Hobbit Topic #23

lesson plans for teachers dwarves in the hobbit

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If you’re on page 240, then you know the dwarves and Mr. Baggins are now wandering around a place that Thorin Oakenshield once called home. It has been deserted for a very long time. Think about how that must feel for Thorin, to see his old home in ruins, the corridors dank and dusty, the halls quiet…

Now imagine visiting your own home town under similar circumstances. What if your entire town was abandoned and became a ghost town? What would it look like? How would it feel to walk down Main Street? What would you see? Write a paragraph describing your town, your own home, and your school after a terrible event has driven the people away. Use some creativity to imagine what would’ve driven everyone away. Please read the warning before you begin:


When you do this assignment, be VERY CAREFUL not to mention the real name of your town, the name of your school, your friends’ names, your family members’ names, etc…


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  1. As I was walking threw main street all I saw was torn down houses and broke down buildings I walked by my old house I saw it and it was still standing but broken I went in looked around and nothing was there could stand being there I had to leave I left the old dump and walked down the street and walked threw the park it’s nothing but burnt grass and ashes I saw a familier building and I kept walking as I crossed the street I saw my old school I got closer and it was shut down the windows was shut and I walked in the was light still just a little the lights were flickering I walked in suddenly I felt a presants apon me hevey strong presants suddenly i knew I wasn’t alone

