Hobbit Topic #8

goblin writing assignment journal log for middle school high school hobbit novel

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If you’re on Topic #8, then you should’ve reached page 100 by now. Remember how Bilbo Baggins was separated from his friends in the caves? We only got to hear Bilbo’s point of view during that separation. But what about the other characters? What did they experience? They briefly explain their side of the story once Bilbo meets up with them again.

After reading their side of the story in brief, in Chapter VI, tell one of their tales using first person personal point of view (saying “I did this and I did that” instead of “he did this or that”). Use your own words, but try to re-create that character’s voice and personality in your journal entry. Choose one of the following characters to tell his story of what happened in the caves:

  • Gandolf
  • Thorin
  • Dori

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  1. I chose Dori’s side of the story

    We were all running as quickly as we could and all of a sudden i feel a sharp pain in the bottom part of my leg and fell hard to the cold ground. A goblin had grabbed my leg, and i hear someone yell “lets go!” and so i jumped up and figured Bilbo was alright and way following behind me.

  2. i chose dori
    when i was running as fast as i could with bilblo on my back one of the goblins right behind me he grabed my legs making bilblo and i fall as i let go of bilblo after falling over people gandalf was this clos to slashing my head then i saw this really bright light and when i could see the goblins agian they were retreting thats when gandalf told us to follow him so i did as he said thinking that everyone was with us after we got out of the gates that is when i relazied that bilblo wasn’t with us aand that i had lost him

  3. I have choosen Gandalf…

    All the sudden, multiple gobblins came rushing towards us with anger and yelling. They sang horrible songs, and there was fire near my tree. After a few seconds, the flames reached the bark and my tree was on fire. So I climbed up to the top of it, then my wand flashed, it seemed like lighting. Then out of no where, the Lord of the Eagles swooped down and saved me from the fatal coincedence and took me to refuge.

  4. This is doris side of the story:
    My heart thumping my legs throbbing and sweat trikling then all of a sudden a loud thump. As i was running from the goblins one grabbed me and i fell hard to the cold earth ground. Then came bilbo tumbling on to me considering he was on my back. Since he was on my back the fall hurt even worse then it wouldve if there was only one on this team. And boy did it hurt bad with him on my back. So now he must go while i try and fight…………….

  5. as we were running away from all the goblins i turned around and used the best magic i could and they all ran away but then i found a crack and just squeezed in and all my bottons fell out i was safe so i thought

  6. I pick Dorin’s side of the story:

    As we raced down the dark tunnel, I could hear goblins chasing after us. All of the sudden, my feet were swept out from under me and I fell with Bilbo falling off of my back. There were goblins everywhere now, and I couldn’t see a thing. I had lost Bilbo, and I had no idea where anyone was. GAndolf told us to follow him, but I didn’t know what direction he was in. I hurried and got up, stumbling over the jagged rocks on the cave floor. I felt my way along the wall, making sure not to run into any of the goblins. Bodies were being thrown everywhere, and I tried to hurry as fast as I could. Our group got infront of the goblins, and we made our way down the deep, dark tunnel. I could hear goblins close behind, and I still couldn’t tell if Bilbo was behind us or not. We came to a tunnel that was full of light, and Gandolf led us out of there. I had no idea where we were, at first. The mountains were unfamiliar to Gandolf and Thorin. We counted ourselves, one by one. We were one short, and the person we were missing was Bilbo…

  7. This is Dori’s story:
    I was carrying himk up until the point where I was tripped by a goblin. I acidentily droped him. After that you almost cut my head off Gandolf. Ididn’t know he wasn’t following us until we were out.

  8. I chose to do Gandophs side of the story
    After i freed the dwarves and the hobbit we ran down a dark tunnel that the goblins had made. i was lighting the way with my staff so we could get out of the tunnel where the goblins were chasing us.the goblins caught up fast and they were right behind us.me and thorin turned around with thoughts of fighting the creatures. I struck the first one that came around the corner. this put fear iin their minds and they quickly turned around and started to run the other way. this gave us just enough time to get farther ahead of the goblins. I didnt know that Bilbo was missing untill we were far ahead of the goblins.

