Hobbit Topic #5

the gollum writing challenge blackline master assignment for English language arts classes

Image: iClipart

When you’ve reached page 70, you’re ready for this journal entry. Bilbo has been wandering around underground since page 58, and he has discovered that goblins live in caves. What other types of unhealthy creatures might he find during his cave explorations? Use this journal entry to describe a cave-dwelling creature of your own invention. Is it able to see in the dark? If so, how? What does it eat? Where does it sleep? Does it ever go outside its cave? Does it have any possessions? What are they? Give it an imaginary name and describe what it looks like.


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  1. i think that if there were any other cave dwellers that they would look really scary or really pale because of no sun light i think there could be many of them and if they could see in the dark it would be like thermal or night vision it would probable have to go out side to eat but if it whanted a drink he could probale find an underground spring and it would most likly have like a den to sleep in or maby on the hard rocky cold floor it would probable eat meat it would have sharp teeth and long claws and would scare you really bad if you saw one and you wouldnt stop running.

  2. This book is fiction so anything could happen… he can run into anything that your imagination would want him to… But one that i know he cant see is the Gigglieboog. He is 9ft tall, has beedy green eyes with an over cast of dark blue, his hair is a neon green, his teeth are perley white, and hes faster then lighting. He can see in the dark very precisely but he does harm anyone when its dark. He sleeps in a hole at the bottom of the cave. His only possesion is a container of pringles! (: haha everyon has heard of him but NO ONE has seen him before. He leaves his hole on the cave at the break of dawn and is back at midday. He is a meat eater and has a mean streak, people disapear all the time and know its him that does it but no one is brave enough to go to his cave.

  3. I think Bilbo will find more goblins or a troll. My creature is a gobblenoose. It lives in underground lakes. It has nightvision and can see really far. The gobblenoose eats any plants that grow in the lake. It can breath on land and underwater. If you meet one they are really friendly and like guests. If you are lost they will show you the way out of the cave.

  4. I think there will be wyverns, orcs, trolls and mabe dragons. My creature looks like a skeleton like, it has green green slime falling from its mouth, its eyes are glowing teal color, also its eyes are like a flashlight were ever it looks its eyes light the way, its as big as a dragon, it has horns curl around its scull, it also has horns going down its spine on its back, it has steam coming frome its nose. It will eat anything that will come in its path. It sleeps on in lava. it only goes outside at night to feed. It dont have any possessions. Its name is “drakon”

  5. The Foozblat is a little lizard like creature with six legs and large cat-like eyes,three on each side of his head. His body is covered with green slimy scales, he has several black stripes running down his back. He feasts on little unexpecting goblins, and other animals that live in caves like fish, bats, and beetles. His large eyes make it easy to see in the dark and sneak up on goblins or other cavedwelling creatures. He also can blend into the background so it apeares the disapear, even if looking up at him from water. His mouth contains several rows of razor sharp shark-like teeth making it easy to rip off huge chunks of flesh. He normally sleeps on the high walls of caves or in little holes that can be found around the cave. They are very sensitive to sunlight, so they never leave their cave during the day, and if they do go out of the cave during the night they are very quite making it easy to sneak up on its prey, it can even walk through snow unheard. They are very fond of shiny objects to it often steals gold, silverwear, and anything else.

  6. He might find a dragon or another magical creature.My creature is called a puffball.They are round,little,furry,glow in the dark,and have big eyes.They also have little wings so they can fly. They like being in the dark and not in the light.
    It blows fire only if someone threatens it.

  7. When Bilbo is in the cave, I think that he will encounter gobblins, trolls, gremlins, and even dragons. My creature is named Snookie. It can’t see in the dark, which is a disatvantage, but it has infrared vision to see heat in animals, and incects. It’s source of food is bats, insects, and other creatures that find it’s way into the cave. It sleeps on the cave floor, or big holes the are dug into the wall. It sleeps in the day, and eats at night. It rarely comes outo f it’s cave at night, because the sun withh damage it’s eyes. It has scales instead of skin, and big claws for protection. It has large teeth, and little arms for grabbing it’s prey. When still, it stands on it’s back hind legs, but when moving very fast, it will use it’s front arms for traction. It has three eyes. One in the center, and two on the sides for full 360 vision. It does NOT eat humans, trolls, hobbits, wizards, or witches, but when in starvation mode, it will be forced to eat gobblins, and somethimes even trolls. It stands 20 feet tall, and 50 feet wide. It’s very big, and is about the size of a semi-truck, or larger.
    The caves it lives in hold very genuine rubies, and keeps these as posessions. They are very territorial, and can not be tamed(:

  8. I predict that Bilbo will find giants,trolls,syclopse,or maybe even three headed dogs.It will be quiet frightening,i believe.My creature is called mummie lala.She is a syclopse.She is covered with hair that is bright green that turns dark horrifying green when angry.She does not go out in light,but she does go outside of her cave at night to get food for her and her babies.They eat bark,plants,and a butt load of sweet sugary candy.She searches for this food at night without difficulty,therefore she can see in the midnight dark wilderness.It sleeps in the cave on the floor curled up around her petite babies.And boy is she HUGE!!!!