  2. I woke up that one, terrible night that I could never forget. I jumped out of my warm bed and into the cold air. As I ran upstairs, a large explosion shook the ground beneath my feet. I fell to the ground, stumbling on the rought carpet stairs as I gained my balance. I flew down the hall to my parents room. I had no idea what was happening, or why. The dark geen curtains in the living room covering the huge windows were closed. They were never closed. I burst into their room, only to see the sheets to the bed sprawled around the room. “Where could they be?” I asked my self as I searched the dark, shaking house. It sounded like World War 111 Was happening, and I couldn’t breathe. Smoke was in the air of the house, and my eyes were tearing up. I searched the kitchen. Nothing. Living Room. Nothing. I peeked out the corner of the darkened windows to see black everywhere. People down my street were screaming, lawns and houses burning, people loosing their homes. I wondered how this could have happened; the fire, the disaster, the sadness. I screamed as I searched the vbasement. Nothing. Where could my parents be? The baby’s room! I flew up the stairs and into the second bedroom upstairs. In the far corner, my parents and sister were huddled up in a little ball. They looked at me with scared expressions, not saying anything to me. “What happened?!” I asked franticly? Where did all of this come from. My parents said nothing, staring at the ground in silence. “Answer me!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!” My mother’s eyes grew wide as she looked behind me. My sister screamed, tears streaming down her face. My father jumped up, raced behind me, and I turned around. And then I saw. People had invaded our house, the world. In green radiation suits and huge masks, they crowded into the room, grabbing my mother and sister. My father tried to fight them off but they seized him. Their masks glowed, with no faces to be seen. I cried out for help but it was useless. They were armed with tazer guns and knives, ready to kill any prisoner that stood in their way. They took my sister and left the room. We screamed at the top of our lungs to bring her back, but they had no intention of listening to us. Father jumped up to grap her, but they wouldn’t let him move. He wrestled them, trying to break free, but it was no good. And then, the sound that I thought I would never hear. One of the “things” had stabbed my dad. He let out a piercing cry, hunching over in pain. Dark, red blood started oozing out of the wound in his lower abdomen. They threw him to the side, capturing my mother and me, dragging us down the hall. The smoke got to me, making me cough up black ashes, and my mom wasn’t looking to well. I grabbed her hand and we latched onto eachother. They took us outside and threw us into a black van outside our pale house. They tied or feet and hands with rope, covering our mouths with duck tape. We cried together as they got into the front of the van. Who were these people? Where did thay come from? Could they talk, and if so, our language? I was terrified, not knowing that this would ever be happening to me. I was scared for my sister, not knowing where she was, or what had happened to her. My father, now dead, was still in the house. We sat in the corner of the moving van for about 15 minutes. All of the sudden the van stopped. They threw open the doors and grabbed my mother by the feet. She thrusted onto her belly, grabbing my hands trying not to be taken. I heard her muffled scream, and it killed me. They then took her out of the van and shut the doors. It was quiet now, and I guessed that we were out of the city. I crawled back to the corner of the pitch-black van, desperate to get loose. I tried to find something in the van, searching for anything that could cut the rope. I leaned on my elbows, investigating the floor of the vehicle. I found a red, rusty tool box in the right corner. I flipped it open, and searched the contents. I had found nails, more duck tape, a screw dricer, and safety goggles. Nothing. I then lifted the box with what energy I had left, and boom. A small pocket knife wa sitting under it, and I grabed it. I then went back to the corner and tried cutting myself loose with my hands together. I sat quietly, my cries muffled by the now damp and sticky duck tape. I sat looking at the side, trying to cut myself loose when all of the sudden I heard a gun shot. They had just killed my mother. I sat, frozen. My parents had just been killed, and I had no idea where me baby sister was. My heart dropped and I started to give up. What else could I loose? My life wasn’t important now that I had lost everyone I loved. I wondered abouy my grandma and grandmpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, my family. The van rocked back and forth, and they into the van. We went on forever. It seemed like days before we stopped. And I really didn’t care any more. THe van stopped abruptly, and a jolted forward. The engine stopped and I didn’t move. They got out and I could hear the foot steps coming closer. The doors opened and they grabbed me. I didn’t squirm or try to get loose. Life didn’t matter to me anymore. They then blind folded me and threy me on the cold, h ard ground. I wanted them to take my life, anything to see my family again. The noise stopped and I heard nothing. No birds chirping, no trees rustling in the gentle wind, no laughter or happiness. Just dead silence. I layed there, waiting to be killed. I heard them walk up to me. One of them rolled me over onto my stomach, and grabbed my hands. I thought it had seen the notches in the rope from me trying to get loose earlier, and it stopped. I thought he would definetly kill me now, and I heard the click of a pocket knife. He roughly grabbed my hands and cut the rope loose, and did the same with my feet. I layed there and then heard them walk away. I couldn’t believe it. They didn’t kill me. I heard the “things” get into the van and start the engine. They closed the doors and sped off, making the tire squeal. I didn’t wanna move, thinking one of them had stayed behind, with them only going a little ways. I layed in the cold, and I could smell the charred grass beneath me. I waited for about 2 hours or so, making sure it wasn’t a trap. Finally, I sat up, taking the blind fold off of my head. I blikned twice, and my mouth dropped. I was sitting in the middle of my town, the streets bare. The shop windows were broken , and the sides of the houses were black. I burst into tears, not knowing what had caused this horrible thing. I ran down the dirty street, screaming for help. I kept running till my sides hurt, and I dropped to my knees. I realized, that my town had been killed, and I was the only one left on this broken world…

  3. As I slowly walk down Maine Street tears fill my eyes ready to spill over. All i can see for miles infront of me is smoky air and debris on the roads with cars crashed along side the road. Completly silent…no birds chirpping,noo dogs barking,no giggling little girls, or no snotty teenagers. This must be the end of the world i thought to myself since there is no one else around to tell. How could i be the only one left???why me???i kept thinking. then suddenly i screamed with all my might “WHY ME?!?!I SHOULDVE BEEN DEAD WITH THE REST OF THEM!!!” now the tears were streaming down my face like a rushing river…i knew this day would come but why did i have to be the only one left??why did i have to see my hometown become a gohst town and know that everyone i know is dead and gone to the passing life…they all got to go to a better place. what did i do that was soo wrong that i shud have to suffer like this???this is the worst punishment a person could ever have…now all i can do is take my life soo i dont have to witness anymore than i already have…

    • it sounded alot like the rapture and when the time comes god will bring all the people who belive in him and those who dont will stay it will be like people just dissapearing from what i think ven i dont know the whole thing but all i know is that hes coming soon and we need to prepare for when it does.