  9. Im doing Dori.

    As i was running out of the cave with Bilboon my back. The goblins grabbed my legs and i tripped. Me and Blibo both fell on the ground. When i looked up he fell of the cliff. Iwas thinking to myself on what i was going to say to the others. Would they make me leave? Or are we just going to contenue without Blibo?…

  10. Gandolfs point of view: “Dori why do you keep dropping my dear mr. baggins?”

    “he is too heavy and in the way”replied dori

  11. I chose to write about Gandalf’s Point Of View.

    As we were running out of the caves, goblins started to attack! They were everywhere! I tried to fight them off, and so did the others. We needed something more to defeat these goblins, and to finally escape. We were all trying our best to get ourselves out of these cruel caves. There was to many of them, and so little of us. For a small moment there was nothing. Everything was still. No one moved a single muscle. Then there was a big bang! Rocks started falling from the caves ceiling. The goblins started to run and scream in terror. We were running for the gate, and finally made it out. When I check to make sure everyone got out safely is when i noticed we have lost Mr. Baggins once again.

  12. I picked Thorin’s side of the story.

    As we were running though the tunnels I heard a yelp, and then I saw a flash. In that moment time slowed. I could see the goblins coming step by step, as if walking. I pulled the sword from its sheath, the sound of metal on metal ringing in my ears. As I lunged for one of the goblins I tripped on something soft. As I fell I heard a cry and felt something scurrying away under my hand and sword. The next thing I knew was the sound of the strong and commanding voice of Gandolf saying to follow. We ran for hours on end following what seemed like a small floating ball of light, which we all knew to be as Gandolf’s staff. Before we had arrived at the lower gate the goblins had already smelled us and were heading our way. When we met up with them, the goblins were so spread out that we picked them off enough to get through the gate. While jogging our boots’ scraped along the dirt and gravel path in the mountain air. I looked back, seeing we did not have Bilbo Baggins.

  13. This is Dori’s Point of view

    As i was running gobblins reaced out grabed me i tumled to the ground as i had bilbo on my back we both tumbled on the floor. Goblins were fighting and dwarfs were tumbling over bodies and running into one another. Gandalf almost cut my head off with a sword.

  14. As they were running through the caves one of the goblins tripped Dori up and made him drop Biblo. They thought he was behind them so they just left and kept running. Gandalf made a flash to kill the goblin then he started to fallow one of the goblin drivers. He then wipped up some of the best magic he could in the shadows, and with all his flashes sent the goblins down the hall screaming. They then dashed for the gate not having time to count and got out at the lower gate.

    • Gage Student #23 take a look at how other students wrote this. It’s supposed to be TOLD BY the character you choose. We call that POINT OF VIEW. Please submit a re-write of this, telling the story in the VOICE of one of the characters suggested. Thank you.

    • As we were running through the caves one of the goblins tripped me up and made me drop Biblo. We thought you were behind us so we just left and kept running. Gandalf made a flash to kill the goblin then he started to fallow one of the goblin drivers. He then wipped up some of the best magic he could in the shadows, and with all his flashes sent the goblins down the hall screaming. We then dashed for the gate not having time to count and got out at the lower gate.

  15. After I had dropped Bilbo and the goblin had tripped me, I had gotten back up and searched for Bilbo but i could not find him so I made a run for it I followed Gandalfs voice and I could hear the other dwarves feet just ahead of me and I could hear the goblins feet just behind me. So I ran as fast as my little legs would let me go and I caught up to the dwarves and we went threw passages and I thought we would never get out then we finally saw the gates and Gandalf said to just run for it they can’t get us all and so we took off and after I made it threw the gate I didn’t look back I kept running until I thought it was safe and I stopped and turned back and saw all of the dwarves and Gandalf right behind me and then we stopped and talked and caught our breath.

  16. Dori:
    “You would have dropped him” “if a goblin grabbed you legs for behind in the dark, and kicked you in the back, everybody falling over bodies and hitting one another You nearly chopped off my head with Glamdring, and Thorin was stabbing here there and everywhere with Orcrist. All of the sudden you gave one of your blinding flashes, and we saw the goblins running back yelping.You shouted ‘fallow me everybody!’ and everybody ought to have fallowed.We thought everybody had.

    • Kahlan Student #6: You don’t need quotation marks to tell the story from an individual character’s point of view. If you pay attention, the entire novel, The Hobbit, is written in shifting points of view. That doesn’t mean the entire novel is written in quotation marks! 😉

  17. We all escaped when i did my blinding flashes and the goblins ran away said Gandalf. Then i led the way out of the cave thinking everyone was behind me.We went through the lower gate and thats how we got out.

