Hobbit Topic #6

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You’re on page 80 now. Bilbo has met Gollum. Take a look back at your journal entry for Hobbit Topic #5 and compare your imaginary cave creature to Tolkien’s Gollum. How are they alike? How are they different? Number or bullet your responses please.


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  1. 1.they both can see in the dark
    2.they both live in a tunnnel/cave.
    3.they both have sharp teeth.
    4.they would both scare the crud out of me.
    5.they both are meat eaters.
    6.gollum lives on an island.
    7.gollum doesn’t go out of the cave to find food
    8.gollum doesn’t have thermal vision

  2. They are alike
    1.(: they both a wierd colors of eyes
    2.(: they both eat
    3.(: there’s only one of these creatures
    4.(: they are wierd!
    they are different
    1.(: Gigglieboog is odly tall and Gollum is not
    2.(: Gigglieboog is very colorful and seems to be a happy creature as gollum is neither
    3.(: Gigglieboog isn’t slimy or nasty looking as gollum is
    4.(: Giggleboog has pretty teeth and i dont Gollum does ): haha!(:

  3. How they are alike:
    >they live in underground lakes
    >they both talk
    How they are different:
    >the goblenoose eats plants Gollum eats meat
    >the gobble noose doesn’t have a treasured possesion Gollum does
    >the gobblenoose looks like a bird( fact forgotten before) Gollum doesn’t come close

  4. Their alike by:
    *They both live in deep, dark caves.
    *They both have long fingers or claws.
    *Both have possesions (Snookie has genuine rubies and Gollum has the golden ring)
    Their different by:
    *My animal is bigger than a semi-truck. Gollum isn’t.
    *Gollum doesn’y have scales like Snookie does.
    *Snookie can’t see in the dark but Gollum can.
    *Snookie isn’t slimy like Gollum.
    *My animal doesen’t eat goblins, but Gollum does.

  5. things different:
    ♥ gollum sleeps on a rock in the rive and pingo sleeps on an ice burg in a cave that never melts
    ♥ gollum can see in the dark but pingo can not
    ♥ gollum eats fish he catches and pingo eats monkeys

    things alike:

    ♥they both go outside even though pingo only goes to hunt for his food
    ♥gollum has very pale eyes ans piuno does not
    ♥gollum makes funny noises but pingo does not make much noise at all

  6. They are similar because…
    1. They both seek shelter in caves.
    2. They’re funky mythical creatures.
    3. Their eyes can glow or create some sort of light.
    4 They both eat.

    They are different because…
    1. Dissolution doesn’t speak a language that anyone could understand… Gollum can speak English.
    2. Dissolution can leave the cave, but Gollum cannot.
    Gollum lives or sleeps in a small, moist island, Dissolutipn lives in a dry, small burrow underground.

  7. Alike
    *they are alike because gollum can see very well in the dark also.
    *they both live underground.
    *they are different because gollum doesnt have black hair all over his body.
    *theyare also different because gollum can go outside and socler cant.
    *Another reason that they are different is because socler has long claws that he takes the heart out of his victums and gollum doesnt.

  8. ALIKE:
    *They both can see in the dark
    *Both have possesions
    *The mummie lala creature is not slimy.
    *There is more then one mummie lalas
    *Mummie lala is green

  9. they are alike by:
    *they will anything they see
    they are different by:
    *gollem’s eyes are pale eyes
    *he has long fingures
    *he lived on a slimy island

  10. Reasons there alike:
    1. they can move very very quite.
    2. the each have no hair.
    3.They both have big eyes that makes seeing in the dark very easy.
    4.They both like goblins and other cavedwelling animals.

    Reasons they are different:
    1. Gollum does not sleep on the walls on the caves( that we know of).
    2. Gollum only has two eyes, the Foozblat has six eyes.
    3.Gollum can not blend inwith his surroundings.
    4. Gollum does not have several rows of ravor-sharp teeth.

  11. How they are alike:
    1. They both can see in the dark that’s about it

    How they are different:
    1. PIQUÉ THE JALAPEÑO is Sexy! Than Gollum
    2. PIQUÉ is way stronger than Gollum
    3. Gollum is more like a duckling and PIQUÉ is like a HOT STRONG SEXY! JALAPENO like a puppy!

  12. They both like the dark.
    They both can see in the dark.
    Gollum isn’t bright and the puffball is.
    Gollum is big and the puffball is little.

