Hobbit Topic #12

the hobbit setting mirkwood the shire misty mountains lonely mountain

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Now that you’ve reached page 140, let’s take a good look at Tolkien’s setting. Some of the places mentioned in The Hobbit include:

As you begin this journal, pick one of these settings mentioned above and try to remember as many facts as you can about it. List your facts numerically like this:

The Shire: I remember…

  1. it’s where Bilbo lives
  2. other hobbits live there too
  3. it seems very peaceful
  4. there seems to be plenty of food available there

Then look in the book and add more details to your analysis of that particular setting, like this:

The Shire (according to the book):

  1. The Shire is where a number of hobbits live, in hobbit holes like Bilbo’s
  2. hobbit holes are underground
  3. hobbit holes have windows
  4. Bilbo’s home has a pantry and a fireplace and furniture
  5. there’s a round door on Bilbo’s hobbit hole’s entrance
  6. Bilbo has some sort of a bell on his door–like a medieval doorbell–to let him know he has guests waiting outside
  7. Bilbo’s home is in a part of the shire called “Hobbiton”

Now that I’ve already done a journal entry on The Shire, you may not use that setting. Choose one of the others. Use your book as a reference. You’re also welcome to use the links I’ve provided, although you should be wary; some of these links get their information from Lord of the Rings, not The Hobbit, and you need to use The Hobbit as your reference.


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  1. What I remember about the goblins underground cave is.
    1. It is really dark.
    2. Many goblins lived there.
    3. Some other creatures lived there other than the goblins.
    4. Its like an underground maze.
    Things the book has to say about the underground goblincaves are.
    1. That the underground caves have tons of goblins.
    2. That they eat meat.
    3. They are verey ugly
    4. If they find you on there mountain they will capture you and eat the meat off your fleash.

  2. 1. It’s very dark and spooky
    2. It is full of goblins
    3. It has many hallways and passages
    4. In the caves lived the creature “Gollum”

    1.Hard to get out
    2.The goblin king
    3.They were lit by fire
    4.It echos

  3. i rember in the goblins underground caves:

    ♥ of corse the goblins live there
    ♥and they were very dark and wet but also cold

    from the book:
    ♥there were many rooms to the cave you just had to go throught a crowd of goblins and in a door
    ♥and there was a goblin that ruled all the other goblins like a king


    1.Is a bunch of mountains that were laid out as a setting in the hobbit
    2.they had togo thru them to get to mirkwood
    3. what it seems liket to me is that they are very beautiful and big


    1.Many different species live up these what seems to be beautiful land marks
    2.it has verry tall peaks that seems to be treacherous.
    3.theres many brooks and nooks and jst outstanding nature up on dis placcce

    • ShariahStudent12: Can you QUOTE the book, to let us know EXACTLY what it says about the Misty Mountains? Because your “What the book states” section seems too general. Your “book” descriptions would apply to any mountain, I believe.

  5. I pick the Goblins’ Underground Cave.
    From my memory…
    1:It was dark and mysterious.
    2:A lot of goblins lived there.
    3:The book said something about a sword that was used in the “Goblin Wars”.
    From the book…
    1:The tunnel/cave was very long.
    2:The cave echoed.
    3:There was a king goblin.
    4:There is some light in the cave.
    5:It’s dificult to get out.

  6. Beorn’s longhouse
    1.He has lots of honey
    2.He has animals that talk
    3.He has a big gate
    4.He has a courtyard
    Things by the book
    1.Hallway lit with torches
    2.Big gardens
    3.He has barns,sheds,stables
    4.A big hedge

  7. Things I remember about Mirkwood are:
    *1. It’s very dark and scary.
    *2. You have to cross a river to get there.
    *3. They take ponies along with them.

    Things in the book:
    *1. The Mirkwood Forest is on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains.
    *2. They have very little food and water, and you can’t eat anything there.
    *3. There is a river that you are not supposed to bathe in, or drink from, or you will get very sleepy and not remember anything.

