Classic Titles Topic #1


Are you currently reading one of the classics? When you finish the first 20 pages, do the following journal challenge:

  1. In your submission (use the comment button), name the title and author of your book.
  2. Write a journal question about predicting. Make it an open-ended question (one that has no particular right or wrong answer).
  3. Answer your own journal question with a two or three sentence response.

Want an example? Here’s one:

  1. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  2. My “predicting” question is: Predict which two characters will be most important to this book. Explain why you think those two characters will be important to the story.
  3. The response I’m giving for my own question is: I believe the captain (who doesn’t give his real name) and the boy, Jim, will both be very important, because both of them seem to be featured the most at the start of the book.
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4 responses »

  1. 1.) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    by Mark Twain
    2.) My prediction question is:
    Do you think Tom Sawyer and his new “gang” will play an important role in the book? Explain.
    3.) I think that the gang will play an important role in the book, just because of what the gang is about. It’s about stealing people’s possesions, then killing them, and then going to kill more people. That just says to me, especially while Huckleberry is being forced to be a good boy by his new gaurdian, the town widow. I think that the gang will also cause some catastrophy in the conflict/resolution of the story. Possibly.

  2. 1. Twenty Thousand Leages Under The Sea by Jules Verne
    2. My question is: What do you think the story is going to be about? Explain your choice.
    3. My answer is: I think it is going to be about the monster.I think thi because that is all they talk about in the begining of the book.

  3. Around the World in Eighty Days
    Jules Verne

    Predict why Phileas Fogg tried not to attract attention to himself?

    I think Mr. Fogg does not attract attention to himself becase he is working on something mysterious in his house and doesnt want any one to know about it.

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