Hobbit Journal #4


The following journal topic is to be completed after reading to page 60: In three or four sentences, describe how the setting changes in The Hobbit, as the characters travel along. What’s different? What stays the same? How does the author transition from one setting to another?

setting in the hobbit various variations author style

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  1. i think what stays the same is that they are almost always somewere were there are no building and some times they are next to buildings but not all the time.what is different is that they seem to be in adifferent place like the might be by a river and then in the moutains or a cave. the author either changes the setting by chapter or by paragraph and sometimes he will be talking about one thing one day and the next day it will be something different.

  2. The setting changes rather suddenly from one to the next. You could be walking in a beautiful forest and end up in a drab plain.

  3. The setting jumps around a bit, Tolkien changes the setting often because it would be vary long and boring if he went detail by detail,place by place, for instance 1 minute there fighting the trolls then they end up in Rivendell talking to Elrond in the Last Homely House.

  4. It changes by time. They would travel in the day and camp at night. They usually find a cave for the camping place but they camp along the river or in the mountains. And he also skips some days.

  5. The author changes the setting by days and nights or hours.There are not a lot alot of details in between.It changes a lot somtimes it will be in the last homely house and then in the troll scene.

  6. Tolkien changes the setting by a lot of the time it goes something happens in the day and they walk along and then they go to bed and they wake up again in the morning and it is someting different the scenes were usually wilderness things like the caves mountains and trees everywhere.

  7. The author changes his settings with the change of the time and place.If they have no pther transportation than on feet it takes them awhile to get where theyre going.So the setting changes slowly as the story slowly progresses.

  8. The author changes his settings by night and day because everything that he does changes the next morning. he also changes the settings by having the wilderness change to the mountains and the when they go from place to place.Whats different is that the characters are usually in a diffrent place when he changes his setting.What stays the same is that the setting is always in a wilderness type area.

  9. J.R.R Tolkien changes the settings by time and the hours of the day. The author will skip days, even weeks in the book. The difference is it takes longer to travel by foot, rather than a hors, so when Tolkien changes the setting, the travelers are in a different place, at a different time. The same thing the author is talknig about when he changes the setting, are the traveler’s, or other people.

  10. the author changes the seting by changeing paragraphs from what was left off like by different times of hour or day like the charicters are in differentplaces but what stays the same is that there never in a different place always in mountains with rivers like the forest in like the wilderness

  11. He likes to change the settings either half way through a chapter or at the end or beggining of one. He usually changes the setting during the night or slowly works into it as the party of dwarfs, hobbits, and wizards awake.

  12. The setting changes as the characters go along by it becomes more exciting because you dont know what is going to happen next,its a mystery. The setting changes by the time it takes to go on their journey.The setting gradually changes but that is because they are traveling by horse which takes a long time so therefore we have the setting gradually changing. (:

  13. Tolkien changes the setting by the use of time. He will be giving details and then he transitions the setting to a different place when their is a point in the journey when it is not “important” enough to describe in detail. He then will begin to describe the SAME group but in a DIFFERENT place when it is an “important” part of the journey.

  14. The author changes his setting according to the place and time in the story. When they are traveling from place to place with no other transportation other then their feet it takes a while. A s the time and day progresses, the setting changes not only with place but theme also.

  15. They change frequently. Sometimes it will be day in one sentence, then in the next it’ll be night. It may be hard to figure out what’s happening but it’s fairly detailed in my opinion.

  16. Tolkien changes the scenery and setting by night, because the characters travel during the day, which kind of makes a change of setting. But, during the night they set up “camp”, then when waking up to travel, settings change.

  17. Tolkien is very vague on time, he skips days and sometimes even weeks on the book. But at other times when we the reader needs to know what is going on he is more precise on time for example when the setting was at Bilbos house, or durring the troll scene.

  18. In the Hobbit Tolkien changes the setting as they move along in their journey. Which of course takes time if you are traveling by house and foot. The difference is that the travelers are in a different time and place every time Tolkien changes the setting. What is the same when Tolkien changes the setting is that he is still talking about the person or group of people before he changed the setting.

  19. J.R.R. Tolkien changes the setting from what happened that day and suddenly changes it to what’s happening later in the week, or 2 days, 3 days, by starting a new paragraph, new chapter, or even a new sentence. When the author takes big steps in the setting say from the first day of the month to the last, he often leaves out many details about what happened in that time frame that he didn’t write about. What stays the same is that when the author begins his story once again, he usually writes/talk about the same characters he was when he decided to switch time periods. What different is that the characters switch from place to place when the author changes time frames.

  20. The author transistions from one setting to another by time, usually in days or hours. The author continues to use time throughout those pages so thats what stays the same. If it is an important idea or place, the author gives more details. The difference is the location of the characters after the author changes time.

  21. the author changes settings by another paragraph or chapter. he usually changes settings over the passing of a night and then begins the story again that morning. or he also changes over a few days not giving too many details about what happened over that period of time.what’s different is that the characters are usually in a different place or area in the book like they went from the Misty Mountains to the Last Homely House. what stays the same is that the setting is usually in the wilderness like in a cave or in the mountains or by a river.

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