  8. The goblins underground cave:
    1. The goblins live there
    2.is very dark and horrifying
    3. many tunneles that lead anywhere
    4. Extremely creepy
    According to the book:
    1. Many Goblins live there
    2. Gollum lives there in the water
    3. Very dark and scary!
    4. They run the entire mountain!
    5. They eat meat…GROSS meat!

  9. Mirkwood: I remember…
    1. It is a very treacherous place.
    2. It is very dark in there.
    3. There is nothing to eat or drink (except nuts).
    4. There are two roads that you can travel.

    Mirkwood (according to the book).
    1. You have to have very good luck to travel through it.
    2. If you leave the path you will never find it again.
    3. There is one way around but it is even more traitorous the going through Mirkwood.
    4. If you drink from the black stream you will become very forgetful and drowsy.

  10. The caves that the Goblins lived in.things i remember
    1. the tunnels were dark and scary.
    2. the
    Goblins lived in the caves.
    3. the caves were located in the mountains.
    4. the Goblins like to eat what they can get there hands on.
    the caves (from the book)
    1.the caves have a king Goblin that lives in them and commands the Goblins.
    2. the Goblins have traps to get victums to eat.
    3. the men dont like the Goblins and kill them when they get the chance.
    4. there was a sword that killed many of the Goblins.
    5. the goblins know their way through the caves very well.

  11. The Goblins underground Caves.
    What I remember:
    1.The creature Golum lives near the caves, but the goblins were not aware that he was there.
    2.The cave’s ground is wet.
    3.The cave is very dark inside.
    4.Inside of the caves there are many, many goblins.

    What the book says:
    1.There is a great big fire in the middle, which lights up the caves.
    2.To get out of the caves, you have to go through the gates which are guarded by goblins.
    3.There is a master goblin that controls all the others.
    4.The passages in the caves are very curvy.

  12. The Goblins Underground Caves
    I remember that……..
    1.These caves is were the goblins are.
    2.Gollum lives next to them.
    3. These caves are very dark.
    4.All the gates are guarded by goblins.
    5.The ground is damp along the cave floor.
    6.They had different goblin jobs inside the caves.
    7.They are really creepy.

    What the book says………..
    1.It echoes.
    2.There were torches along the walls.
    3.In the cave there is a master goblin who controls over all the other goblins.
    4.The passages were very curvy.

    • The torches are a nice detail to help all of us imagine what it must be like in those caves. Without torches, it would be pitch black. And in places, I think it IS pitch black, like where Gollum lives. That’s why it’s so easy to get lost, like Bilbo did, don’t you think?

  13. The goblins underground caves…
    I remember…
    1. That it is dark and very large.
    2. There are lots and lots of tunnels.
    3. It is chalk full of goblins.
    4. Gollum lives NEAR the caves.
    Things from the book…
    1. The passages were tangled and crossed in all directions.
    2. There were torches on the walls.
    3. The cave echoes.
    4.There was a master goblin was like the “goblin king”.

    • Gollum actually lives deep INSIDE the caves, at the very heart of the cave labyrinth. The goblins are afraid to venture that deep into the caves, because they’ve seen their comrades disappear when they got too curious. In those instances, it’s implied that Gollum captured and ate those goblins who explored near his lair.

  14. *Misty Mountains*
    I remember…
    *They had to go threw them to get to Mirkwood
    *They had many bad encounters along the way
    *The Misty Mountains have very large peaks and had many streams and brooks tunning threw them.
    What the book says…
    *The Misty Mountains run North and South
    *They have very tall peaks
    *Many different creatures live in these treacherous mountains.

  15. The Goblins’ underground caves: thing I know
    1. Its dark and scary.
    2. There are alot of goblins that live there.
    3. Near the goblins house gollum lives near by.
    Things in the book:
    1. Goblins like to eat little ponies and found Biblo very congruent to a rabbit
    2. They pretty much own the mountans and eat alot.