  18. I would have to say Dori’s side of the story is interesting.When Bilbo got seperated his point of view is the only one that had gotten spread amongst the other characters. if each character had gotten to tell their story, they would have all experienced different things.
    (dori sounds like a hero in her point of suspect)

    *I had to make a brake from the goblins that were furoucesly sprintin towards me. My back was not the lightest part of my body considering that Bilbo had decided not only to tag along, but on my back. My load being as heavy as it was, was not easy to defend myself with. a goblin reached out and grabbed my leg forcing me to fall harshly. My only choice was to let my fellow companion, of much weight, go, and carry on. The fighting did not seize, for there were bodies being thrown a others dodging them trying to suceed their battle. As we were fighting, Gandalf had came the closest to my head with his sword glamdring then any of the goblins had. This was all bursting into chaos when a horrendous bright light came shining upon us blinding my eyesight. Gandalf had yelled to me to follow him as he knew that the goblins did not enjoy the light as i thought it would never hurt them, but they were screeching and crying as they ran away in horror of the object. We ran for the gates our fastest and assumed that the rest of my companions were following and there was no time at all for to count anyways. Out of all the yelling,fighting and bright lights, i had just reached the gates and had realized, I have lost Bilbo. This could only be the worst way to finally fight of the goblins with more to come. Now i have to venture out to find my dear Bilbo. WHAT A DAY!!

    • alright, i didn’t know that we could be creative and put our own details into the story,so i would love to use my imagination and make it even more creative. if i were to do that,i would definetly have creatures attacking them and such. I would also be putting bats in there, with stuff oozing from their mouths as they had been salyed by the wonderful,courageous dori. THANK YOU MRS. SPARHAWK!!!!!

      • You WERE creative. What are you talking about? But one point I should clarify for you… All of the dwarves are MALE characters. Dori is a guy, not a girl. You might need to know that for the test. I’m referring to your comment: “…her point of suspect.”

  19. I am on Gandolf’s side of the story;

    As I was arguing with the dwarves about the happenings in the tunnel, I decided that it wasn’t a very good idea to leave Bilbo with the goblins there to devour him. I even thought about how we would be leaving him in danger, without even coming back to rescue him. The dwarves angrily reversed the argument at me, and I fought back, saying that if I brought something to the journey, it wouldn’t have been for nothing, and if they so wished, they were to come assist me in finding him. I asked Dori (quoted), “…Whatever did you want to go and drop him for, Dori?”
    She told me that the goblins had tripped her. But I feel she should’ve picked him up again.

    And that was the end of THAT argument…

  20. I was retreating from the goblins with a slight disadvantage because I had Bilbo on my back. I then felt the hand of a goblin on my leg and i new Bilbo and I were headed towards the ground. I scrambled back up to my feet and shouted “follow me everybody” assuming that Bilbo was right behind me. Everyone was tripping over bodies and at one point I almost was beheaded by Gandolf’s sword Glamdring. There was no time to count the followers and I never realized we had left Bilbo until we had passed through the gate guards and gate door and down to where Bilbo found us.

  21. I choose Dori’s side of the story.

    As I was running away from the goblins with Bilbo on my back a goblin reaced out and grabbed my legs making me fall. I let go of Mr. Baggins as we both fell onto the dark floors of the cave. Goblins were fighting, my fellow dwarves and i were falling over bodies and bumping into one another. Gandalf almost slashed my head of with is sword Glamdring. Then there was a bright flash. Once I could see again I saw goblins were retreating and screeching. Gandalf yelled to follow him and that is exactly what I did. I just assumed that all of our group were following. I did not have time to count how if we had all of our people back in our group as we were running to the gates. As we raced through the gates that is when i noticed that I had lost Mr. Baggins.

  22. In the flash i made to kill the goblins i slipped inside the crack and followed the goblin drivers who had you captive to the end of the great hall and sat in the corner. I wippped up the best magic i could in the shadows. i gave one of my flashes and all the goblins ran away screaming. i yelled follow me everybody and assumed everyone had because there was no time to count. We didn’t know Bilbo wan’t with us until we dashed past all the goblins and through the lower gate.

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