Hobbit Topic #15


Okay, so you’ve read to page 170. You’re a little more than half way done. What comments have you recorded so far, online? Do a search for all the Hobbit journals, and within each Hobbit journal, search for your name. Once you’ve located all of your comments for Hobbit journals 1-14, find two that had interesting replies added by either your teacher or a classmate. Copy and paste these into your response for Hobbit Topic #15 to show that you’re browsing through old comments to learn all that you can from your classmates and your teacher.

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What would an example journal entry look like? Here’s one for imaginary PeteStudent#24:

For “Hobbit Journal Topic #2” I wrote:

  1. Do hobbits ever wear shoes for, like, going to parties and stuff?
  2. How long can hobbits live?
  3. Where do hobbits live?

Esther Sparhawk answered my last question:

PeteStudent#24: Bilbo and many other hobbits live in underground houses, in a place called the “Shire”. It says so in the book.


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  1. i choose Autumn’s side of the story and she wrote

    I choose Dori’s side of the story.

    As I was running away from the goblins with Bilbo on my back a goblin reaced out and grabbed my legs making me fall. I let go of Mr. Baggins as we both fell onto the dark floors of the cave. Goblins were fighting, my fellow dwarves and i were falling over bodies and bumping into one another. Gandalf almost slashed my head of with is sword Glamdring. Then there was a bright flash. Once I could see again I saw goblins were retreating and screeching. Gandalf yelled to follow him and that is exactly what I did. I just assumed that all of our group were following. I did not have time to count how if we had all of our people back in our group as we were running to the gates. As we raced through the gates that is when i noticed that I had lost Mr. Baggins.

    what she did good is…

    ☺ she has very great detail and knows how to tell a story
    ☺ she rembered the name of the sword which is good
    ☺ and she rembers what they did like screaming or a noise that they make she does not leave out nuch at all
    ☺ and she rembered to put whos side of the story it was

    things she need s to work on is…

    ☺ she did not capitilize the word I as in her in some
    ☺ places and in some places i thinks she need cammas

    but over all she had a very good story good job Auti. ♥

    Esther Sparhawk | December 12, 2010 at 8:47 pm | Reply
    Smiley faces for bullets? How inventive!

    molly whuppie uses repitition
    ☺ molly tricked the giant and took his things and he never got her cause he would not cross the bridge of hair
    ☺ molly is the shotest and the youngest so she is like a dwarf
    ☺ in the book there was a trick played so they are alike in that way

    Esther Sparhawk | December 9, 2010 at 6:50 pm | Reply
    Your journal entry needs to explain these things better:
    What is repeated in “Molly Whuppie”? Does someone say something over and over again? What is said? Also, what trick is played in The Hobbit?

  2. Hobbit Topic #14
    I choose the conflict when they come to an enchanted river and can travel no further without some means to cross.

    They reach the enchanted river and decide that the only way to make it across is by making so type of raft… (the original one in the story is not there.) They gather some logs and line them up together. Then they use the rope that they originally use to hook the other other boat to tie the logs together… Next they find thick, strong pieces of bark to use as oars… The raft successfully gets them to the other side in a sigle trip and they continue the rest of their adventure.

    A) They need to find something to use or do to cross the enchanted river.
    B) They use logs and rope to build a raft.
    C) The boat that was on the other side is not there.

    Please re-do this, using the terms “conflict” and “resolution” in your response. You’re welcome to copy/paste what you have here and just type in the necessary literary terms. Thank you.

    Hobbit Topic #13
    Cooper Hello?

    Bilbo Hello… This is Bilbo Baggins and I am in dyeing need of directions… Do you think you could be of assistence?

    Cooper Uh is this a prank call or are you the Bilbo Baggins from the book that i’m reading?

    Bilbo Ummmmmm… Sure

    Cooper Ok I can give you directions from the map in the front of my book.

    Bilbo Ok i’m in the top of a tree in the forest of Mirkwood…

    Cooper Ok where do you need directions to?

    Bilbo To get out of the forest obviosly!!!

    Cooper OK OK!!! Um from what I can tell you need to head east.

    Bilbo Oh… Ok… Thanks!

    Cooper Yep… I was also wondering what kind of phone you have because I never have sevice in the forest of Mirkwood

    Bilbo I just now found it and it is a Verizon Platinum #1 with a slide out keyboard and a touchscreen.

    Cooper Cool! i’ll have to get me one of those.

