Hobbit Journal Topic #1

background knowledge for teaching the hobbit fantasy novel

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What do you already know about hobbits (or the book, The Hobbit), because you’ve heard people talking about hobbits, you’ve seen something on TV about them, or you’ve been exposed to them through society in some way? If you know nothing about hobbits, then what fantasy or fairy tale creature do you think they’re probably most like? Explain your answer please.


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  1. Hobbits are creatures without magical power. This is how they are different from wizards and such. They are fat in the stomache and very short. They also have hairy feet. And they dont need shoes….You know why???….Because the souls of theyre feet develope a leather texture soo in that case they dont need shoes.

  2. A hobbit is a human half our size. They are rare and shy when it comes to people. They are usually plump. They don’t have beards. They don’t have magic. They always wear bright color clothes. They never wear shoes because their feet are natually tough. They usually have curly hair. They have long fingers, and good-natured faces. And they have fruity laughs…….hahaha =]

  3. What i already know about hobbits is that they seem to have a very outgoing personality and are very happy creatures that laugh a lot. Now the book doesnt state that they are around actuall humans, but the wizard is a normal size so what is he categorized as? Hobbits are an irregluar size and considerably fat. They have six meals a day (I dont think id have a problem being a hobbit, haha) (: .They wear clothing expressing there personalities, most of the clothing is very colorful. They are nimble creatures but dont like to be rushed. They like the peace and quiet(:
    i have read some of the other comments and they say that the book is based on, Lord of the Rings, I didnt see that until i was skimming some of the other journaling topics and came accros journal #7. So I guess I have to keep reading to see how its based on that book.
    I think hobbits are more so like trolls, but my perspective on trolls is that they have a meaner additude toward things. Hobbits have a lot of simularities with a lot of things, so maybe someone just thought of everything and threw it together to make a “hobbit”. (:
    Your last question on this journal says, “So what fantasy or fairy tale creature are they most like?” Now this is a great question to see how people base different characters. This also is a great opinionated question, i love questions like this because i love to see how far people dig down and how people compare things!!(:

  4. i know that the hobbit is something made up but it is also (i heard) that its based from the bok and movie the lord of the rings but i have not known much about the hobbit but i think it is most like snow white and the seven dwarves because there are all these short little people and they call them dwarves even thought the guy named bilbo is a guy i still this that is the fairy tail i can think of most like it

  5. Well I have watched Lord of the Rings…. well all three of them and i do know they are kinda short and fat. They are hairy and are either really cheery or just flat out mean. I think trolls would be kinda similar to hobbits too. Reading the book though has given me more detail to what they do and look like even more so it helps.

  6. hobbits are very short about half a human size so about the waist they dont where shoes because they have this natural leather soles Hobbits dont have any facial hair like a mustache or beard like dwarfs in this period of age did.The hair on their heads was curly and thick. They express themselves in bright colors depenging on there personality i think beacuse they want to stand out They like to eat alot and are fat in the stomac area and they have brown skin that makes them glow they dont have powers like the wizards.

  7. Hobbits are small people, there are some differences though.They are usually 3-4 feet tall and are a bit more hairy than regular people. Hobbits are normaly shy they keep to themselves ,but they wear bright colored clothes to show their personality. hobbits have dark rough skin they dont normaly wear shoes because their feet are very leathery and tough. Most people would think of hobbits as magical but they have no magic, sorcery, or alchemic powers of thier own.

  8. Hobbits, in the orgionated form aquired in Tolkien’s The Hobbit, are creatures without magic, and enjoy peace, quiet, and contentness with the world. They are thought of as fat creatures, and are shorter than bearded dwarves, but the only hair they have is curly, on top of their head and on their feet. And on their feet, they wear shoes very little, because their soles are very tough. They enjoy wearing bright colors, mostly green and yellow, and they like eating, drinking, laughing, and partying, and giving and recieving presents. They live in “The Hill”, as humans would call it, and are very outgoing, yet timid when humans are upon them. Overall, very joyous and pleasant creatures.

    • FYI: Amy Student #16, I deleted the commands [U] for underlining, because they didn’t seem to do anything to the words when they were published. So, unfortunately, we still haven’t figured out how to underline in a comment. Thanks for trying though!

  9. I know hobbits are small creatures smaller than dwarfs.They have hairy feet and and don’t where shoes. They don’t like adventures. They are very polite.

  10. I know that hobbits are little creatures that live in holes in the ground with with a perfectly rounded door that opens to a very clean tube shapped hall that would eventually end up at several doors, each door would go into many different rooms, since the hobbit had no upsairs.

  11. all i know about habbits are that they are small little creaters that have really hairy feet and love peace and quite. They have sharp eyes and ears. There are really fat. They like to wear bright colors. They eat six times a day, resulting them to be kinda fat. There feet are like leather so they dont have to wear shoes to protect their feet. They like to throw parties. They like giving and receiving presents. And the last thing i know about hobbits are that they live in a land called The Shire.

