Classic Titles Topic #3


Have you read 60 pages of a classic novel already? Write a question about the protagonist in your novel. Try this:

  1. Tell the title of the classic novel you’re reading and mention the author.
  2. Come up with an interesting, open-ended question to ask about the protagonist in your novel.
  3. Answer your own question.
English literature reading list and assignments for English language arts teachers

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Here’s an example from Treasure Island:

  1. My novel is Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  2. My question is: Now that Jim’s dad has died, Jim (the protagonist) became the proprietor of the Admiral Benbow Inn. If you were Jim’s age and you suddenly found yourself in charge of your family’s business, how would you act?
  3. My answer to my own question is: I would think it’s really important to balance the books. I’d make sure another person–like my mom or an uncle or a trusted family friend–checked my math on all bookkeeping papers. I would try to keep a level head and use my inn to earn money for me and my family.

2 responses »

  1. 1. My novel is: Cannery Row by John Steinback.
    2. My question is: Every decision Mr. Chong has made so far has been pondered over by him, he doesn’t seem to just jump to conclusions about things. Do you think it is a good or bad thing that he spends so much of his time thinking? Explain.
    3. My answer is: I think it is a good thing because he is less likely to make a remarkable mistake if he thinks out what the outcome of each decision will be ahead of time.

  2. Around The World in Eighty Days
    Jules Verne

    Do you think Mr. Fogg is an honest man, do you think he committed the robbery at the bank? Explain?

    I think he is an honest fellow he has nothng to hide and is always calm. I think that if he did take the money he would be scared of everone and always be nervous of being caught.

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