    Bilbo Definately!!! thanks again… Bye

    Cooper Bye

    Cooper Yep… I was also wondering what kind of phone you have because I never have sevice in the forest of Mirkwood

    Bilbo I just now found it and it is a Verizon Platinum #1 with a slide out keyboard and a touchscreen.

    CooperStudent10: This is why I love teaching. You guys make me LOL!

  3. hobbit topic #11
    I chose Kalems story
As we were running though the tunnels I heard a yelp, and then I saw a flash. In that moment time slowed. I could see the goblins coming step by step, as if walking. I pulled the sword from its sheath, the sound of metal on metal ringing in my ears. As I lunged for one of the goblins I tripped on something soft. As I fell I heard a cry and felt something scurrying away under my hand and sword. The next thing I knew was the sound of the strong and commanding voice of Gandolf saying to follow. We ran for hours on end following what seemed like a small floating ball of light, which we all knew to be as Gandolf’s staff. Before we had arrived at the lower gate the goblins had already smelled us and were heading our way. When we met up with them, the goblins were so spread out that we picked them off enough to get through the gate. While jogging our boots’ scraped along the dirt and gravel path in the mountain air. I looked back, seeing we did not have Bilbo Baggins.
    what kalem did well is he remembered to put punctuation in his story.
2. another thing that kalem did well is he told the side of his story well and with detail.
3. the final thing that kalem did well was he used description to tell how the goblins found them in the tunnel.
the things that kalem did incorrectly
1. He skipped from one part of the story to another.
2. He used wrong punctuation in parts of his story.
3. He kind of retold the story and what the book already said. he should Fantasy is literature written by using magic or supernatural phenomena.
    hobbit topic #9
    they use this in the plot, theme, or the setting. Some examples of fantasy is like the Goosebumps series, they are fantasy. came up with some creative scenes that he made up.
Good job
    No, JC Student #14, I think the Goosebumps series are considered MYSTERIES, because they solve crimes and/or mysterious situations like ghost sightings. A fantasy novel is going to have more dragons, wizards, unicorns, fairies, and other magical things. Ghosts are considered supernatural, but not typically an element of fantasy, which leans more toward the MAGICAL.Fantasy is literature written by using magic or supernatural phenomena. they use this in the plot, theme, or the setting. Some examples of fantasy is like the Goosebumps series, they are fantasy.

  4. I wrote:
    Amy Student #16♥ | December 10, 2010 at 12:15 pm | Reply Amy: Hey dawg.

    Bilbo: Hello lady!

    Amy: Uh, who is this?

    Bilbo: You are speaking to Bilbo Baggins.

    Amy: Hey, isn’t that the dude I’m reading about in The Hobbit?

    Bilbo: Um…

    Amy: Do you know a guy named J.R.R. Tolkien?

    Bilbo: Yes! My creator.

    Amy: So you’re the hairy dude.

    Bilbo: Sure?

    Amy: Where are you then?

    Bilbo: I’m stuck in a tree, and I need a map of the Middle Earth. But you’re just a giant, so I guess you wouldn’t…

    Amy: Well like… I have one right here. So what do you need to know?

    Bilbo: Well first off, how much farther until I get outta the forest?

    Amy: Well, have you passed any weird spider-looking things yet?

    Bilbo: We’re kind of close to them.

    Amy: And there’s sort of a hill in the way, right? And you’re supposed to be looking over the branches?

    Bilbo: Yuppy guppy.

    Amy: Well on my map, I see a bunch of spiders with a bunch of webs, too. So you must be near there, so you must go directly East to get out of the forest. Because you see, if you look northeast, or maybe even north, you might be able to see the Elven King’s halls.

    Bilbo: Er… sure?

    Amy: You following me, Baggins?

    Bilbo: Um, no.

    Amy: Just go East. Climb down the tree, and look away from where the webs are, as in the opposite direction. Go straight, and see if that takes you to the end of the forest. You can do it!

    Mrs. Sparhawk replied to my journal with:
    Esther Sparhawk | December 12, 2010 at 8:39 pm | Reply An excellent journal response, AmyStudent#16!

    And on another journal I wrote:

    1. The things I remember about Mirkwood from the story are:
    *Mirkwood is on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains.
    *Before the dwarves get into Mirkwood, they have to pass the edge of the wild or something like that.
    *There is a dreary forest when they first arrive; it is very dark, and when they sleep and take turns standing gaurd, there are creepy eyes that stare at them throughout the night.
    And according to the book:
    *There is forest surrounding Mirkwood, all the way around.
    *The dwarves cannot have their ponies accompany them in their journey in the forest of Mirkwood.
    *They could not eat much in Mirkwood, for they only had a small amount of provisions there.
    *There is a small water crossing that they must use a boat to cross, but when Bombur falls in, he falls asleep, so they do not drink the water from that water.
    And Mrs. Sparhawk replied with:

     Esther Sparhawk | December 9, 2010 at 7:09 pm | Reply
    Wow! Excellent response, AmyStudent16! I hope the other kids do such a fantastic job of responding to this journal challenge!

