Hobbit Topic #17

lesson plans for hunger games by suzanne collins

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Page 190? Whew! Look for a place called “Long Lake” on the far right-hand side of the map, at the front of the book. Based only on the picture drawn on the map, write a paragraph describing what you think Long Lake might look like when Bilbo arrives there. Who or what might he encounter there?

Don’t cheat! Don’t look ahead in the book. Just give it your best guess.

This assignment is designed to help you predict what is yet to come in your book.


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  1. i think that the long lake is going to be very dark.also i think that its going to be muggy.he might encounter smaug the dragon. i belive that hes going to have some trouble with food or sleep.he might get trapped or even get lost alot

  2. Well i think they will get out of the forest and sail on Long Lake for a while to get to the mountains.I dont think there will be alot of magical creatures there because Long Lake is so close to where the dragons are.

  3. I think Long Lake is going to be a very happy and exciting city for bilbo and the dwarves, but I think out side of Long Lake there will be even more dangerous creatures of all kinds, that will make their journey even harder than before.

  4. i think because it is just out of the forest so it will be and open place he might like it there or he could run into like a lake monster or something to that nature but it does not look very bigso it could not be very big but he might like it there just because it is out of the forest spo he is not as lost as he was.

  5. I think that Long Lake will be a place where evil, nightmares, and the worst fears of people and creatures exist. I think that there will be murky, nasty water, and torn-down homes, buildings, and shelters. I believe that once they get there, they will be deeply frightened, because they will see horrifying events of their own past, and their nightmares and worst fears will haunt them for however long they stay there. I also think that this will be a test, to see if they can handle the pressure, and to see just how far their limit can go. They will struggle with overcoming their fears, but in the end, they will have persevered.

  6. i think that long lake is going to be strange and sord of spooky and maybe even mysterious. I think theres going to be a lot of weird animals that you would never see anywhere else…i also think that its not going to be shiny with rainbows and pretty little butterflies. i believe its going to be dark and MAYBE evil with cool HUGE talking trees. The trees are going to be grumpy and not all that cheerful. There going to make wise cracks and be sarcastic about stupid things or about people….and in the lake theres going to be bodies that look dead but not all of them are but the ones that ar alive are trappped there forever for something that they did is wrong and nasty…all of these things i believe are going to be where long lake is

  7. I think long lake will be a very happy place and that Bilbo and his friends will come and see that it doesn’t look like what they thought it was from a long distance also i think they will find different kind of creatures and plants and give them many troubles threw out their journey .

  8. I think that Long Lake will be a village but it will be destroyed. All the houses or any buildings that stand there will just be rubble. I think that a group of huge angry ugly giants came and demolished these peoples home. I think that all that lived there before it was destroyed left but the giants just stayed there and have been threatening all who come that way. When Bilbo finds this place I think the giants will capture him and will try to eat him, but Bilbo will escape them and will use the power of the ring to sneak up on them and kill them.

  9. Well… you already know that its an important part, so something exciting will take place. i bet he’ll run into an eccentric being and will have to put up another fight. Or they will get captured again and he’ll have to use that charismatic ring of his!(: hmmm the lake will be very eeri and will have ghastly creatures!! ooo can’t wait(: ha!

  10. I think Long Lake will look like a big lake, with a large island in the middle of it. It has three roads leading to it; one from the North, the West, and on from the South. I think the Hobbit and the dwarves will encounter another adventure at Long Lake, but with Bilbo not being the hero this time. Maybe one of the dwarves, like thorin, or that fat one named Bombur will save the day. The Hobbit can turn around and smack you in the face, so you never know what will happen.

  11. I think that the area around the long lake will be flat. As Bilbo comes upon the lake he will see flat plains with few hills. Just before the lake the plains might become thick with growth from the water. According to the map there is an island in the middle of the lake. If I remember right previously in the book it was mentioned that there is a town or colony of men on the island with bridges leading to the island. In the colony I think Bilbo and the dwarfs will find Gandalf there waiting for them.

  12. I’m predicting that long lake will be a coast or on a riverside. I’m pretty sure there will be some sort of body of water near-by. But I think it won’t be very pleasing to Bilbo and the dwarves. Mainly because they escaped Mirkwood, so they might encounter new foes or dangers.

  13. i think that Bilbo and the dwarves are going to have a hard time at Long Lake. they might encounter a a beast that could destroy them all. i think that long lake is going to be dark and full of creapy monstersand the only way to get out is to follow Bilbo. i also thing that Bilbo will have to face one of the monsters on his journey to long lake.

  14. I think Long Lake will be mystical and fun.I think they will find something amzing like a old town that Smaug has burned down and destroyed. I think they will maybe meat a creature of some sort and befriend it. I think they will find food and make shelter there and rest before the set out for the “Doorstep”… They still have a long journey in front of them!!

  15. I think that long lake will at first seem like a disappointment to them all because it will be so small and probably what they think is deserted. Then later on they will end up finding an object (like the ring) and then Bilbo will come to what seems unstopable and he will face a HUGE problem… Maybe he could even lose the ring or whatever he finds at long lake. Long lake will probably look like a waste of their time at first.

  16. I think Long Lake was a happy place with no evil and nothing bad happening, until one day something or someone might have came and destroyed it and made it a terrible place to live and/or visit. I think that Bilbo will not like Long Lake, as it might be scary and very unpleasant. I think that Bilbo might encounter with very mean/evil characters. Those characters might have been the ones who destroyed Long Lake, or maybe it was never happy. It might look happy from a distance, but when you get closer and being able to see it more clearly, it might not look like a nice place to be after all. My prediction is that Bilbo will not like Long Lake.

  17. I think that Long Lake will look like a very happy place but it will not be when you enter it. I think that it will encounter Bilbo and his friends with many troubles and it will be a very hard place to get through on there journey.I think that he will encounter many wierd creatures and plants that they maybe have never seen or heard of before.

  18. Well you never know what Bilbo might encounter at the long lake.Im pretty sure another adventure will take place and it will be exciting. He will most likely find new creatures. He will probably once again have to think of a way out of this adventure for everyone. By the end of this adventure I think that he will be very please with imself.

  19. I think when Bilbo gets there he will see the island and convince the dwarves to go check it out. When they get there I think they will find a city that has bee n burned down by Smaug. I think they will search for usefull items and set out on there way again.

  20. I believe long lake is going to be mysterious. It might be mystically incharged with animals of all sorts. You can know already that Bilbo will have a problem during his pass through long lake by taking the perspective of Bilbo always having problems on his journeys. Bilbo will probably get lost, and have to fight a battle to stand for himself as a being. Long lake will have a great toll on Bilbo.

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