This story is the kind of story i wanna read:). I made sure when i went to go check it out, that it was a romance story. The book i chose was chosen because of my likes in genre. End of journal… PEECE OUT CRAIG!!!

  19. Cannery Row by John Steinbeck
    It was shorter than all the rest of the books, and from what I read on the book it sounded like the book would be funny.

      • Your are correct. In the first 13 pages two people have already killed themselves so it definitely isn’t funny at all. Unless you find death funny than this book would be absolutely humorous to you.

    • I’m reading Cannery Row by John Steinbeck and if I read 3-5
      pages a day than I can finish my book by the end of the quarter.

  20. i chose the classic that i did cause Mrs. Sparhawk suggested that it would be a good book for me considering what she thinks i like because of my appearance

    • Your appearance? If I’d suggested this title based on your appearance, I would’ve suggested The Secret Garden or perhaps Alice in Wonderland. But no, I recommended Jane Eyre.

      Why? In all of our library, there are probably two classic novels that I consider my top picks. The best I’ve ever read. Those are Shakespeare’s Othello and Jane Eyre.

      Those two tales are about the deepest, most profound love. Not just beauty. Not just grace. They’re about the epitome of ultimate love and human dignity. I only hope you find such happiness yourself one day.

  21. I chose Tom Sawyer because I think me and him are alike. We both get into mischief, we love to be annoying and talkative:) I have just been told that Tom Sawyer is a great book and I would like it. So i checked it out and we shall see if its good!!

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