  5. In journal#13 I said:

    Gage: Ello.

    Bilbo: Who is this?

    Gage: Gage Sir.

    Bilbo: Well it’s very nice to meet you.

    Gage: Sure…. Who is this?

    Bilbo: Biblo Baggins at your service.

    Gage: Nice to meet you Bilbo. So wait?? You’re that guy in the book i am reading right??

    Bilbo: I am in a book?

    Gage: Yeshh… You didn’t know??


    Gage: Yah. You’re stuck in a Mirkwood aren’t you??

    Bilbo: Yes, yes i am and it’s dark and stuffy. If Bombur lets one slip one more time i’ll…

    Gage: Hahahaha

    Bilbo: Ok lets get to business. I and dwarfs are lost. Can you help us?

    Gage: Sure…. I have a map in my book.

    Bilbo: Thank you.

    Gage: Sure sure. Ok so… uhh ohh.

    Bilbo: What?

    Gage: You are in a spider web Bilbo!!

    Bilbo: No, really… Where are we?

    Gage: Right in the middle of a spider web!!

    Bilbo: Gage… You’re scaring me where are we!?!?

    Gage: Run Bilbo!! Run North, East quickly. You only have a day or two left before you reach the outside!!

    Bilbo: There is something in that bush…

    Gage:Run Bilbo and party run!!

    Bilbo: I can’t here you… Hello… Hello??

    Gage: Bilbo were braking up.

    Bilbo: Didn’t know we were dating… don’t you think we should meet then date?

    Gage: No!! The phone is breaking up.

    Bilbo: What?

    Gage: The phone is breaking up!!

    Bilbo: Ahhhhhhh!!

    Beep beep beep beep beep…

    Gage: Bye:/

    Esther Sparhawk replied:

    GageStudent#23, I can totally see dwarves cutting the cheese while camped out. Good one! Reminds me of Blazing Saddles.

    In jounal#3 I said:
    What they had in common is:
    1. They traveled by horses and by foot.
    2. They had castles and house like things.
    3.They still used used horses and shields in battle.
    4. They wore cloaks and robes.
    We didn’t have any magical beings such as wizards, dwarfs, hobbits, dragons, or trolls. These fairy tale beings were made up to either amuse or scare children.

    Esther Sparhawk replied:
    Please see my previous comment regarding dwarves.

  6. Kevin: Hello.
    Bilbo: yes who is this???
    Kevin: This is Kevin.
    Bilbo: Well kevin i need your help.
    Kevin: Ok. What can i do for you my friend.
    Bilbo: Hehe. You called me friend does that meen were friends.
    Kevin: yea sure, wait you in my book im reading your stuck on the top of a tree.
    Bilbo: yes, i am and im scared and i need to pee.
    Kevin: Hahahahahahaha
    Bilbo: It’s not funny.
    Kevin: Your right its not, ok so your in a forest called Mirkwood, right?
    Bilbo: Yes, yes i am and i need your help.
    Kevin: ok just stay on the path Gandalf and Beorn told you to follow dont get out of the path or you’ll get lost again so just stay on that path ok.
    Bilbo: Ok. so thats it????
    Kevin: thats it.
    Bilbo: its that easy?
    Kevin its that easy, easier than pooping.
    Bilbo: oh thats easy.
    Kevin: yea sure, um ok well bye now.
    Bilbo: NO!!!! wait!!
    Kevin: what?
    Bilbo: I was woundering?
    Kevin: No!!! Bilbo ok im tired ok so see ya.
    Bilbo: No! wait. Hello, Hello. he hung up.

    Esther Sparhawk | December 15, 2010 at 6:37 am | Reply
    But he’s lost, right? So how is he supposed to stay on the path, if he can’t find the path?

    1. ”The Boy Who Cried Wolf”
    2. Wolf!..wolf!..help!..wolf!
    3. The wolf is like the wolf the the hobbit it wants to eat the dwarfs because the wolf wants to eat the sheep.
    4. There isn’t a little boy who cries ”wolf”.

