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English teacher journal assignment atheist character analysis

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If you read a book in which the protagonist (main character) was an atheist, what would you think? What would you expect as the story came to a close? Would your hopes or expectations for that character be any different than it would for a character who felt indifferently about religion? Please explain your answer.


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I am a school librarian with an English degree, and I like to write books. I've also designed commercial doll clothes patterns, and I make stop-motion videos with dolls. My literary agent is Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

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  1. Dear students, It’s Penny, your teacher’s Seattle friend – the one who’s writing a book with an atheist protagonist. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your comments and have enjoyed every last one of them!

    I’m very proud of anyone who’s brave enough to embrace their beliefs, whatever those beliefs are, and I’m so delighted to see so many of you be willing to put yourselves out there that way. You have a great deal of strength & courage that we just didn’t have when I was in 8th grade.

    Nice job, all of you!!

  2. just because your an atheist doesn’t mean your a bad person, they just have different beliefs than other religions. I think that the outcome of the story could depend on if they are around people that have the same views or people that dont if they change or keep their religious mind set or change it. But I am assuming that they are around people with other views so by the end of the story they will have kept their religious aspects and it will be one of the things that makes the story interesting.

  3. i would not critize the charcter just for the reason for being an atheist. i would just read the story as any other story unless it was about this character changing religion. but me personal opionon i would kind of hope they would open there mind to changing to another religion.

  4. Religion doesn’t matter in many cases of attitude. I think personally that the religion you have doesnt effect the way you act socially. The way you act mentally may be different. When your story comes to a close it may not change durasticlly as you may think. When a character has a certain religion, they dont tend to change if they are set on that religion. Your character might have another character that has a strong effect on the protagonist and helps change that religion. I wouldnt be suprised by the way it sounds that the protagonist had a special character that helped that protagonist believe in change.I see as an atheist myself, that religion wont effect the way i act towards people or myself. My opinion is way different then any one elses im sure, but it is what matters on the outside lying on the inside, not what is lyingon the inside begging to be let out.

  5. I would read it. I am not sure how being an atheist would affect the ending though. My expectations wouldn’t be very different.

  6. My expectations would be for the whole story to be plotted around the protagonist’s religious views because why else would her religion be mentioned in the first place.

    I think the protagonist would be considered an outcast by the rest of the school. She would in the middle meet a friend who didn’t care about religios views and in the end be happy and not care about what others thought.

  7. I would think of this person as a normal person. I would have the same expectations for any other protagonist in a book. As the book comes to a close I think that the protagonist would still be atheist because it is logical that someone might not believe in god and that we are here because the univeres formed just right for us to be here.

  8. I think it would be different for the protagonist to be atheist.from the cover it looks like it’s like lord of the rings with the wizzerd and the short human. It would be different because usually the main chararcter in storys are have diferent religion but thats just what book i have read.

  9. I would think that maybe the protagonist would be kind of a loner, maybe with not a lot of friends. And maybe by the end of the book, he/she becomes Christian. Some of the reasons for him/her to change could be:
    -Making Christian friends
    -Family issues, giving him/her no other choice
    -Some other weird reason that you may come up with from your amazing, creative mind

    I would expect maybe the character to stuggle to fit in, as well. And maybe, he/she boils down to the point that they can’t handle the stress anymore and just break down, with no other choice than to turn to God.

    I know for a fact that this is based on my religious opinions. I, being Christian, think that this would be the right choice to bring the ending to a close.

    • Well amy, i disagree and would like to debate with you about this topic:).

      Why do you think that the protagonist would be a loner? What kind of features of an atheist makes them have to be a loner? I think that the “Christians” or the “catholics” may judge a little harder because they want people to believe in what they believe in but that only makes it harder on the protagonist. Why do you think that the protagonist should become specifically a christian, and not a morman or something? Is this because you are a christian and would like everyone to believe in what you believe in? Is this why you judge the protagonist this way? If you had to turn to something, why would it be god? Is this because of his/her religios views or just because you think it should happen that way? Please Explain your opinion.

  10. I don’t think religion means anything. My hopes wouldn’t be different if they were in a different religion or not. The way they act is more important than what they believe.

  11. If the protagonist in a story was an atheist I would probably think that they are different and they are most likely very oppinionated. I would figure that by the end of the story that they would have met someone who was not atheist most likely a friend or something and that person had a great influence on them and that by the end of the book they would decide that they were no longer going to be atheist. I would probably look at them differently and I would most likely not have as much respect for them even though that is probably not right but thats my personal opinion about it. I have nothing against atheism it is there own belief and they can believe what they want, but since I am not atheist I would probably not have the same amount of respect for them as i would for someone who is npt atheist. Honestly I would probably rather read something about an atheist because they are different than most others even though i don”t believe in what they do.

  12. That maybe this book would be a lot about religion or religion will be a big factor. I would expect the beliefs of the character to stay the same. No, it’s a persons choice to believe what they want to believe. It’s also their choice to change what the believe in.

  13. I would think that he/she is going to talk about why they are an atheist. I would expect the story to explain to me what he/she’s beliefs are. No, because everyone is intitled to there own opinion, thats what makes us all different. Religion is a concept that has a lot of conflict among people. I would expect more information about the topic of atheism if the protagonist was an atheist because not a lot of people believe that way, but then again i wouldn’t really think that would be a big topic in the story. Unless the story is about God or churchgoers…

  14. I think that the protagonist being an atheist would make a reader feel bad about the character. It wouid go either way though for example if an atheist was reading the novel then they might like the character, but if a person that believes in god would not take into the character as much.

  15. I would think that the atheist character would be somewhat mean to people, and only care about himself and no one else. When the story came to a close I would think that he might beleive in christianity or stay an atheist. My expectations for this character would be that it would be a boy and wouldn’t care for any of the beleifs that other religions have. He maybe wouldn’t have any friends. He only talks to his family, and is isolated from the rest of the world.

  16. i would think that the atheist would be a self-centered person.i would expect that the athiest would meet a girl/guy who was a very religous person and liked the girl/guy a lot and change to a very religous person. yes because i think that religous people seem to be nicer than an atheist because they have certain expectations from their religion.

  17. well i think that is would be strange but i would expect he or she to be kinda mean but still nice and did not go to church and when ever someone talked about a religion they would not care and think something else but never did say anything until the end of the story when they make a realy good friend that was very relgious and some what became to believe in him.

  18. I would think that she would not have any religious back ground, and if she had children, she would probably not teach them about god either.
    As the story came to a close, I would think that she would start to believe in god. She might meet someone that believes strongly in god, and tries to help her understand her religion. And then in the end, she’ll finally start to believe.
    My expectations wouldn’t change for her, because even if you don’t believe in god, that shouldn’t change the way you see someone.

  19. I myself is an atheist and i guess since im used to it i wouldnt think anything of it.but if your an atheist around a bunch of people that do believe in god then they try convincing you to believe in him. So I would be surprised if she waas still atheist at the end of the book.

    • So if you were being attacked by believers would you change your religion? I believe it has nothing to do with character, but what you beleive in and you cant just go around changing your religion just because people pressure you in to it. Do you agree or dissagree? Explain Please…

  20. i think that the protagonist will be mean or nice but mean when it comes to religon. my belifs are my belifs so when people tell me their an atheist i dont comment so i dont make them mad

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