Hobbit Journal Topic #3


The following journal assignment is to be completed after reading to page 40: What elements of Tolkien’s Middle Earth setting remind us of our own earth’s middle ages? What aspects of Middle Earth are nothing like our medieval era? Number or bullet your responses please.

medieval period compare contrast with Tolkien's middle earth

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  1. 1.They both have swords.
    2.They both fought bad gyse.
    3.They both rode horses and have castles.
    They are different because we didnt have magical creeatures and they did.

  2. The ways they are the same
    *They wore the same types of clothing.
    *They used swords and sheilds.
    *They had horses for their only transportation.
    The ways they are different.
    *In the book there are hoobits and wizards and dragons and ither ystical creatures and in our middle ages we had no such thing and we still don’t.

  3. they are the same because:
    1.they both rode on horses
    2. they both tell stories on dragons,trolls ect.
    3.they both use weapons like swords,maces, and shields
    They are different because:
    1.In Tolkens Middle Earth they have things like orcs, trolls, wizards, goblins, and Dwarves

    *They dress the same.
    *They use horses for transportation.
    *They had castles
    *Mystical creatures in the hobbit.
    *Mgical powers in the hobbit.

  5. Ways their alike:
    *They use horses for transportation.
    *They both lived in castles.
    *They dress the same.
    *They use swords and shields for protection.
    Ways their different:
    *There are no such things as a wizards, elves, dragons, or hobbits. People may believe in these creatures, but they aren’t real, and have never existed.

  6. They are alike because:
    1. there are castles
    2. they have swords and sheilds
    3. they travel on dirt roads
    They are diferent because:
    1. there are mystical creatures in the hobbit
    2. there are no wizards in our world

  7. things alike:
    ♥ The same as the midevil times we both used a lot of the same weapons like armor, swords, shields ect…
    ♥ Also we used the same housing a lot of the times such as castles.
    ♥ Also they seem to be using horses to get around to places
    things different:
    ♥ Back then even now there were no such thing as all the mythical creatures as there is in this book such as dragons, elves, orcs, hobbits, ect..

  8. 1. they used horses for transportation
    2.they dressed the same way
    3.they faught with swords
    4.they had castels
    thats how they are the same the wat they are different is
    1. there were never trolls,orcs,dwarves,hobbits,ect…

  9. Ways they are alike…
    1.They both used horses as their source of transportation.
    2.They both used swords and armour as weapons.
    3.They both had castles
    5.They both played music
    Ways they are different…
    1.In the Hobbit they have goblins dragons ect.
    2.In the Hobbit they have powers such as invisibility.
    3. In the Hobbit most of the living things talk where in real life only humans can talk.

  10. They are alike because:
    1. The way they lived.
    2. The things they did, and the stuff they ate.
    3. The weaponry they had are the same as the ones we used.

    They are different because:
    1. Gobblins, Hobbits, Trolls and ect. are not real.
    2. Magic is not real either.

  11. I think that the middle ages are like the middle ages in The Hobbit for these reasons:
    1. They used horses to carry around their bags, luggage, and also for transportation.
    2. They dressed kind of strangely, I’m guessing.
    3. They used swords and bows and arrows as weapons to protect themselves from harm and dangers.

    However, they are not similar for:
    1. They had dragons, trolls, and other creatures in The Hobbit, but in realistic middle ages or any other time, we never had those creatures.
    2. Another difference could be considered the obvious; hobbits are not even realistic, and I guess you could count that as a difference as well.

  12. 1. they travel by horses and by foot
    2. they used the same equipment that we did (bows, swords, shields, spears)
    3. they wore the same type of clothing

    4. `hobbits, dwarfs, dragons, etc. did not really exist they were storys, theories, or myths that people made up.

  13. Our world and Tolkiens are the same because:

    1. their main land transportation was horse
    2. they used similar weapons
    3. they told tales of dragons, trolls, ect.

    they’re different because:
    1. dragon, trolls and other mythical creatures didnt exist in our world

  14. They are alike by:
    1. They both used horses to carry them and their baggages, packages, parcels, and paraphernalia.
    2. They both had/used castles.
    3. They both used the same type of weapons, and clothing.

