Hobbit Topic #9

definition fantasy vs science fiction what are the differences ?

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You’ve reached page 110 (or more likely, page 111). “Goblins? Elves? Eagles that swoop down to rescue a bunch of dwarves? Who believes this stuff?” I can just hear one of my students–who will remain nameless–complaining about the content of the novel. Clearly, that student doesn’t understand what FANTASY means.

So for this journal entry, you must go to Wikipedia’s “fantasy genre” page (click on this for a link), read through it, and summarize it in your own words. No copy/pasting from the original document; that would require citing your source. Just come up with a sentence or two describing what fantasy entails, and mention a couple of the examples given on the wikipedia page. (Some advice: if you haven’t read any other fantasy books besides The Hobbit, then maybe you should surf through wikipedia to learn more about the examples you intend to use in your comment.)


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  1. i htink that fantasy is fun to read sometimes but i hate a fantasy book they takes twenty-five pages to start to make sense or get good.the reason i like to read fantasy books is because they are really weird. to write a fantasy book would take alot of imagination the person who wrote it wasn’t trying to make you think it was rea he was trying to do it because its fun to imagin

    • AJ student #20, Hobbit Topic #9 isn’t asking for your opinion. Instead, you were supposed to do wikipedia research about what makes a novel “fantasy” and then define the genre in your own words. So it’s not about an opinion; it’s your definition of fantasy.

      Please re-do this one, so I can give you credit for it. This time, use the link I gave to wikipedia’s “fantasy” page and read what it says there. Thanks.

  2. well everyone has already explained what is it and i don’t know how to explain it without saying the same thing but i’ll try. I know that fantisy novels aren’t real, most the time when an author write a fanasy he writes about creepy things so draw the reader in and make it more unreal. some explames of fantisy novels are, The Tale of Despereaux, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

  3. I, an experienced reader, love fantasies. In fact it is my my favorite genre.
    To beable to read fantasie you need to have a creative mind (well you dont have to have one but it wudnt be much fun to read them without one). Thats why fantasies are so good for us advanced art students beacause we have very creative minds. which yu need in order to be a good artist in my opinion. Fantasies are also very exciting. which is always fun.

  4. Fantasy is fiction, or not true. It isn’t true, and probably would never be true. It’s just made-up, and could include magical or supernatural creatures. Many people find fantasy books entertaining or fun to read. (I personally do not like magic-related books or films). The famous “Twilight” series contain supernatural creatures such as vampires.

  5. the genre fantasy is a the type of book that has magis and weird stuffs happening in it. fantasy usually takes place in misevil times and the heros fight dragons, goblins, and other monstrisities. the hero isnt always human either like in Bilbos case he is a hobbit and Thorins company are all dwarfs. but even if they are human they can have magical powers like Gandolf how is a wizard. =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)

  6. Fantasy is literature written by using magic or supernatural phenomena. they use this in the plot, theme, or the setting. Some examples of fantasy is like the Goosebumps series, they are fantasy.

    • No, JC Student #14, I think the Goosebumps series are considered MYSTERIES, because they solve crimes and/or mysterious situations like ghost sightings. A fantasy novel is going to have more dragons, wizards, unicorns, fairies, and other magical things. Ghosts are considered supernatural, but not typically an element of fantasy, which leans more toward the MAGICAL.

  7. *Fantasy is a genre that uses magic, unknown creatures, and adventures. It talks about things that doesn’t exist at all. It is like science fiction, but tears the “science” away from it. It uses magical creatures as the book’s main characters, somthing that doesn’t exist in this world. For it’s setting, the author might use a magical forest, or a mystic land that people have never been to before that clearly doesn’t and hasn’t ever existed.

    *For example, BEOWOLF is a man who kills Grendel, a hideous monster terrorizing the castle’s people, and Grendel’s mother with a magical sword. This story is fantasy because monsters do not exist, and there are no magical swords. This is what fantasy is about.

  8. a fantasy is science fiction usually things to do with magic and things that do not exist like evles and orcs just made up things

    • ToriStudent#8, I think you’ll find that fantasy and science fiction are two different things. Please click on the links to see what I’m talking about.

      If you want me to give you credit for this journal entry, please do a little research on the two and submit a new journal for Hobbit Topic #9. Thanks.

  9. Fantasy is a genre that involves storiesthat arn’t true and usualy involve magic and mistical creatures. Some examples are Harry Potter, The Lightning Thief, and The Hobbit.

  10. Fantacy is genre that has magic and supernatural events through out the plot, theme, and setting. Alot of fantacy book take place in medieval times especially
    after the Lord and the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. in my opinion Fantasy is the most funnest genre of book to read because the magical creatures and adventures make the book alot funner for you to read.