  4. I was walking on main street looking at my deserted town.Some of the buildings half destroyed,the school was crumbled on the groud,the air smelt like smoke. I walked past my house I use to live in, you could barely reconize it. The grass was burnt and ashes everywhere.I can remember that day very clearly when that big fire came and destroyed my town. Everyone had to jump in their cars and drive away and leave everything behind. The fire was spreading quickly and most people made it out but some didn’t.It was horrible.

  5. After performing multiple concerts in Europe, I decided to leave my musician job behind for a week to visit my hometown… I took my jet to the local airport. I was the only one flying the Lear Jet 45… I know it was a bad idea to go without my co-pilot but I decide I had enough skill to fly by myself. I was about 6 miles from the airport and descending to 2,000 feet. I tried to contact the tower but I got no response. I decided to land anyways. It was a bumpy landing, because the runway was all worn-away and cracked. I realized that most of the hangers and the tower was destroyed. I found some old prop. planes parked, but it was all rusty and falling apart. I parked my jet at the nearest gate and I found a fuel station. I filled up the jet for 10 minutes then stopped. I took my bicycle(which was in my jet) out and I took off into the town while my plane’s engine could cool down. I started observing the buildings and most of them seemed war-torn and destroyed. I was curious and wondered what happened. I rode my bicycle down to my old house where I lived when I was a boy… It was completly destroyed. Tears came to my eyes… I searched for remains but couldn’t find anything. So I left and went back to the city-center. All of the buildings were empty and some cars were tipped-over. I couldn’t see any bodies and the whole city seemed like it was a battlefield. I walked to the gas station because I popped my front bike tire because of the rubble on the streets. I noticed there was a newspaper on the ground. I picked it up and read it. August 24th, 2023, a North Korean nuke was accidently fired. The U.S. used it’s new laser-beam technology to blow it out of the sky… But it was already too late. The large nuke warhead was about 3,000 above sea level, and it exploded. It completly destoyed the entire town, and the surronding cities. Today is September 28th, 2023. I think most of the radiation is gone… And since I was in Europe for over a month, I didn’t pay attention to the news and didn’t have time to talk to my friends or family. And I just wanted to leave the town. So I left my bike behind and ran back to the airport. It took be about 20 minutes on foot, and I did the saftey checks and left the airport. I was never returning to that town again…

  6. As I trod down Broadway St. in my tiny area that we call a “town”, I suddenly see a great flash of orange, yellow, and a frightening red fire inside the bank as I turned down Maine. I ran over toward it, and I could tell already that there was nothing to be done. I looked up into the clear, yet cloudy sky, and I notice that it’s gently and slowly turning a dispicable gray. I see more fires, suddenly bursting with a horrifying glow, all around me, in all of the buildings, no cars in sight. I’m deeply afraid, no; even more so as I see millions and millions of tiny blue creatures surrounding me in a haze of what looks like an ocean. I scream; their squeaky little laughs bring me into unconciousness.
    As I wake up, I’m in a deserted, gray, burnt town. Nobody in sight, nobody to comfort me, nobody to be saved.

    Just me.