    They are different by:
    1.Hobbits, dwarfs, trolls, and wizards never really existed, and are practically made up characters created by old myths passed down from generation to generation.

    • Hold on now. Dwarves have existed, and do exist still. Today the proper terminology, I believe, is “little people”. But they’re not a race, as in The Hobbit. They’re people just like you and me, but shorter.

  15. Our Middle Ages and Tolkien’s Middle Earth are similar because:
    1. The people in them both built castles.
    2. Their technology was relatively the same(swords, bows, mills, wagons)
    3. It was extremely dangerous to travel far distances.

    The two “worlds” are different because:
    1. Our Middle Ages did not have places such as the Misty Mountains, the Last Homely House, and the valley of Rivendell.
    2. Our Middle Ages did not have creatures such as wizards, hobbits, goblins, trolls, dragons, and dwarfs.
    3. Tolkien’s Middle Earth did not have major events in our Middle Ages such as the Black Death, and the Crusades.

  16. What they had in common is:
    1. They traveled by horses and by foot.
    2. They had castles and house like things.
    3.They still used used horses and shields in battle.
    4. They wore cloaks and robes.
    We didn’t have any magical beings such as wizards, dwarfs, hobbits, dragons, or trolls. These fairy tale beings were made up to either amuse or scare children.

  17. 1. This is different because in the Hobbit there is mystical creatures and they have many unreal characteristics.
    1. They are the same because they both fought with swords and rode on horseback.
    2. They are also the same because they had castles, kings, and rulers.
    3. Another reason that they are the same is they wore the same clothing.

  18. Tolkiens middle earth remind me of our own middle ages because…..
    1. They ride horseback
    2. There were wizards such as Merlin and Gandolf
    3. They had dragons
    4. The castels were much the same because the fireplace was their souce of heat and thats where they did most of there cooking.
    5. They mostly had ale with their meals
    6. A few of their musical instruments were the same
    there different because…
    1. There were no hobbits, no dwarves, no dragons, no giants, no goblins….

  19. They are alike by:
    * they dressed the same
    * they had castles
    * they traveled on horses
    They are different by:
    * `hobbits, dwarfs, dragons, etc. did not really exist some people may have developed theories from many in them from stories or movies they have seen but they are not real.

  20. ..Not the same….
    * The fantasy creatures are not in the our days now , as they were before in their middle ages. Beliving in them may change that statement as many people believe that the creatures of olden ages are real.
    … The same
    *The people had the same type of medival weapons and clothe. They dressed the same, sometimes as in order from the king, other in order of a fashion statement. The weapons just had the same effect because that was all they had created in the ages of warriors. We all have horses now, but back then i think they were very special to them because they were very valueble and got them places quiker than on foot. The castles they lived in were very unique and had akwardly the same design on the outside, but had a different flavor on the inside as that was how the liked to be unique.

    • AnJeLiCa StUdEnT 02 (and the other students as well), if you’re on Hobbit Journal Topic #3, then you should be at least to page 60 in the book, right? Which means you know all about Elrond, the Last Homely House, and the Misty Mountains, right? Remember how you were allowed to use your notes for your essay test on the artists? Well, what if you’re allowed to use these online journals for your next test, but not the book itself? In that case, you need to include details from the book itself with each and every journal entry. Name specific locations in response to a question about setting, and use bullets and/or numbers, like this, so that the information will be easier to locate and more helpful to you during a test:
      1. the Last Homely House is…
      2. the Misty Mountains remind me of…
      3. Elrond adds to the setting in…

  21. 1. There were no such thing as magic fairys and trolls, wizzards
    2. Well they fought with swords
    3. They lived in castels
    4. They traveled on horeses

  22. 1.Tolkiens middle earth reminds me of your own middle ages by they all traveled on horseback.
    2.they still fought with shwords and shields.
    3.they dresses the same way as the people from the middles ages
    4. they both lived in castles.
    They are not alike by:
    1. In your own middle ages their were no such things as trolls, dragons, orcs, dwarves, hobbits, or any of the other fairytale magical creatures. people may have beilived in theories about those creatures but none of them are real.

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