  11. Fantasy is a genre that includes some magic and supernatural phenomena. Fantasy usually includes a plot, theme, and setting. Also just because fantasy os fiction does not mean that it doesn’t have some factual detail included. Fantasy is made to enjoy and bring excitement to the reader. Some examples of fantasy is J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.Also Peter Pan is another example of fantasy some reasons why is because it has flying people, fairiess, flying boats, and many more. There is lots of other wonderful and exciting fantasy books.

  12. Wikipedia states that fantasy is a genre that usually makes up where the story takes place, the characters in it, and what those charcters might be able to do. Fantasy usaually includes supernatural things, such as magic. Just beacease the book has the genre of fantasy, dose not mean that some parts of the book can not have some truth to them. In typicical fantasy book, most of the things it talks about will be made up.
    The book that is famous worldwide The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien is an example of a great fantasy story.
    The Little Mermaid is another great fantasy story. Many myths and legends are also an example of fantasy

    • Hey MatthewStudent#3, I put your [U]’s in Italics for you. On blogs, though, where it’s quite common for there to be limitations to your format, it’s okay to put a book or movie title in ALL CAP; in fact, I see that quite often. It’s not considered shouting, like it would be in an email. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

      • Thanks Esther Sparhawk! I’ll be sure to use that great tip in future journal entries! 🙂

  13. Fantasy is a genre in books that allows magic and things that are not real and are made up come to life. Fantasy is fun to read because it is exciting and opens up a whole new world,it allows your mind to wonder and make up whatever you like and it doesnt have to be real. Fantasy lets you be yourself and be who you want to be without others critising you.

  14. Fantasy takes place in fictional world were magic is common. Fantasy also has made up characters or animals like a unicorn, dragons, trolls, and many more. Fantasy come in myths a legends.

  15. The genre of fantasy uses magical and supernatrual powers in their theme, plot, and setting. fantasy requires alot of imagination and an ability to believe to see yourself in it and juust to enjoy reading it. there many books by J.R.R. Tolkien such as the Hobbit and the lord of the ring series.

    • Kevin Student #13: I like what you’ve said here about seeing yourself in the story. That rings true for me, at least. When people say they don’t enjoy reading fantasy, I suspect it’s because they find it hard to imagine themselves in a fantastic world, like Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

  16. Fantasy is a genre with supernatural things in their plot,theme,and setting.Fantasy has a lot of magical creatures in it like wizards goblins,dragons,fairies,and hobbits.Fantasy books are very creative and fun to read.

  17. Basically fantasy just means that the plot is based on magical or supernatural beings or things. Fantasy can contain information that is completely made up or it can also be partially true. Personally I prefer the fantasy genre because it makes you think about non factual things like dragons and things like that.

  18. In the Wikipedia, the fantasy page explains mostly about:
    In the Lord of the Rings series (J.R.R. Tolkien), the setting takes place in medieval times, oftentimes with a magical theme to them. Many of these are not just in literature as a sense of books and novels, but filmmakers, musicians, ect. use fantasy as a genre with myths and legends to them. Other types of themes to fantasy include supernatural phenomena and fictional places.
    I, in fact, love to read fantasy, because I can get into the character’s minds, and explore the book as I’m reading.(:

  19. What I got out of this fantasy paragragh was that it is basically just magic and other supernatural phenomena. It’s pretty much the plot, setting, or theme. The genre of fantasy is rediculously dominated by it’s “Medievilast” form. It can also be based on acient myths and legends.

  20. Fantasy is a genre in which uses magic and other supernatural powers in the plot, setting, or theme. Most fantasy books take place in our Middle Ages time. The setting in a fantasy can ether be completely made up or have some truth to them.

  21. In the fatasty genre uese supernatural things in its plot, theme, and setting. This genre soes not give a logical explanation like the science fiction genre.The fatsay genre ismostly taken place in midevil times since the huge hit of the books Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Traits of this genre are the elements that are consistent in the setting. In this sort of setting it must have a theme that comes from mythology and folklores. Some books that belong in the fantasy genre are Peter Pan and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

  22. I as a reader, ya don’t do alot of that, but anyway, i believe that fantasy is the best kind of book because it is creative.
    A fantasy is a genre that requires imagination and the ablity that allows you to believe in fantasy. It is not made for you to believe it, it is made for you to enjoy it, and have something fun or you to read. In fantasy books, it is okay if they made up a couple characters, so what that is what they are intending to do for your satisfication on not reading a boring book. Many fantasy books are written by J.R.R Tolkien such as the hobbit and the lord of the rings series. You can find this genre of book very common in a tenns hands, for it is enjoyable and fun to look forward to reading.

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