  7. If I came home to visit and I found my town, my house, and my school were destroyed, and all the people had deserted this place. This is how I would feel and this is what I would see.
    As I was walking down Maine Street, there was not a soul in sight or any noise just complete silence. Newspapers flying across the ground from the warm summer breeze. Every building I passed by was dark and windows were shattered. My heart sank as i found my way home through the rubble and fallen trees. I had never felt so alone. I walked through my kitchen that had once been filled with life and happiness. Now it was dark and cold. Tears ran down my cheeks as I stepped over the fallen ceiling. I moved through the house quickly glancing at every room for a sign of life. I walked out the back door and found a part of newspaper announcing a tornando warning. Everthing was now making sense to me…

  8. When my mother had called me from Scarlet I hopped on the first flight over from Pakistan. I knew I had to get over there as soon as I could for this could be the last time I would ever see Scarlet they was it should be. By the time I had landed in Scarlet everything was destroyed by the nuclear bomb that had hit. North Korea had sent one over and it hit the Isaland of Scarlet which is were I was born and raised. As I stpped off of the plane which was the last plane that would ever land in Scarlet all though I wasn’t aware of this at the time. I saw my entire family waiting for my arrival my whole town had been destroyed nothing but ash, smoke, and rubble. I was devastated I walked over and hugged my entire family and we all broke down crying. After we had got done crying we decided to go back to our house luckily ours was one of the few that had not been takin out in the bomb and there were many of the town neighbors staying with us because we did not know what we could do. As we walked because all of the cars had been destroyed we walked passed Pagosa Springs road andI stared at were my old highschool had once stood but now was all rubble. It stunned me to see that were I lived and went to schhol was gone nothing but great memories and great friends and knowing that nothing would ever be the same again at that moment I wanted to go away forever leave Scarlet and go back to Pakistan were I was doing a project and enjoying life. As I walked into my home there were people sitting on my couch and in my room everyone of them was crying they were all devasted and did not know what to do even though the bomb had hit two days prier. The military could not reach Scarlet becauyse they were afraid that if they would fly North Korea would track there planes and trake them down. I walked into my kitchen and sitting there was my best friend Angela I walked over to her giving her a huge hug and then we both started crying some more. After this we all got together in my room and decide we should start cleaning and rebuilding the town. For the next eight years of my life we were building and cleaning and building and cleaning and finally the town was as close to being the same as it ever will and it still is nothing alike. I enden up not ever going back to pakistan but I wrote letters with my friends over there. And lifve was never the same.

  9. Walking down Main Street it looked like a bomb went off in the town you can see the broken stoplights on the ground, broken glass out of windows at resaurants, cars in the streets, doors open looking like there were people trying to get out. When I saw what had happened there I need to see the house I lived in, when I walked up to the porch steps the brick was crumbled, glass windows gone. The door was gone also and so I went to my room nothing was there but mealted shoes, broken lamps all the plastic was melted then cooled so it looked like a wax candel after burning for a long time. To sad to go in any further I went down staires and the TV was gone the chaires dust it was horifing to see my house like that.

  10. I stepped out of the car and couldn’t believe what I saw. My hometown was silent and abandoned. I started to walk down Main Street looking at the places I visited as a little boy, my favorite restaurant, the old football field, and then I came upon the remains of the middle school. I stepped through the double doors and walked into the gymnasium. I stood in the middle of the basketball court and in my mind could imagine the sounds of the croud cheering for our team. I stayed for a long time thinking about all of the things I did in that school. Until I looked at my watch and relized that it was about to get dark outside. I needed to get somewhere safe. I tried to think of somewhere that would be safe… My house??? No. Somewhere in town??? No. I needed to be somewhere where I knew very well that was in the countryside… The golf course! I visited it like my entire life as a teenager. I stepped out of the car and into the clubhouse. And I had been in a place I thought I would be completely hidden at but I was so wrong. Through the window came a golf ball. I picked it up and where normally the logo or brand name would have normally been printed the ball read, GAMEOVER.