  12. what i know about the Hobbits is that they are small in height and kind of big in weight. They never have shoes on because their feet are tough and they’re used to the rocky dirt terrain. They also have lots of hair on their feet that protects them from the cold and nasty weather. They also have little to no magic about them.
    I think that the Hobbits are most like the dwarfs because the dwarfs are also small in height and a little big around the stomach. They also have little to no magic about them.

  13. All i know is that they are small creatures and they are FAT!!!!!!!!! So i think that they are most like ogres except for a few things like being mean, green and having weird ears.i think that because ogres are fat and short. and that is all i know about a hobbit because i haven’t started the book yet.

  14. Hobbits are rare, and shy to normal humans. They consider us “Big People”. They’re little people, about half of our hieght, and they’re smaller than bearded dwarfs. Hobbits have no beards, and have very little to no magic. They have a fat stomache, and dress in bright colours (such as green or yellow). They don’t wear shoes, because they have natural leathery soles. They have curly brown hair-like stuff on their heads. They also have good-natured faces, and a deep fruity laugh.

  15. Hobbits are small non-magical creatures that are usually chubby. They are not very fond of adventures. they do not wear shoes because the soles of their feet are hard and leathery and covered with thick hair. They enjoy having guests over and throwing parties. Their homes are nicely furnished holes in the ground or in hills.

  16. I have learned from the book that hobbots are bound to be fat because they eat twice as much as a humans. They are also very small/short and they are never discovered by humans because they can here them coming from far away. They have extremely hairy feet ( especially their toes ). They choose not to wear shoes because their feet are made of a strong and ruggid leather texture.

  17. I know that hobbits are about the half of the height of a human so they are not very big. They do not grow beards they dress in very bright colors they grow leather soles on the bottoms of their feet so they don’t ever wear shoes and they have hairy toes. Hobbits do not like adventure they like quiet and peace they usually live in the side of hills and are most commonly wealthy and they have little to no magic at all. That is all I know about hobbits just by reading the first 20 pages of the book and that they most resemble a dwarf.

  18. I’ve heard that the hobbits are very short, bearded peopl ewho live in small, rabbit holes. Their homes are furnished just like ours, with caprpets, pantries, living rooms, and Kitchens. They are very scared of people like you and me, and can hear you from a mile away. They don’t wear shoes because their feet natrually make leathery soles so there’s no needing for them to wear shoes. Hobbits have very thick, curly hair on their heads and feet. They wear bright colorful clothes and they have no magical powers like witches and wizards do. They’ll have dinner twice a day if they can, Some live in The Hills, and some live near The Water. Their very happy, and they don’y like to go on adventures.

  19. Hobbits, are a little people that are about half our size, they have no magic powers. They have curly hair on their head and their small feat, which they wear no shoes on because the skin on their feet naturally grow leathery. They do not have beards, unlike dwarfs, and they are usually fat in the stomach. They live in comfortable holes in the ground with a round door. Inside they devote many rooms to their wardrobes and they like to wear many bright colored clothes. Last but not least they absolutely detest adventures.

  20. Hobbits themselves are creatures without magic, unlike the wizards. Hobbits have many fantastic elements and characteristics such as they are fat in the stomach, and short.Hobbits to normal people are not common as they used to be back then. Hobbits have come to be scared and highly shy of the bigger people and dont have as big of a name as they could have carried on. Most people need an explanation for a hobbit in order for them to just even get a picture in their minds or even for their minds to process their every creatured motion.They are about 4.5 feet tall,or merley just half our height.Hobbits dont have any facial hair in speaking of a mustache or beard as dwarfs in this age did.The hair on their heads was thick and devil curly. On the other hand they have VERY hairy feet and the soles of their feet devolop leather texture so they dont need shoes. They also dress in very bright colors just to explain their personality and make it stand out or to be unique. They eat lots and have very textured brown skin letting them glow in the presence. I believe that the hobbits have a strange reaction to be like wizards in a way. They dont have the same powers or looks, but interact the same and get along well in the fantasy world.

    • thats a very good questions i have no idea if they have traditions ?????? hhmm no i wonder what their culture is like??

  21. i know that hobbits are small human like creatures that have small hairy feet and they dont where shoes because their feet have naturally leathery soles. they have no beards like a dwarf and they dress in very bright colors. they are usually kind of fat.

    • You Know Autumn i kinda wonder if they have an orgin….. like were do they come from? Do you think they have a culture like we do or like traditions and stuff?hmmm…

    • You know Autumn i wonder if they have like customs such as americans do? Do you think that they have Christmas and stuff like that?

      • i think they have their own customs but i am not sure if they have the same as Christmas. i think they have their own holidays and things like that but they are probably totally different that what we do here.

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