Hobbit Topic #24

teacher lesson the hobbit drawings student pictures of characters

Image: iClipart

If you’re ready for Hobbit Topic #24, then you’ve read to page 250. When you come to class today, your teacher will hand you a piece of computer paper. On this page, draw a character from The Hobbit. (Perhaps your teacher will assign you a specific character.) Here are your artistic requirements for this journal entry:

  • Locate a description of that character in the book and pay close attention to how he/she/it is described.
  • Fill the entire page with your drawing. Don’t make the image too small, please.
  • If time allows, color your character, using colored pencils.
  • Label your character with a heading or title, using bubble letters that are easy to see from afar.

At the end of class, you will be asked to present your character, so if you have extra time, look through the pages of The Hobbit until you find action involving that character. Jot down a few things that are important to remember about your character.

For teachers: I’m attaching the assignment sheet that I used. You can just type over my students’ names and replace them with your own. I cut out each assignment and handed it to the students in class. Here’s the link to download this document: Character Art Assignments for The Hobbit

Students, you’re welcome to add comments regarding your opinion of this journal assignment, but they will not be counted as extra credit.


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  1. Esther, I’m doing Fili and Kili for my picture but in the book I can’t find a description about their faces beside their beard color. Can you help me?

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