    Esther Sparhawk | December 9, 2010 at 7:21 pm | Reply
    For your #4, if there isn’t a boy who cries “Wolf!” then what IS in The Hobbit?

  7. Journal #13
    Addee #19 | December 10, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Reply
    Addee: Yellow?
    Bilbo: Addee??
    Addee: Umm yeah. Who the heck is this??
    Bilbo:This is Bilbo Baaggins the hobbit from your book.
    Addee: Dude! Why are you calling me!?
    Bilbo: I’m at the top of the old oak tree and I can’t see anything and I have no idea what to look for could you please help me!??
    Addee:Yes sir. Okay so you have still quite a ways to get out but you will make it. There are going to be big GROSS nasty spiders up ahead and be careful they may be very dangerous so don;t tick them off. And no matter how hungry you are do NOT eat them you WILL die! Just keep following the path you are on and you will be out soon. Just stay on the path as Beorn and Gandalf had advised. That is all I can help you with,Aand please tell Thorin to not be such a grouch!
    Bilbo: Thank you very much it is greatly appreciated,I will be sure to tell Thorin and I hope you have a great day and a great life!

    Esther Sparhawk | December 12, 2010 at 8:28 pm | Reply
    Nice work, Addee #19. And I agree with you, that Thorin can be a real grump!
    Journal #14
    Addee #19 | December 13, 2010 at 12:17 pm | Reply
    When the Wargs chase them up a tree.
    Bilbo will be changed into a Warg Whisperer
    Everyone was being chased by scary mean looking wargs and there was no where to go but Mr.Bilbo Baggins came in and sat down and talked to the wargs
    Bilbo:Why you beautiful looking wargs what must you want on a lovely evening like such??
    Head warg(Willy): All we want to do is eat dwarves and go on with this so called lovely evening,now move over and let me eat! demanded Willy.
    Bilbo: Why you musn’t want to eat these dwarves!
    Willy: Well why not??
    Bilbo: Well because… they do not taste good at all they are chewy and very fattening and by the look of your body you eat very healthy and these dwarves here just aren’t for you!
    Willy: Well I do eat quite healthy but I am still starving!
    Bilbo: I know just the thing!
    Willy: And what might this be?
    Bilbo: Just about half a mile down that old path there should be Goblins coming for us and they tase soooo good there nice and juicy. So if you just start heading that way you will soon meet up with them in no less than ten minutes and you will have a much better meal!
    Willy: Why thank you sir! We will be on our way.
    Bilbo: Anytime glad I could help!
    CONFLICT: Bilbo and the dwarves are being chased by wargs.
    RESOLUTION: Bilbo talks the wargs into going back and eating the goblins.
    CHANGE: Bilbo was changed into a Warg Whisperer and was able to talk the wargs out of eating them.

    Esther Sparhawk | December 13, 2010 at 8:36 pm | Reply
    One word: HILARIOUS!

  8. For Hobbit Journal # 8 I wrote:

    I have choosen Gandalf…

    All the sudden, multiple gobblins came rushing towards us with anger and yelling. They sang horrible songs, and there was fire near my tree. After a few seconds, the flames reached the bark and my tree was on fire. So I climbed up to the top of it, then my wand flashed, it seemed like lighting. Then out of no where, the Lord of the Eagles swooped down and saved me from the fatal coincedence and took me to refuge.

    Esther Sparhawk replied:

    You’re a little ahead of yourself for this journal, I think.

    For Hobbit Journal # 12 I wrote:

    I pick the Goblins’ Underground Cave.
    From my memory…
    1:It was dark and mysterious.
    2:A lot of goblins lived there.
    3:The book said something about a sword that was used in the “Goblin Wars”.
    From the book…
    1:The tunnel/cave was very long.
    2:The cave echoed.
    3:There was a king goblin.
    4:There is some light in the cave.
    5:It’s dificult to get out.

    Esther Sparhawk replied:

    What’s the sword called? That’s an important fact to recall for the test.

  9. In The Hobbit Journal Topic #10
    *1. “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” uses repetition.
    *2. Three goats want to cross a bridge to get to the green hill on the other side. The smallest of the three goats crosses the bridge and is immediately threatened to be gobbled up. The same happens with the other two goats.
    *3. In “The Hobbit”, the evil gobblins reminds me of the gobblin in “Three Billy Goats Gruff”
    *4. “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” is different from J.R.R. Tolkien’s story “The Hobbit” because in The Hobbit there are many gobblins that live in a cave, instead of under a bridge, and they eat dwarves and other meat, instead of just eating goats.

