Hobbit Journal Topic #2

what do i need to know to teach the hobbit

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After reading the first 20 pages of The Hobbit, write three questions you still have about hobbits in general.


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  1. Three questions I have about the Hobbit are:
    1. Do the hobbits have kids, spouses, etc. or are they even allowed to do this?
    2. Where have the hobbits originated, or come from, and are they related to the dwarf?
    3. Why do Hobbits eat so much?
    4. Why do the Hobbits dislike going on adventures and exploring?

  2. 1.Do hobbits have tradtions as we do?
    2.Is there diffrent ethnic groups such as hispanic,black etc.?
    3.Do hobbits have different religions?

  3. 1. What causes the need for hobbits to eat so much?
    2. Why won’t the Hobbits reveal themselves to humans (other than that they are to scared or is this the only reason)?
    3.Do hobbits eat their vegetables?

  4. the questions i have are why dont they go on advetures, why are they neat, and why dont people freack out because they’er monsters

  5. 1. Are hobbit just like us ( like do they have to work for money)?
    2. Are there more places were hobbits live?
    3. Why do hobbits eat too much they would me much healthier if they didn’t, they could move faster, and do more stuff?

  6. 1.How do the hobbits develop such hard feet?
    2. Why Are hobbits short?
    3. How do the hobbits make their holes so much like our homes?

  7. my questions are
    1. Do they have a mayor of the Shire?
    2. Do they live around acctual humans?
    3. Do they have policeman or anything that deals with laws in the Shire?

    • I believe the shire is very orderly, but when you get to Hobbit Journal #9, you’ll discover that life in a fantasy novel is loosely based on life in medieval times. So that would mean they likely have a monarch (king or queen) who rules the land, with local sovereignty (i.e. a duke, earl, or sherriff–like the Sherriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood) maintaining justice in the region.

      However, it’s possible that Hobbits form more of a clan system of government, like Medieval Ireland and Scotland would’ve used.

  8. 1. What is their main type of food source?
    2 What is the Hobbits favorite thing to do since they rarely go on adventures?
    3 What do Hobbits wear as clothing?

  9. 1. How do they make their houses(holes)?
    2. How long do they live?
    3. Do they have any special talents ,for example the dwarfs and their mining and metal working abilities?

  10. 1. Why do they eat so much?
    2. Do all of them not have a very good sense of humor?
    3. Why do they like cake so much?
    4.How many times do they eat a day?
    5. Do they have little market places where they can buy their appliances and things or do they have to build them themselves?

  11. FYI everyone: It’s 9:30 PM on Sunday, Nov. 21st. I’ve recorded a grade for everyone’s journals up to Hobbit Journal #2 (which is where you should be by now–approximately page 60 in your book), if you’ve been keeping up with the schedule. If you haven’t gotten that far yet, go ahead and do the journals you’ve missed, and they’ll count toward your next grade. I’m just letting you know that we’re on a schedule, and you need to do your best to keep up.

    By Wednesday, Nov. 24th, you should have read all the way to page 120. Then we’ll take a break for Thanksgiving vacation, if you want. See you tomorrow, everyone! 🙂

    • So since we have changed schedule, what page should we be on by the day we get back from Thanksgiving Break? Does that mean 10 pages a day, or just as much as we want but we have to be done by the special date?

      • What we wrote in our journals today was this goal: by the END of Thanksgiving vacation, we should have read up to page 90 in our books. Start journaling after every 10 pages now, instead of every 20.

        My journal topics will need to be adjusted. I’ll work on that tomorrow, since it looks like it’s going to be a snow day…

        Thanks for asking for clarification.

  12. 1. why do hobbits live in tunnels in the ground?
    2. how old do hobbits usually live to be?
    3. do hobbits like music or dance or any other recreation?
    4. does all of the smoking affect the hobbits lungs or health?

  13. i still have the questions are:
    All the dwarves that come to his house what are they there for, bisness?
    The hole in the ground why did they not include like a sene other than a hole?
    Why do they sing when working is it just to get the job done?

  14. I myself, am still wondering where hobbits actually origionated from, as in are they realted to any other creatures, like the dwarfs? And also, why do they live in their small holes? Hobbits are small, indeed, but why such small houses placed all together in one hill? Us, in cities, have some houses together, but in general, spread out. And, like it says in the first few pages describing the creatures, what do they have against humans, of “Big People”, as they call them? As I have assumed, with their attire being bright colors, they are very outgoing, but get very timid around humans. Those are my wonderings.

  15. 1.Why do hobbits not like adventures?
    2. How do hobbits dig their hobbit-holes? Do they dig them out by using their hands or do they use chovels and that sort of thing?
    3.Are hobbits shorter than dwarves or are they the same size?

  16. I still wonder how many times they eat per day, and other things they eat. And what they do for intertainment. And if the things they use are smaller than the humans stuff, so the Hobbits can use them easier.

  17. 1. Do hobbits have special traditions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving ect.?
    2. Where do Hobbits originate, do their customs,traditions,and ethnics have anything to do with that?
    3. Do hobbits marry and have a family such as granma, grandma, or even in laws?

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