  9. i think bilbo will find a jalapeno that breaths fire cause its hot and has a long mustache that can grab you and make you cry cause its so spicy his name is PIQUE THE JALAPENO! AND HE IS MUY SEXY! AY YAYA!! he sleeps in a jar filled with jalapeno juice to keep him hot and spicy so that he can look SUPER SEXY for the CHICAS! MMM QUE RICO!his only possession are his sombrero and his Mexican poncho he can see in the dark by the tip of his mustache that has a flame he eats tortillas and frijoles (beans).

  10. I predict that Bilbo will find a scary creature and make friends with him and find a way out. My creatures name is going to be Lyla and it’s a female duck/dinasour thats tydie! It can see in the dark becasue Lyla has night vision eyes which allow her to see in the dark. It eats bugs,mice,rats and any thing she can find. Sometimes if she’s really hungry then she will eat a wizard or goblin or anything that comes near her.She sleeps in a hidden den in the back of a cave where no body knowsexcept one they accidently stumble in it. She has a blanket that she takes everywhere,she never leaves her cave but she one day hopes to find a husband to live happily ever after with but seeing how she eats EVERYTHING this could be a very difficult task.

  11. i think that he might find other creatures like mythical creatures goblins more elves stuff like that but my creature is named Pingo he is a zebra striped penguin that can not see in the dark cause he keeps running in to the walls that is how he got his stripes from all the scrapes he got he eats things like monkeys and other animals he sleeps on an ice burg that never melts but it is in a cavehe does go outside but only to hunt for foodhe does not have much but the ice he uses for his water suply and it never gets any smaller.

  12. He might have found mythical creatures, such as dragons or one that the author created. Mine is called “Dissolution”, or he’s known as “The Angle of Death”. He’s the only creature of it’s kind remaining, and he lives in the heart of caves. He never goes outside when it’s sunrise. But if he decides he needs a new place to live, he searchs for a shelter at night. He is able to see in the dark, due to evolution. He is about 10 feet tall, walks on two legs, and his enitre body is made from metallic, and other hard substances on the ouside. Only some slits, like for his nose, ears and eyes and such show bare skin. He has two foot long claws on his paws. And he was a three foot long horn in between his eyes.He eats only fresh meat, and sometimes fruits. When an unfortunate thing wanders into the cave, Dissolution uses a beam from his eyes. A beam that is a bright blue, and it nearly lights up the whole cave. If the prey looks into the beam, they can’t contol it’s self. And it forces them to walk towards the light. And once they get into range, the Dissolution lunges and capture his prey. He can go up to a week without food or water. He can regain full energy in only 2 hours of sleep, and he rests in a small whole, covered with rocks and plants, so no one would know where he was at. He doesn’t have any possessions, other than his poorly made bed. He can live up to 200 years, but up to 225 years if he eats food daily.

  13. Bilbo would find the horrifying creature named the sokler. this creature can see extremly well in the dark, which is a huge disadvantage for bilbo.this creature eats the living flesh off of living organisms.He sleeps in the darkest part of a cave in which not even a lantern would be put to use. He naver goes outside because his eyes would burn. he has claws that come out of his hand which he uses to rip the heart out of his victums. He has hair everywhere on his body and it is pitch black. His possesions are the thing that he takes from his lifeless victums.

  14. The story The Hobbit has very many detailed creatures and beings, so considering Bilbo has already ran into the goblins, your imagination could run bizzurke and he could see flying donkeys;but to stick into the books region, he might run into mystical creatures such as trolls and other mystical creatures.

    My Imagination tells me to name my creature BooGi, for that has the greatest definition to awesomely, intelligent girl to me.

    Boogi is bright red, with a dazzeling appearance to men unicorns. Boogi happens to be in the species of a mermaid(like Ariel on the little mermaid, yupp:)that pretty)and also half peacock. To get you a better pic. in your mind i will describe her features. She has Bright red skin with furious, black,long-flowing hair. her hands have matured from just a stub when she was a baby, to peacock feathers for now she is a teen. Boogi can be seen in the midst of the day and the darkest of the night. In the mens eyes she is beautiful, and will not be loved by anyone other than themselves. She enjoys to eat frogs, and hates the aromas of the sea. Boogi lives in a shell that you could only think of getting from the depths of the pacific. She enjoys coming out of her shell at dawn and ventures out until dusk creeps up on her telling her its time to go.The only possesion BooGi has is the love that comes from her husbands heart, and this she could never live without.

    BooGi still lives on today for her husband still loves her with a deep passion that won’t fade. I’d say we could thank him, but it is after all my imagination, so i get the credit!! neiner neiner Mr. Boogi!!!

  15. Biblo may find dragons, trolls, the boogieman, and other mysterious things but if he happens to run into a goofball. If you ever run into a goofball you best be hoping your a track star because they can see in the dark and are very quick which is an advantage. What goofballs like to do is when the see something spazz out and chace them down. They then jump on there victim such as a lion to a zebra and beats the creature to a pulp. They then skin the the creature and eat it raw. the sight of them is horrifying.

