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tolkien's bilbo baggins character in the hobbit foreshadowing lesson plans

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Okay. So you’ve made it all the way to page 180. Let’s talk about foreshadowing

When we first met the hobbit, back at the opening of the tale, Gandalf described him as “…Bilbo Baggins, the burglar, the chosen and selected burglar.” How does this label, “the burglar” foreshadow certain events to come? What acts does Bilbo perform, to prove himself a talented burglar, throughout the story? What has he done to impress the dwarves with his skill as a burglar, so far? What characteristics does he naturally possess, that make him such a good burglar?


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  1. the title fits him very well because he has a bunch of characteristics that make me think this such as…..

    he is very small

    he has a ring that turns him invisible

    he walks really quiet

    he is very sneaky

    he is very inteligent

    he escapes sicky situations

    and that is all that i can think of

  2. I think that Bilbo has become a good burglar . I thoght he might be good at it to becaue he is small,sneaky,quite,smart and he also found that ring which helps him a lot.Some things he has done (getting out of the goblin’s cave,saved the dwarves from being eaten,spied on the trolls)
    proves that he is a good burglar.

  3. he has the skills to be very ninja like with smooth skills and he knowss how to get out of trouble like with the spiders he is also very sneeky and can spy very well and also he is very good at escapes.

  4. When Bilbo is given the label “the burglar”, you can foreshadow that there will be sneaking, trickery, and cleverness that none of the other hobbits see coming. The ways this shows are:

    *He doesn’t need shoes(because of the naturally leathery soles of his feet), so he can walk very quietly.

    *He escapes the goblin caves

    *He eavesdrops/spies on the trolls

    *He tricked Gollum into helping him on his way.

  5. Bilbo is a very smart man and i be he knew he was a very talented burgalur.Bilbo is very slick and has some mad ninja skills…thats what makes him a good burgalur.all of these are what foreshadows him being a goood burgular

  6. He is sneaky and very smart so that foreshadows the things to come.

    He has escaped from the elves castle and hes made planes that worked for him and saved his friends there fore he is liked and has respect.

    He can walk without making a sound. He is very quiet. He is understanding what a burglar is and is starting to be very good at it.

  7. The name “The Burgular” gives me an idea that Bilbo Baggins will maybe steal something, or learn how to steal better in the future and later on in the book. The acts Bilbo performs to prove himself to the dwarves and Gandalf are:
    *1. He escaped from the goblins
    *2. He tricked Gollum into showing him the way out.
    *3. He saved the dwarves from being eaten from the spiders.
    The skills that he natrually posesses are that he can walk very quietly, even on the matted forest floor, and make no sound at all. He’s very smart, and acts quick upon the actions that take place. Also, he has impressed the dwarves with his clever burgular skills by stealing the cold, golden ring on the stone floor from Gollum.

  8. Bilbo is stealthy and clever… I think he can be lethal if you gave him a weapon of some sort. He escaped the spider incedent, rescued Thorin and the dwarves, used the ring and to lure the spiders away from the dwarves, and escaped Mirkwood. And he stole a loaf of bread and wine from a small town after they escaped Mirkwood. I wouldn’t mess with him if he was real.

  9. The label “the burglar” forshadows events in the story by you kinda know that there is going to be sneaking around and stealing idoms and thinks like that. Throughout the story Bilbo proves himself as a burglar by he tries to steal a money bag from a troll, and he is excaping with the dwarves in a very clever way(floating out in wine barrels). He saved the dwarves from being eatin by giant spiders.Because he is a hobbit he already possess the ability to creep around very quietly and he is very small so he can hide very quickly and in very small places where some people or things will not think of looking. Plus the ring that makes him invisible is a very good thing to have when you are a burglar.

  10. he is going to use his ring to help him and his friends throught the journey, and it will help immensely!

    he proved himself a good burglar because he has helped his friends escape the spiders, and he was still alive when he came out of the goblins cave, and his wits are shinning out!

    hes very smart, and tricky…hmmm very sneaky and he now believes he has the potential of being a good burglar!(:

  11. He is very sneaky and very smart so that is what kinda foreshadows the things to come.

    The acts that he performs is he save them from the spiders and also made up a plan to get the out of the elves castle and he did…. he has saved his friends twice now and is earning respect.

