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Yippee! It’s Friday! And you’ve read to page 290. We’re almost DONE reading The Hobbit. So let’s reflect on genre.

Look back at the journal entries that you and your classmates submitted for Hobbit Topic #9. Also, return to the link to wikipedia’s fantasy page. Read through it as well. Now that you’ve read The Hobbit, a book written by the acclaimed “Father of Modern Fantasy”, what’s your revised definition of fantasy? How do you think Tolkien’s life experiences helped to shape the concept of modern fantasy? What elements of Tolkien’s fantasy world–Middle Earth–effect modern video games, the movie industry, and pop culture in general?


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  1. Fastasy hasn’t really changed to me. It’s still the same, boring topic that has creatures and settings that don’t exist. J.R.R. Tolkien’s life took part in the book by him making up facinating creatures that changed the way people would look at fantasy. “The Hobbit” has talken a role in todays popular video games and movies by making the creatures come to life on the screeen, giving the producers a visual of how they probably looked.

  2. To me, the genre “fantasy” still bores me, and yet entertains me in a way. Fantasy is kinda self-explainitory… it is just made-up and unreal. The mythical characters may have magical powers. Or a ring that makes themsleves invisible. But I agree with Matthew and Autumn, Tolkien’s passed/life probably gave him ideas to make his books. And now, he inspired or created new ideas for other people. Like new films, books, plays or video games.

  3. My revised definition of fantasy would be:
    an unrealistic, fun, and enjoyable genre set to a story with silly characters, plots, and settings.

    I think Tolkien helped make fantasy what it is today. This is because The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings had such an important role in the world, and they were very popular. The creatures that he made up are now constantly used in many other books, video games, ect.

  4. My revised definition of Fantasy is something that is make believe that people make up to make great stories with fictional characters.

    I think that Tolkien’s life experiences could have helped him because like Matthew said he could have had somethings really happen to him that he decides to make them happen in a very different way that could be similar or very different from the actual event that took place in Tolkien’s life.

    I think that it effected modern video games,the movie industries, and pop-culture in general because his characters all though you never saw a picture of them you could tell what they looked like bye the description and that is very easy to put into video games and movies and people will love them because they are very detailed and I think they are cute.

  5. I think Fantasy is far from any other description of a genre. Fantasty has creatures and happenings that arent exactly possible in the real world. I think the author has taken some of his life stories and changed and tweeked with them to make them fit in the fantasy genre.Im sure if he didnt tweek with them then he would still have a great book but it wouldnt fit under the genre he was trying to fit it under. This has affected the modern world because this book has so many different mystical creatures and such that is has inspired other makers to wanna make them in different dimmensions. Many people have remade the hobbits creatures into movies and video games to make additional money.

  6. Fantasy is a genre that uses magic and supernatural phenomena to spice up the plot, setting, or theme in a book. Usually words in the genre are taken place in magical worlds where magic is often found. Fantasy does not state logical things within the text. Fantasy is dominated by its medievalest form and J.R.R. Tolkien is a big part of this. Fantasy can also come from myths and legends.

  7. Fantasy is a genre that uses magic and supernatural powers and creatures. The setting of fantasy is usually in the Middle Ages time period. Fantasy will most always have an adventure and (or) have a heroic being to solve the problem. Fantasy is said to be either completely made up or have some truth to them. I do not feel that an author can completely make up a story. The story will always reflect the author’s sensory experiences in his/her life. It is the same with great authors, such as J.R.R. Tolkien, his writing has reflected his own sensory experiences. For example, Tolkien went on a summer vacation to Switzerland, and their party of 12 hiked through a mountain range. The Hobbit is reflecting Tolkien’s life experience because there was 12 dwarves and they traveled through the Misty Mountains.

    Tolkien was the “Father of Fantasy” because his work spread and was liked so much by the world that a major part of today’s entertainment reflects Tolkien’s work. In a lot of video games and movies there are trolls, dwarves, elves, and goblins, two of these are the World of Worcraft video game and the Harry Potter books and movies.

  8. My definition of fantasy is a genre that is based upon magical beings and characters that takes the reader into a place where nothing has to be proven correct it just is the way it is.
    I agree with how both Matthew student 3 and Autumn student 21 say that he takes personal experiences and combining them with his brilliant imagination to create a character or setting.
    How he affcted modern video games, the movie industry, and pop culture in general are by creating such an uncommon and very interesting cast of characters and animals such as goblins dwarves and dragons and getting people to take more interest in them. In turn This developed into such a popular topic that all sorts of industries started making fantasy related products. Especially in your modern video games movie industries and pop culture.

  9. my revised definition is a genre that uses things like magic or other supernatural things like ghosts or thing like that

    i think that it could have changed it so that there are a lot of made up things so itexpanded the varity

    well they will have more creation to what they put in games so that the kids that play them will be more entertained and have more fun with the game

  10. My revised definition for fantasy is, an imaginative work especially dealing with supernatural or unnatural events or characters that aren’t real. It has a plot, theme, and setting with unnatural elements.

    He had a great imagination which helped him take insane things that happened in his life and he twisted and recreated them with his imagination. He was also good at making up things like the language for the elves. He used these to create the modern genre for fantasy.

    They took what he had created and made similar ideas to that and it made them think of more and more stuff that ideas originally came from JRR. Tolkien. This is why these are so popular.

  11. My revised definition of fantasy is that it is a genre that has mythical things in it as the plot/theme.
    I think that he has taking certain expirences in his life and making them into mythical happenings. I also think that he has made up some things also.
    Tolkiens middle earth effected modern video games, the movie industries, and pop culture in general because of his great imagingation that he has which made great ideas of mythical things and the people thought they were great ideas so they used them in there video games and things to make them popular so people will buy them.

  12. My definition of the genre fantasy is that magic and supernatural aspect as an element of plot, setting, and theme. Also some traits of the fantasy genre were inspirated by mythology and folklore.
    I think J.R.R. Tolkiens helped him shape the concept of modern fantasy by taking strange things in his life and changing them to make a great element for a story. Also i think that he helped shape the modern fanasty genre by using a lot of mythology and folklore to make fantastic plots, themes, and characters.
    The elements of Tolkien’s fantasy world–Middle Earth–effect modern video games, the movie industry, and pop culture in general because most people want was in popular at that time and the video game creators and movie industries used this to their advantage to make a profit on the best selling items. Also book writers use some of the concepts of J.R.R. Tolkiens events to make which may make it popular and a best seller.

  13. My revised definition of the genre fantasy is: Fantasy is a genre given to book that have made-up ideas, plots, and/or characters. Fantasy is a genre known worldwide, and is very popular with today’s teens.

    I think Tolkien’s life experiences helped him shape the concept on modern fantasy by, talking something that happened to him then twisting in a weird way, and making it sound like complete non-sense. For example he could have had something like a teacher giving him a bad grade and making him flunk the class, then turn that into a dragon cutting off his arms. 😉 He would’ve changed the evil teacher into a dangerous dragon.

    The elements of Tolkien’s fantasy world – Middle Earth – effected modern video games, the movie industries, and pop culture in general because, the characters, settings, and powers that he created were very unusual, which made them very popular and interesting to many people. Video game creators, the movie industries, and other people who used Tolkien’s world thought that if the create something out of what is currently really popular more people will want to come see it, and/or buy it, and making those companies a lot of money.

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