  11. I as entered to my old town, I saw nothing but pieces of buildings and everything we has everywhere. This was not the same town I grew up in. A couple years ago I got a call from an old high school friend. He was telling me about what was happening, but the phone went dead. I tried to call some of the others but no answer from anyone who still lived there. I always wanted to know what happened but there was no news about it. One day I decided that I would go and see what happened myself would travel there to see what had happened. When I arrived I was completly devistated. There was nothing. I got out of the car to walk around and see if anyone was still around. Noone was. The town was in ashes, so I knew something terrible happened. I looked around some more in a different part of town and I saw that the remains looked like something a neucler bomb could do. It turns out it was, there was sign saying that a Neucler War was beginning to develop. At this point I was sad. I would never see anyone that lived here ever again. I decided to see if my old house was there. A big dark brown colored house that used to be mine, was no longer there. It was destroyed. I couldn’t take another minute of seeing this town like this, I had to go. As I was leaving I drove down the dirty black ash filled road one more time, a time that was surely my last. It was heartbreaking to see my town like that, but just like everything else in life, you just have to move on. Not always forget it though, Frankville will always be a part of me, no matter what.

  12. As i walked down Main Street of my old abanded town tears came to my eyes. All i could hear was my heart beating. All that was there was now gone. Nothing but ashes and brick. I walked to where the school used to be and all that was left fo it was the stairs of the entrance i walked up the stairs and found a note and on it, it said in big capital letters HELP!!! I wish that i was there to try and help them. I walked to my house next and all that was there was my baby brothers blanket and that was all the terrorists left for me.

  13. Some where off in the capital there was a group of scientists experimenting on the concept of time. They tried it on monkeys and they aged faster. They just wanted to try it on a large scale so they chose my little hometown. They thought it would only age the inhabitants by a few seconds, but there calculations were wrong. The Town, and its people aged a few centuries in the blink of an eye. Luckily I was on a vacation and was not there for the complication. When I got back everything was gone. The town was a wasteland. The bricks were crumbling, street lights were fallen over, and everything deserted. The school wasn’t much different. The bricks were bleached from the sun, the gym floors rotten, and the classrooms were empty and desolate. When I got home my house was in ruins. The windows in the front were all shattered, the beautiful pine beams rotting and colorless, the rock wall covered in vines and spiders. Then the government quarantined the area and escorted me out never to see it again.

  14. My town is now abandoned and no one walks or talks anymore. I used to remember the old gas station where my chocolate needs were ended. Now that store is nothing, just old walls of bricks and a roof that has fallen in. then there is main street. It was like being in a desert that just kept going on and on. All i see is dust, sidewalk, and buildings without their foundations.My town is now abandoned because of the earthquake that left no one to want to stay, except me.

  15. -January 1st. 2012-
    The end of the world has come.Noone walks on the grounds of my hometown anymore. The worldly civilization has been wiped out with only me left to survive.
    My hometown and its surroundings have been destroyed in the midst of my eyes.There aren’t anymore kids on the swingsets at the elementary, not anymore teachers yelling at kids to get on the right bus, and there aren’t anymore of my peers pacing slowly down the halls of the middle school.
    The roads are filled with debris. There are dead animals on the side of the roads as if the semi trucks had their rally down main street and had ran over all of the animals. My heart is pounding with a million thoughts of what this town and my house used to look like. It was a tragedy not being able to see my siblings gatering for a new year in this town, but nothing i could do now would save any of this, for now i am going to lay on the street of the hospital i was born in, and return to my family

  16. It was a stormy night on January 7th of 2011. You see scientist have been trying to find a cure for cancer for years. Well on this night they thought they had done it… they were terribly wrong. Just outside of our town was their lab. We were told nothing about it so we had no idea what was about to happen. They used the medicine on human with cancer for the first time. This medicine drove that person mad and eventually broke out of the facility looking for blood… he went to to a house and feasted on the people in there. They then turned into these Zombie people and slowly took over the town. The government came in and dropped bombs to destroy these monsters. I am one out of 13 people that survived. I am almost back to my home town and so far… there is nothing but blackness over all of the once green beautiful land. As I am walking down main street I kinda want to cry… there is nothing here. Where the game room used to be nothing… where the old barber shop used to be nothing… Where our school used to be(which I don’t care much about:). It is horrible to see this town again… I am going to leave and never return again!

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