  13. How they are alike.
    * Lyla eats nearly everything like Gollum.
    *Lyla only has very few possesions.
    *Lyla lives in a dark cave.
    *Lyla can see in the dark.
    How they are different.
    *Lyla is a duck/dinasour.
    *Lyla is a girl.
    *Lyla is tydye.

  14. …..NOT.ALIKE……

    ♥BooGi and Gollum dont share many of the same qualities:such as♥
    …Boogi only has the one possesion of love: Gollum seems to like to keep everything in places starting in his deep heart or event eh sorrow depths of his pockets!(he even had fishbones.ewww:O)
    …Gollum seems to get disapointed or upset often over silly things, its either that or people just like to tick him off: Boogi doesnt like to get upset for she has an ego of humor that does not ever let her happiness fade.
    …Gollum can seem to get bored quick for boredom he roams: Boogi loves a good adventure.

    …The two creatures are not nearly as much the same as they are different, but they ddo have different personalities that seperates them physically and emotionally.

  15. How they are alike:
    1. They both are crazy.
    2. They both are creep in there own kind of way.
    3. They eat things raw.
    4. They can both see in the dark.
    How they are differnt:
    1. Goofball is much faster and stronger then Gollum.
    2.Gollum talks to himself and goofball is just a big spazz.
    3.Gollum is like a kitten… Goofball is a ferocious lion. RAWR:)

  16. Gollum and the Gobblegiger are alike because:
    1. They both live in the deepest and darkest caves.
    2. They will eat nearly everything.
    3. They don’t have any hair.
    4. They both have little possessions.
    Gollum and the Gobblegiger are different because:
    1. The Gobblegiger has slimy and sticky skin.
    2. The Gobblegiger uses sonar to see and Gollum uses his eyes.
    3. Gollum sleeps on an island in the middle of a cave lake.
    4. Gollum is quite intelligent (with his riddles).

  17. The differences between Gollum and my pet Boogle Woogle(Isabelle) are:
    *Boogle Woogle has very bright colors, lime green fur with a bright pink shell. Gollum is as dark as darkness itself.

    *Boogle Woogle is a very happy, cheery animal, Gollum is dreary in a way, and also kind of creepy.

    *Boogle Woogle is a cross between a rabbit and a turtle, which Gollum is definitely not, for he is a slimy, nasty creature.

    The reasons Boogle Woogle and Gollum are similar are:
    *SO far we know that there is only one of Gollum’s kind. And I know for a fact that there is only one of the Boogle Woogle species.

    *Both Boogle Woogle and Gollum like to eat goblins, also not mentioned about Boogle Woogle.

  18. Both are the unique to any other creature.Both are unknown to the rest of the world (until now). Both have a unique ability (invisibility and rock vision).
    Gollum has a ring that makes him invivible. Grum Grum has rock vision. Grum Grum is very big and Gollum is not. Grum Grum is purple and Gollum is as dark as darkness. Grum Grum does not sleep and I think that Gollum does.

  19. they are alike by:
    1. they have possessions
    2. they are both black
    3.they both eat

    they are different by:
    1.boo doesn’t talk to himself
    2. boo isnt slimy
    3.boo can leave his cave

  20. Alike:
    1. Both Slimy Creatures.
    2. People don’t know where a Gollum and Silvergoper came from.
    3. There is only one of both species.

    1. Gollum is small unlike a Silvergoper which is big.
    2. Gollum is dark as darkness, Silvergoper is baby blue/purple.
    3.Gollum has pale-lamp like eyes, Silvergoper has big black eyes.
    4.Gollum like to eat fish, Silvergoper likes to eat iPods, and lions
    5. Gollum has the ring as his only possession, as a Silvergoper has a toothbrush and a laptop.

  21. Alike:
    * they both are creepy
    *both have possesions
    * Gollum does not have a toenail collection
    * gollum isnt 10 ft tall 6 ft wide
    *Gollum doesn’t have 4 arms and 10 eyes
    * Gollum doesn’t sleep in a slimy tube in a hole in the middle of his cave
    * Gollum isnt really really hairy
    * Gollum doesn’t have green pimples that only appear in the day

  22. Alike
    *they both have eyes that glow.
    * as far as we know their is only one of these creatures.
    *they both r very secludued in their habitat.
    * they both have one or more possessions (Gollum has the golden ring and a floogleoonle has the stuffed penguin.
    Not Alike
    *Gollum does not have a plume of bright gree feathers like a floogleoonle.
    *Gollum does not have silvery scaly skin.
    *as far as we know Gollum does not sleep on a stone slab that hangs from the ceiling.
    *Gollum does not eat marshmellows. he likes fish and goblins.

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