    Esther Sparhawk | December 9, 2010 at 7:19 pm | Reply
    You know, Megahn Student#5, I almost used “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” for my example, because it does exemplify repetition and the grotesque antagonists (i.e. goblins/trolls) so well. But note, on your #3, you call the villain in “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” a “goblin” when he was actually a troll. Furthermore, trolls appear in one of the early scenes in The Hobbit too.

    In Hobbit Journal #15, you asked us to look through our comments that we have posted in the past, copy and paste to this journal so we can learn all we can from Mrs. Sparhawk and our classmates. The problem is, you’ve only commented once on all of my journals. I wanted to wait, but I was afraid I would get deducted the points from not posting in time. Sorrie! Only got one. Thankss(:

  10. For hobbit #11 i wrote:
    Addee wrote :
    After I had dropped Bilbo and the goblin had tripped me, I had gotten back up and searched for Bilbo but i could not find him so I made a run for it I followed Gandalfs voice and I could hear the other dwarves feet just ahead of me and I could hear the goblins feet just behind me. So I ran as fast as my little legs would let me go and I caught up to the dwarves and we went threw passages and I thought we would never get out then we finally saw the gates and Gandalf said to just run for it they can’t get us all and so we took off and after I made it threw the gate I didn’t look back I kept running until I thought it was safe and I stopped and turned back and saw all of the dwarves and Gandalf right behind me and then we stopped and talked and caught our breath.

    What she did good
    1. IT was exiciting to read.
    2. She didn’t use quotation marks.
    3. She told it in the right point of view
    4. She used commas and aprostraphes correctly.
    5. She did a most wonderful job!!!!!

    What she did bad:
    1. She didn’t tell what character she was doing
    2.She forgot some periods and capitalizations
    3.She didn’t use enough description.

    Esther Sparhawk replied:
    It’s always nice to have someone critique you and find more positive things to say than negative ones. Nice job

    I wrote for hobbit #12:

    The Goblins Underground Caves
    I remember that……..
    1.These caves is were the goblins are.
    2.Gollum lives next to them.
    3. These caves are very dark.
    4.All the gates are guarded by goblins.
    5.The ground is damp along the cave floor.
    6.They had different goblin jobs inside the caves.
    7.They are really creepy.

    What the book says………..
    1.It echoes.
    2.There were torches along the walls.
    3.In the cave there is a master goblin who controls over all the other goblins.
    4.The passages were very curvy.

    Esther Sparhawk | December 12, 2010 at 8:56 pm | Reply The torches are a nice detail to help all of us imagine what it must be like in those caves. Without torches, it would be pitch black. And in places, I think it IS pitch black, like where Gollum lives. That’s why it’s so easy to get lost, like Bilbo did, don’t you think?

  11. For “Hobit Topic #14” I wrote:
    I chose the scene where where they got attacked by the scary giant spiders.
    I will be changing the giant spiders to GIANT jello monsters.

    As Bilbo and his friends were walking through the Black Forest, (trying to finally escape) they stumbled apon some strange monsters. Now these weren’t just your regular 60 foot tall monsters that like to eat Haley. No,no,no,no, these were 61 foot JELLO MONSTERS! Jello monsters are very dangerous and they like to eat people named Bilbo and whoever is traveling with him through the Black Forest of Mirkwood. Bilbo and the dwarves were very frightened, but then Kili had and idea. He said why don’t we eat them before they eat us. So they hate the Jello Monster. Then continued there journey to try to escape the forest.

    CONFLICT: The Jello Monster wants to eat them.
    RESOLUTION: They eat him first.
    CHANGE: The giant spiders changed in a Jello Monster.

    Esther Sparhawk replied saying:
    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

    For “Hobbit Topic #12” I wrote:
    The Goblins underground Caves.
    What I remember:
    1.The creature Golum lives near the caves, but the goblins were not aware that he was there.
    2.The cave’s ground is wet.
    3.The cave is very dark inside.
    4.Inside of the caves there are many, many goblins.

    What the book says:
    1.There is a great big fire in the middle, which lights up the caves.
    2.To get out of the caves, you have to go through the gates which are guarded by goblins.
    3.There is a master goblin that controls all the others.
    4.The passages in the caves are very curvy.