    He is very quiet and can walk without a sound and is beginning to understamd what a burglar does… which is steal things and he is becoming very good at it.

  12. The label the burglar foreshadows that later on in the book Bilbo will be sneaky, quiet, and will be very good at tricking people, and will be very useful in the time to come.

    Throughout the book Bilbo has become a better burglar. In the beginning he got caught by the trolls when he tried to take something out of the troll’s pocket. Later on in the book Bilbo tricked Gollum into leading him out of the goblin caves. While they were in Mirkwood he was able to spot the boat on the other side of the enchanted river. Again while they were in Mirkwood Bilbo saved the dwarfs from the giant spiders.

    Bilbo impressed the dwarfs by being able to sneak past the lower goblin gate. He also impressed them by being able to sneak past the dwarf scout. Lastly Bilbo impresses the dwarfs by doing all the clever things he did to save them and stay alive himself.

    The natural characteristics that Bilbo has that make him such a good burglar are: that he is very quiet, he is small, he has great hearing and sight, and that he clever.

  13. it does because he will probably have to use his burgular skills to sneak around and get the dwarves out of trouble. he is a talented burgular because he has got the dwarves out of many of their troubles and he has also saved them many times. he saves them from the spiders and he climbs a tree to try and find a way out, he gets them all out of prison. He a;so helps them get across the river.he naturaly has the ability to sneak around and he is small so it is harder to find him and he can slip through small places.

  14. The label “burglar” makes me think that the charecter is very sneeky and steals things.
    One natural thing that makes Bilbo a talented burglar is that he has the ablilty to walk around very quitely, thanks to his leather-like feet. One act that Bilbo makes that make other people beleive he is a burglar is when he escapes from the gobblins, and when gets him and the dwarves out of trouble with the spiders. What he has done to inpress the dwarves about him being a good theif is what I said above, getting himself and the dwarves out of trouble with the spiders.

  15. The label makes me foreshadow that Bilbo will play a role in stealing the thing that they are going on the adventure for and do certain things that the others are not capable of doing.
    Acts that Bilbo does to prove himself a good Bergler and to impress the dwarves are that he saves them from the spiders, he sees the boat from very far away, he sneaks around the castle and finds a secondary escape route, and he makes it out of the goblin caves all by himself.
    He has very good vision, he is very sneaky, and is also very good at being quiet and hiding when he needs to.

  16. What the name the burglar foreshadows for the later events to come by he is sneaky, he can make it easier to get things, and he is very smart.

    What he does to prove that he is a talented burglar in the story is he saves them from the trolls, he makes it out of the goblin caves without the help of his friends, he saves them from the giant spiders,he helps them get across the river,he climbs a tree i the mirkwood forest,and he saves them from the wood-elves.

    What he does to prove himself a good burglar to the dwarves so far is that he did all the stuff i said above.

    The natural things that posses that help him is that he can creep quietly, he has leather hairy feet, he can see really well, and he is small.

  17. Bilbo Baggins is a good burglar because he got them out of the trouble with the spiders.And he has started to get them out of the kindom. The dwarves were also very pleased with him getting out of the goblins caves. He also was the reason they could get acrossed the river. He saved them from trolls. He aslo climbed the tree to see if they could find a way out for the dwarves and they were very pleased with him. He is very smart and sneaky the dwarves admire him for that.At the beginning of the book we all thought that it was a waste for Bilbo to come along but now hes finally proving that he is worth something on this journey. If it weren’t for Bilbo all 12 of the dwarves would have been dead by now.

  18. I think Bilbo knew he was a talented burgular all alog, but trusted that no one else did. Bilbo has all of the features to be a great burgular, such as his fighting skills, and gow he is so slick. Bilbo may have tons of different skills that dont have anything to do with burguraly but tends to use them anyway. The dwarves are all stunned by Bilbo performances of burguraly not knowing they were so great.Bilbo can steal,lie,and cheat for a living as he is doing now on his journey, with no hassle at all.

    • I agree. Bilbo does have the features to be a great burgular like his fighting skills. But do you think the dwarves realized that when they first met him?(:

  19. This title makes me think that Bilbo is going to have to steal somthing.

    He spies on the trolls.

    He escapes the goblins.

    He can walk without making a sound.
    He is very quiet.

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