    • KevinStudent13: If you’re not reading this book with us, you’re gonna get found out. Here’s a good example… The goblins do not HAVE a house. And the Wargs would definitely disagree with your statement that the goblins own the mountains, as would Elrond and the elves.

  16. The goblins underground caves: I remember.
    1. The caves were filled with goblins.
    2. The caves were dark and the ground was cold and wet.
    3. Near the goblins underground caves lived the creature Gollum but the goblins did not know that he was there.
    The goblins undergroung caves: from the book.
    1. There was a Great Goblin that ruled all of the others.
    2. The goblins had doors leading out of their caves but you had to pass through though many goblns to get out.
    3. There caves was lit by a great red fire in the middle of the room.
    4. There was a big barrel full of something to drinkk for the guards that were at the door that Bilbo wantes to escape.

  17. The Shire:(whati remember)
    1. Its where Bilbo and other hobits live.
    2. It has plenty of food and water to drink.
    3. Bilbo lives in his hobbit hole.
    4.Bilbo’s “hobbit hole” has a round green door.
    The Shire:(Details from the book)
    1.Bilbo’s hobit hole hs many little door that take you to a different part of his house.
    2.He has a bedroom and a bathroom.
    3.He has pantries, Losts of them.
    4.He has warbrobes and celars.

    • KahlanStudent#6, if you read carefully through Hobbit Topic #12, you’ll see that I’ve written the following: Now that I’ve already done a journal entry on The Shire, you may not use that setting. Choose one of the others.
      So I’m sorry to say, you won’t be given credit for this jounal entry until you do your own entry. Try not to just copy what other people have written. Thank you.

  18. ****The misty mountains***** I remember,
    that the misy mountains are a series of mountain ranges that are laid out as a setting in The Hobbit. It has many mounts and peaks of great majestic matter. the characters have encountered many battles during their mission including having to go through Misty Mountians, as it could’ve been very dangerous. The book states that it has many deep and strong rivers, and high cliffs surrounded by pine trees on the east side of the mountains. I believe that the story’s definition of the misty mountains is far too boring and should have more creatures and
    more adventures, the characters should have encountered more mishaps of the mountains and less boringness. That is only my opinion and will go on reading the story the way the author wrote it(boringly,just sayin).

  19. The things I remember about Mirkwood from the story are:

    *Mirkwood is on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains.
    *Before the dwarves get into Mirkwood, they have to pass the edge of the wild or something like that.
    *There is a dreary forest when they first arrive; it is very dark, and when they sleep and take turns standing gaurd, there are creepy eyes that stare at them throughout the night.

    And according to the book:

    *There is forest surrounding Mirkwood, all the way around.
    *The dwarves cannot have their ponies accompany them in their journey in the forest of Mirkwood.
    *They could not eat much in Mirkwood, for they only had a small amount of provisions there.
    *There is a small water crossing that they must use a boat to cross, but when Bombur falls in, he falls asleep, so they do not drink the water from that water.

  20. Beorn’s longhouse: I remember…
    1. He has alot of bees.
    2. He has alot of food.
    3. His house has many rooms.
    4. His dining table is low to the ground for the animals.
    Beorn’s longhouse(according to the book):
    1. It has a high thorn-hedge.
    2. It has a wooden gate.
    3. It has a bunch of gardens.
    4.There are barns for all of the animals.

  21. The Goblins’ underground caves: things I remember…
    1. It’s very dark and spooky
    2. Many creatures other than goblins’ live there
    3. It has many hallways and passages.
    4. It’s kind of like a labrynth in a way
    Things by the book:
    1.The underground caves is where a whole bunch of goblins’
    2.There is a “Big Kuhuna” of all the goblins’
    3.Goblins’ like to eat ponies and found Biblo very similar to a rabbit
    4. Goblins’ are very ugly and run the entire mountain to where if u are seen…. they will eat you:)

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