    Esther Sparhawk relied saying:
    Wow, excellent details from both the “what I remember” category and “what the book says”. 🙂

  12. for hobbit topis #5 I said:
    Bilbo may find more trolls in the caves. he may find dragons or giants. my creatures name is floogleoonle. its is only seen in the drak when it moves. it has a silvery skin that flashes when it moves. this creature can move very fast. this creature eats everthing from meat, flesh, vegitables, fruits, candy, anything it can find. it ecpecially likes marshmellows. it sleeps on a stone bed that hangs from the ceiling of its enormous cave by chains. it only has one possession and it is a stuffed penguin that sit on its stone slab of a bed. it is only able to go outside of its cave on one night of the year that day is August 5. why can i only go out on this one day? because an elf banished it from coming out until this one day and the only reason was so that this creature could collect food to store for the next long months to come until the next August 5. there is only one of these creatures. it have a silvery scaley skin deep purple eyes that glow in the light of the moon. sharp pointy teeth and they have 3 tongues one on the bottom and one on each side of its mouth. a floogleoonles ears are only slits on the side of its head. it has a tail but it is not scaly like its body but is a plume of bright green feathers.
    Esther Sparhawk replied:
    Your floogloonle is surprisingly scary. Silvery scales? Ew. Nice work.

    For Hobbit Topic #1 I said:
    i know that hobbits are small human like creatures that have small hairy feet and they dont where shoes because their feet have naturally leathery soles. they have no beards like a dwarf and they dress in very bright colors. they are usually kind of fat.
    Anjelica Student Number 2 replied:
    You know Autumn i wonder if they have like customs such as americans do? Do you think that they have Christmas and stuff like that?

  13. On my journal #14 Esther posted this:
    *One word: HILARIOUS!

    On my journal #13 she poated this:
    *Nice work, Addee #19. And I agree with you, that Thorin can be a real grump!

    • AddeeStudent#19: For Hobbit Topic #15, the example shows how you’re supposed to copy/paste your own submission as well as the comments made about your submission. So please re-do this, including the entries you wrote. Thanks.

  14. For “Hobbit Topic Journal #12” I wrote:

    Mirkwood: I remember…
    1. It is a very treacherous place.
    2. It is very dark in there.
    3. There is nothing to eat or drink (except nuts).
    4. There are two roads that you can travel.

    Mirkwood (according to the book).
    1. You have to have very good luck to travel through it.
    2. If you leave the path you will never find it again.
    3. There is one way around but it is even more traitorous the going through Mirkwood.
    4. If you drink from the black stream you will become very forgetful and drowsy.

    Esther Sparhawk answered my last question:

    You said “traitorous” but I think you mean “treacherous”… Is that correct?

    For “Hobbit Topic Journal #13” I wrote:

    Kalem: Hello who is this?

    Bilbo: Whoa where did that noise come from?

    Kalem: Ummm, the cell phone in your hand you probably have it on speaker.

    Bilbo: Oh, well then Bilbo Baggins at your service.

    Kalem: Oh your the hobbit in the book I am reading.

    Bilbo: Me in a book, like the ones I would read in my hole between first and second breakfast?

    Kalem: Well I guess it would be that type of book.

    Bilbo: Oh I wish I was was back in my hole with a full stomach… Wait If I am in a book then there must be a map or might you know if we ever get our of this dreadful forest?

    Kalem: Now that you have mentioned it I remember there is a map in the book. OK I found it you are actually not far from the end of the forest. You just can’t see it because you are in a large valley. There is also great forest spiders not far from you and the only way to get past them is to… Beep Beep oh I have another call I have to go bye.

    Bilbo: Wait wait! How do you get past the spiders?

    Esther Sparhawk answered my last question:

    Isn’t that ALWAYS how it happens on a cell? Ha ha ha!

  15. For “Hobbit Journal Topic #12” I wrote:

    Beorn’s longhouse: I remember…
    1. He has alot of bees.
    2. He has alot of food.
    3. His house has many rooms.
    4. His dining table is low to the ground for the animals.
    Beorn’s longhouse(according to the book):
    1. It has a high thorn-hedge.
    2. It has a wooden gate.
    3. It has a bunch of gardens.
    4.There are barns for all of the animals.

    Esther Sparhawk replied:
    Alright DerekStudent#9! That’s a fantastic description (both your own and the one from the book)!

    For “Hobbit Journal Topic #10” I wrote:

    1. The Ginger Bread Man.
    2. “You can’t catch me, I’m the Ginger Bread Man.”
    3.There are wolves trying to catch food in both stories.
    4.The “Hobbit” doesn’t have a talking ginger bread cookie.

    Esther Sparhawk replied:

    This is one of the best responses I’ve seen. It’s short, but very precise. Nobody can argue with your #4!

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