  16. He may find dragons, ogers, or even three headed dogs. My creature is called Glum Glum and he cannot see in the dark is a huge disadvantage if you live in a cave… or so you would think. This creature had a different way to know what was happening. He could see things but only from the view a rock would have if a rock could see. You could know for sure that if you walked by a rock that Glum Glum was watching your every move. It eats everything that moves and it does not sleep because it is afraid of being killed in it’s sleep. It stays in it’s cave and it’s only possession is a my little pony playset. It has a small head and a large body. It is 6ft 2in and is purple in color.

  17. I think that in the cave, I predict that Bilbo will find giants, witches, and gremlins. My creature is called a Boogle Woogle. There is only one of these, and she lives in my house because she is my pet. Her name is Isabelle and she is a rabbit body with a bright pink shell. Her fur is lime green and she sleeps in her shell which is fully furnished with nice, leather furniture. She has piercing blue eyes and she loves to play hide and go seek. She weighs three punds and is the size of a small rabbit.

  18. There are many scary and unnerving creatures living in the roots of mountains but the most dreadful of all is the gobblegiger. Now a gobblegiger is not one of your everyday creatures it only lives in the deepest and darkest of all caves. The gobblegiger almost looks like a watergiger, and a watergiger looks like a wasompossum, and a wasompossum looks like a small but strong monkey. The gobblegiger has no hair and is very slimy. The gobblegiger will eat anything it can get its hands on(which is rather hard in the deepest of caves). It will lay down in a small tunnel and wait for something to climb over it or step on it, that something will get stuck on the gobblegiger’s slimy skin then it will eat it. The gobblegiger has eyes but does not use them instead it uses sonar to see. The only possessions the gobblegiger has is whatever it gets off its prey. The gobblegiger sleeps in a little nook in whatever cave it is in.

  19. i think bilbo will find a baby dragon, he adopts it and it helps him during the book. My creature is called Boo. It is all black except for a silver Mohawk on its head. It can’t see in the dark but it shows off its pointy teeth and they shine like a flashlight to show him the way. it likes to eat flesh but will eat whatever he can get his hands on. To get the prey it sneaks of on them and scares them (giving it the name Boo) then swallows them whole. He roams all over and sleeps anywhere he can find cover. Its only belongings are the things he keeps in his pouch that he gets after he digests his food.

  20. He might find dragons, 20 foot long snakes, or penguins that can fly. My creature is called a Silvergoper. Silvergopers have big black eyes, and baby blue scales that are covered in nasty purple slime. This species can see really well in the dark. They eat mostly grass and plants, but they also eat lots of other things especially like to eat iPods, and lions. These creators live in caves that are turquoise with black stripes in color. They sleep by sticking to the ceiling in the cave thanks to their nasty purple slime that their bodies create naturally. This creature also has little tiny but sharp spikes on each scale so if you touch one it will cut you bad enough that you will start to bleed out of your toenails. This species has only two possessions there are a toothbrush, and a laptop They dont want to look bad when they go out of their cave which is the 29th day of every month except february, so they brush their teeth every morning and night. They also love to play soccer and journal online at Silvergoperemporium.awesomenesspress.com

  21. In the cave Bilbo might find trolls, dragons, elves, wizards, and giants. My creatures is called the Nightstalker . It can see in the dark very well it can see up to 1/2 mile on the darkest nights. It is a omnivore and will eat anything it gets its hands on. Its favorite food is rump roast. It sleeps in a slimy tube in a hole that is dug in the middle of its cave. It only goes out of its cave at night when it can not be seen . It has many possesions from many things it has stolen from the things its eaten and torchered. They are mostly knives, bags, and horses ( for food). Things he has not stolen that are his possesions are he has a life-size stuffed lion ( a chew toy), a blanket, a pillow, pots, pans, and his most prized possesion is his toenail collection. It is 10 ft tall, 6ft wide, black and very hairy. The Nightstalker has 10 eyes circling around his head so it can see in all directions. It has 4 arms 2 in front 2 in back so it can grab you from either side and has 2 legs. During the day it has bright green pimples that dissapear at night.Its toenails grow very fast so it clips them everyday and adds them to his collection. It gives no mercy.

  22. Bilbo may find more trolls in the caves. he may find dragons or giants. my creatures name is floogleoonle. its is only seen in the drak when it moves. it has a silvery skin that flashes when it moves. this creature can move very fast. this creature eats everthing from meat, flesh, vegitables, fruits, candy, anything it can find. it ecpecially likes marshmellows. it sleeps on a stone bed that hangs from the ceiling of its enormous cave by chains. it only has one possession and it is a stuffed penguin that sit on its stone slab of a bed. it is only able to go outside of its cave on one night of the year that day is August 5. why can i only go out on this one day? because an elf banished it from coming out until this one day and the only reason was so that this creature could collect food to store for the next long months to come until the next August 5. there is only one of these creatures. it have a silvery scaley skin deep purple eyes that glow in the light of the moon. sharp pointy teeth and they have 3 tongues one on the bottom and one on each side of its mouth. a floogleoonles ears are only slits on the side of its head. it has a tail but it is not scaly like its body but is a plume of bright green feathers.

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